The City of Terror

Chapter 59

Chapter 59 - Crisis

    The sound of blood curdling screams came from behind him. Soon, more than ten green dwarfs ran out of the forest, pale as they could ever be, as if they had seen ghosts. Chasing behind them, were yellow tree roots as thick as arms.

    These tree roots were very agile. They moved along the ground and lunged out towards the green dwarfs. When the green dwarfs tried to dodge, the roots moved like a python, circling the green dwarfs. It did not even pay attention to their struggling as it pulled them back into the forest. When they were dragged into the forest, it seemed like they had already been strangled to death; their blood dripped on the ground, creating a blood trail.

    Wei Xiao Bei was still able to cope seeing the tree roots, but the following scene left his legs trembling like a newborn duckling.

    The big trees inside the forest shook the ground. Countless roots rose up as if they were alive, making Wei Xiao Bei feel as if he was seeing the end of the world.

    Very quickly, the trees pulled up their roots. As if they were standing on the ground, the trees moved like octopuses with arms dancing in the sky.

    “Kelaisimu, Kelaisitu, Kelaisiyou……”

    The roots of the trees let out a strange sound as if they were singing to a rhythm and tempo.

    Wei Xiao Bei was now just dumbstruck.

    The entire forest came to life. The movements of the trees were completely similar to that of animals.

    In truth, Wei Xiao Bei had gained a bit of resistance to the strangeness of The Dust World. After all, the Fishmen, Fiendish Man Fish, black beetles, Thousand Eyed Devil and various monsters that he had encountered were things that would never appear in reality.

    However, these moving trees had gone out of his expectations.

    Luckily, this had happened before he made his plans of eliminating the green dwarfs and making the forest his safe house a reality.

    Naturally, he was now rejoicing.

    If he had entered the forest as he killed the green dwarfs, he might have became a corpse like the green dwarfs, becoming fertilizer along with them.


    The sound of something hard rubbing against the ground echoed.

    After that, Wei Xiao Bei’s eyes suddenly widened. His pupils slightly pulled back as he ran back to where he came from without any hesitation.

    What kind of monster is that?!

    A huge light house-like tree stepped out from the forest with two legs. On the trunk of the tree, there were wicker-like eyes, looking directly at Wei Xiao Bei.

    When the huge tree looked at him, Wei Xiao Bei’s heart violently jumped as if he could not breathe, as if there was a disaster approaching.

    Only then did Wei Xiao Bei run away for his life!

    “Kelu, Kelusi, Andayoumisi!”

    The sound of a hundred year old grandpa came from the huge tree. Soon, a root that was the size of a human chased after Wei Xiao Bei.

    As he was running away, he took a quick glance behind him and  immediately, his back let out a cold sweat.

    The previous arm-sized roots were already enough to easily kill off those green dwarfs. But now, a human-sized root was chasing him; a light touch from it would probably turn Wei Xiao Bei into a meat paste.

    Wei Xiao Bei was used all his strength to run away. His feet hit the ground making it sound like he was a rampaging rhinoceros.

    Despite this, the tree root still moved faster.

    Even a real rhinoceros would not be able to beat its speed.

    At first they were separated by 50 meters. In just two seconds, Wei Xiao Bei heard the sound of the root splitting through the air approach him. The tree root had already closed in 10 meters.

    The slim tree root appeared from the ground like a cobra, aiming behind Wei Xiao Bei, as if it was a spear that was about to be shot out.

    Time to risk it!

    Wei Xiao Bei knew that any mistake he made right now would sign him up for eternal damnation.

    If it were a normal human, they would have already gone limp from running. However, Wei Xiao Bei’s left leg quickly tamped forward. He turned his waist and used the force from his charge to back away a bit.

    He used the pitchfork in his right hand to block the incoming attack.

    Soon after, Wei Xiao Bei made a horse stance and retreated two steps back. He readied himself to pierced the tree root, while the tree root also took the chance to charge after Wei Xiao Bei. Wei Xiao Bei’s pitchfork blocked the attack and pierced the middle part of the root three times.

    This forced the tree root to evade his attacks, but Wei Xiao Bei still did not let go of the dominant position. He stamped his feet on the ground and took quick steps forwards. The pitchfork in his hands moved like a dragon as it continuously pierced holes in the root.

    This was the Six Harmonies Great Spear’s Sudden Thrust. Pretending to escape while finding a chance to counter attack.

    The tree root, however, suddenly rose up for a counter attack. Its sharp tip moved like a water snake as it advanced towards Wei Xiao Bei. In that moment, it was yet again blocked by Wei Xiao Bei’s pitchfork unable  to even approach him.

    The tree root seemed as if it was angry. Soon, it ignored Wei Xiao Bei’s pitchfork. It stuck close to the ground and made a sweeping motion, attempting to trip Wei Xiao Bei and gain an advantage.

    However, Wei Xiao Bei completely ignored his own safety and wielded his pitchfork as if it was a great spear.

    He blocked above him and pierced below him. He would even retreat a few steps and let out sudden thrusts.

    The tree root’s regenerative abilities were actually superior to Wei Xiao Bei’s. After fighting for an amount of time, the initial holes he made on it had already returned back to its original condition.

    Wei Xiao Bei, on the other hand,  was dripping with sweat. Two more tree roots had appeared from the distance.

    If the three roots combined forces, Wei Xiao Bei would only have an end of being filled with a thousand holes even after using all his strength.

    He needed to quickly get rid of this tree root!

    The tree root had a strong regenerative ability, moreover, it was completely immune to Wei Xiao Bei’s electric attacks.

    However, after a few more rounds, he found a chance to let out five continuous thrusts without missing.

    With a creaking sound, the tree root finally broke in the middle, and a sweet fragrance permeated the air. Wei Xiao Bei traced it back to the green sap that the tree root was spraying out, but before he could get a closer look, the tree root immediately pulled back.

    However, the other two tree roots were now quite close to him.

    Wei Xiao Bei face turned gloomy as he looked at the approaching tree roots searching for vengeance.

    Although he had made one tree root return, dealing with two more tree roots was an impossible task. Even wanting to escape from the tree roots was too difficult with just his speed alone.

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