The City of Terror

Chapter 242

Chapter 242 - Not a weakling!

    Wei Xiao Bei could not understand the language, but he had a better way to communicate.

    He placed the fairy on the stone bowl and set a cowberry in front of the fairy.

    The Small Fairy hesitated, and perhaps due to the effect of intimidation disappearing, its courage grew a bit. It saw that Wei Xiao Bei did not move, so it grabbed ahold of the cowberry and bit into it.

    A berry like the cowberry was smaller than a finger for humans, but in front of the Small Fairy, it was close to the size of its head.

    It was the same as imagining a normal person holding and biting into a whole watermelon.

    After eating the berry, the fairy’s stomach protruded out. Its expression was slightly sleepy, so Wei Xiao Bei placed a few leaves in the stone bowl to let it sleep inside.

    Perhaps because of their [Innate Luck], the fairies were quite bold. Even if Wei Xiao Bei was in front of it, it still quickly fell asleep.

    Wei Xiao Bei felt that this was slightly amusing and temporarily treated it as a pet.

    Naturally, what he needed to do was to foster its feelings for him. If he could make use of it, then he would be a lot safer in this place.

    In many European legends, after the heroes obtained the guidance of fairies, they were able to escape or avoid danger.

    In the Dust World, the fairies’ [Innate Luck] would prevent them from encountering danger.

    However, in the route ahead, Wei Xiao Bei felt that he might have received the curse as things did not go too smoothly. After all, he had terrified the Small Fairy with his [Law Intimidation].

    When the fairy fell asleep, Wei Xiao Bei grabbed the bowl and walked towards the big tree. Before he even walked a kilometer, he stepped on excrement.

    This is wolf excrement.

    Wei Xiao Bei frowned and pulled out his right foot from the excrement.

    This is definitely wolf excrement!

    The place where he served in the army before was close to a prairie. Thus, he understood what wolf excrement was.

    Other animals would have yellow, red, or even black excrement, but wolf excrement was a distinct whitish clay-like shape in appearance, which is ash gray in color.

    From the narration of a veteran herdsman, the reason why wolf excrement was ash gray was because wolves would eat their prey along with the bones in order to prevent their prey from being taken.

    This meant that a percent of the food that wolves eat was bone, and the percentage was more than other animals. Thus, their excrement was lighter in color, becoming ash gray.

    After rubbing the excrement clean, Wei Xiao Bei’s expression became better.

    The reason was that there were a lot of excrement on the ground.

    There was a big pile of excrement on the ground, almost reaching the height of a normal human’s chest. At first Wei Xiao Bei had even thought that it was big pile of dust snow, causing him to let down his guard and step on the trap.

    It was easy to imagine how the excrement’s owner was like just by looking at it.

    It was probably around the size of an elephant.

    Thinking about this, Wei Xiao Bei increased his vigilance and threw a [Status Appraisal] at the excrement.


Name: Hati's Descendant’s Excrement (Normal)

Description: This is a big pile of excrement, excrement shat out by a Hati’s Descendant. Other than acting as fertilizer, there is no other use for this.


    It was a simple explanation, but Wei Xiao Bei’s previous judgement was correct.

    In Nordic legends, Hati was the evil wolf that ate the moon.

    While he was pondering about this, the Small Fairy in the bowl woke up. Then it anxiously pointed at the big tree and shrieked something.

    Wei Xiao Bei guessed that it might be speaking Norwegian or Swedish. This caused him to have thoughts of learning more languages, but he would save this thought in the future.

    However, it was very clear that nothing good would happen in the direction the fairy was pointing at. This he was very certain.

    At the very least, he understood that it would not place itself in danger.

    Naturally, it was impossible for it to escape, and it probably understood this.

    Suddenly, the ground shook lightly, but Wei Xiao Bei was able to sense it with his strong perception.

    It was clear that this was not an earthquake, but the vibration from many animals running.

    Wei Xiao Bei grabbed the stone bowl and made his way to a shrub at the side. He placed down the bowl and pulled out the shrub with all his might. When the roots were pulled out, a hole remained.

    Then, he lied down in the hole, covered the shrub on top of him, and slightly held his breath.

    Very quickly, reindeers running for their lives appeared in his line of sight.

    Wei Xiao Bei would not make a mistake of this.

