The City of Terror

Chapter 40

Chapter 40 - Six Harmonies Great Spear!

There was nothing much to say about his special skill. His health on the other hand had increased by 1.5 points, which needed 150 evolution points. It had also increased his vitality by 0.75 points.

After thinking about this for a while, Wei Xiao Bei kind of got the gist about what happened.

He had previously suffered heavy injuries, but for some reason, when he placed his points into his health, his body’s recovery probably sped up.

However, even if it was like this, he had slept for three whole days after exiting the Dust World.

Moreover, when he closed his eyes, he could feel his vitality re-energizing his entire body.

This meant that the health attribute had really increased his vitality and even sped up his recovery.

He then remembered that he had the Fishman Water Ball and dropped it into the bowl while the stall owner was preoccupied. He poured in chili oil before swallowing it whole.

Once the Fishman Water Ball entered his stomach, a gentle warmth spread through his body, and his evolution points had increased by 20.

He did not touch the accumulated 50 evolution points and instead, continued eating.

When he arrived at the dojo, his apprentice brothers anxiously asked what happened to him.

Wei Xiao Bei felt a bit moved from their concern, but he also felt his head ache. He just told them that he had a cold.

After answering their questions, he went to find Cheng Bi Wu, who was sitting in the inner practice ground, and paid his respects.

Luckily, Cheng Bi Wu did not question what he had been doing these past few days. He only nodded his head and placed his attention on the cup of tea in his hands.

“Master. Umm… when can I learn the Six Harmonies Great Spear?”

Wei Xiao Bei was dissatisfied at his ability in wielding the pitchfork. As a result, he was now bothering  his master. When his master had practiced the Six Harmonies Great Spear, it was incredibly fierce yet grand, making him envious as he watched from the side.

“Six Harmonies Great Spear?”

Cheng Bi Wu placed down the cup in his hands and looked at Wei Xiao Bei with a smile, “You haven’t even finished mastering the basics yet you want to learn the Six Harmonies Great Spear?”

Wei Xiao Bei was about to answer when he suddenly had a revelation. If his master knew his current level, he might be scared to death.

From the time he begun learning Bajiquan until now, it had only been less than a month. He had gone from a beginner to someone who was as skilled as someone who started three to four years ago. This progress was simply too fast.

If a person could memorize all the basics, it was already on the level of a genius. However, being able to remember, practice and reach a skilled level within a month was already too much.

He did not want his master to have any bad opinion of him.

If his master suddenly believed Wei Xiao Bei to be a hidden expert, it would be very bad.

Although this kind of thing would not be investigated, there  might always be a mark of doubt left in his master’s heart.

Wei Xiao Bei, in the end, could only dejectedly nod his head. After bowing to his master, he planned to go practice the basics in the outer practice ground.

However, just as he turned around, he heard Cheng Bi Wu’s voice , “With your current aptitude, there should be no problems in learning the Six Harmonies Great Spear. You can first learn the basics.”

Hearing his master’s words, Wei Xiao Bei became emotional and turned around with a bow,“Thank you master.”

“Hahaha. What are you thanking me for. Come sit here first.”

Cheng Bi Wu pointed at the chair beside him to let Wei Xiao Bei sit.

Wei Xiao Bei obediently sat down. Cheng Bi Wu finally asked him a question, “Xiao Bei, Do you know the origin of China’s Wushu?”

Wei Xiao Bei was slightly stunned when he heard this question. If he was asked about which parts of China created Shaolin Kungfu, he knew a little bit, but the answer to the origin of Wushu was something he did not know.

If he said it was from Shaolin Kungfu, he might just be slapped to the floor by his master.

“Your disciple does not know.”

Wei Xiao Bei honestly answered.

“Wushu’s original definition was a martial art used in wars! It was used by battlefield generals to kill through enemy troops!”

Cheng Bi Wu proudly enlightened Wei Xiao Bei.

Wei Xiao Bei sincerely nodded his head.

“Then let me ask you, what is Guoshu?”

Cheng Bi Wu continued to ask.

“Guoshu should be our country’s Wushu right?”

Wei Xiao Bei answered with hesitation. At this time, he regretted that he did not search these simple things up when he browsed the web in the past.

“Right. Your are correct. When people speak of Guoshu, they are referring to China’s traditional Wushu. In fact, they are referring to the killing art of Wushu and not the one used for performances!”

Cheng Bi Wu’s voice suddenly became serious towards the end, to the point that Wei Xiao Bei’s body shivered as he muttered, “Killing art of Wushu?”

Cheng Bi Wu nodded his head after seeing that he was listening carefully, “The martial art that I learned is Guoshu.”

“Remember! For killing and not performances!”

Cheng Bi Wi emphasized this phrase.

Wei Xiao Bei hasitly nodded and asked, “That means that the ones used for performances are substanceless right?”

Cheng Bi Wu smiled, “Normally performances follow a standard sequence of martial arts, so they are not without substance.”

After this, Cheng Bi Wu walked towards the weapons rack and picked up a great spear. Then he stood at the center of the practice ground and stabbed the great spear on the ground. The three meter long great spear was like a flag pole pointing to the sky.

“This is a great spear. In the past, great spears were used weapons dedicated to cavalry. Normally, the best material for making the shaft of the spear would be Chinese Ash. It’s flexibility and durability is simply the best. However, Chinese Ashes are now scarce. I left my own great spear back home. This great spear is made from a Mulberry Tree. It, in itself, is already not bad. It is 3.3 meters long with a weight of 4 kilograms.”

After he finished speaking, the great spear immediately moved. The spear head struck out, leaving a red light. For a short period of time, the great spear danced and travelled back and forth, creating powerful winds. It would occasionally thrust out and rise up, like a silver snake dancing in mid air.

This was the first time Wei Xiao Bei saw the Six Harmonies Great Spear, and couldn’t help but stupidly look at it. Only when Cheng Bi Wu withdrew the great spear with a large bang did Wei Xiao Bei come back to his senses.

“The Six Harmonies Great Spear focuses on 18 words: coil, block, hold, pull, wrap, dodge, push, chop, oppress, strike, clutch, change, raise, fall, hack, poke, hook, prick……”

Cheng Bi Wu picked a great spear for Wei Xiao Bei and began explaining.

He taught him until it was time for dinner.

If Cheng Si Si had not called them for dinner, Cheng Bi Wu would have probably continued explaining.

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