    Reindeers were quite famous animals. It was said that Santa Claus rode on a sleigh pulled by reindeers, and these reindeers could be found in places that had polar climates.

    Compared to the reindeers in the real world, the reindeers that he was looking at were a lot larger.

    It must be known that reindeers had almost the same body size as deers. Generally speaking, adult reindeers were about 100-120 centimeters in body height, while stags were slightly taller.

    Reindeers were quite fast and loved to charge forward. Thus, they were a type of animal that were made to pull something in Northern European regions.

    The reindeers that Wei Xiao Bei was looking at were around 2 meters in body height. If their necks and heads were added, they would exceed 3 meters in height. Moreover, if their antlers were also added to the equation, they were around 4-5 meters tall.

    In short, these reindeers could be comparable to some larger draft horses in size.

    With hundreds of these reindeers running, the movement they created was very astonishing.

    Their hoofs moved causing the soil to splatter. The scene was like a magnificent army with thousands of men and horses.

    Wei Xiao Bei judged that the path they were moving would not cover the shrub he was hiding in.

    Somewhere close behind the reindeers, there was a five meter tall wolf chasing after them with all its might while letting out black steam from its nostrils. Its entire body was covered in a thin black mist.

    Wei Xiao Bei endured the impulse of using [Status Appraisal]

    Just from its body size, it was clear that provoking it was a bad idea. Its body was not only big, but the black mist coming out from it was enough to tell that it was not a weakling.

    This place was the Dust World and not reality. Any creature could be a monster!

    Whether the reindeers noticed him or not, he decided that he would run away the moment they changed directions towards him.

    After thinking about this, Wei Xiao Bei forgot to factor in his luck or the offense he had just committed against the Small Fairy.

    In less than ten seconds, Wei Xiao Bei picked up the stone bowl and jumped to the side and began running.

    The reason was simple. For some reason, the reindeers changed their escape strategy and their direction.

    Moreover, the direction was towards the shrub he was hiding in!

    Wei Xiao Bei would never want to have these big reindeers to trample his back. Either way, he would be exposed to the big wolf’s eyes.

    When something suddenly jumped out of the shrub, the reindeers were startled, causing them to split into two roads. One of the routes was moving towards an established goal, while the others chased after Wei Xiao Bei.


    Wei Xiao Bei looked back and swore.

    Why are they chasing me?

    That said, reindeers were creatures that followed the rule of group survival.

    The big wolf chased after the other group, and the group chasing after Wei Xiao Bei was safe.

    Naturally, the other group looked stronger and should be the main force. Thus, as the wolf chased after them, they would probably continuously split, perplexing the wolf.

    In the end, one of the reindeers would probably become the wolf’s meal, or perhaps no reindeer would be eaten due to luck.

    Since these reindeers were chasing after him, Wei Xiao Bei decided to fight them head-on. He threw a [Status Appraisal] at the reindeer that appeared to be taking the lead.


Name: Male Reindeer

Race: Reindeer

Gender: Male

Age: 3

Creature Rank: 2 Star Elite

Status: (Only main attributes are shown for animal creatures)

Strength: 15

Agility: 22

Vitality: 12

Intelligence: 3

Awareness: 20

Charm: 6

Skill: Flee (100% increase in speed when running away or fighting for food), Charge Attack (Charge at the enemy with antlers. Damage dealt increased by 30%), Pathing (Will never get lost), Group Morale (Increase resistance towards negative effect)

Evolution Points: X (Unable to accumulate evolution points)

Items on hand: None


    Wei Xiao Bei’s strength outsripped the Male Reindeer’s. Moreover, it did not have any skills to block the appraisal.

    Thus, Wei Xiao Bei was able to clearly see its status.

    Its agility and awareness exceeded 20 points. From this, it could be seen that herbivorous animals were the same everywhere.

    With their high agility, they would escape from their predators. With their high awareness, they would be able to sense their predators from far away

    However, in terms of battle power, they were weak.

    After running for a bit, Wei Xiao Bei counted them. There were more than 30 of them, and other than the leading reindeer, the rest were either female or children with a few sick ones.

    Wei Xiao Bei smiled as he looked at the departing wolf.

    Could i be thinking that I am weak?

    There was a distance of around 100 meters between Wei Xiao Bei and the reindeers. It was impossible for them to catch up to him in a short amount of time. Naturally, it was also impossible in the long run.

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