The City of Terror

Chapter 34

Chapter 34 - Resignation, Liberation

Seeing Wei Xiao Bei come out, Zhang Zhi Long told the new students to practice by themselves and greeted Wei Xiao Be,: “Xiao Bei, why haven’t you eaten these few days?”

Wei Xiao Bei’s face reddened at his second senior apprentice brother’s teasing. He knew that it was his little senior apprentice sister who had spread this about him. Trying to change the topic, he said, “Second brother, why aren’t master and third brother here?”

Zhang Zhi Long was only teasing Wei Xiao Bei, so he did not pursue the matter further. He answered his question, “I heard that master was paying a visit to an old friend.”

Wei Xiao Bei did not know much about his master’s circumstances, thus he did not ask anymore and chose a training dummy to start practice.

Although Wei Xiao Bei used his evolution points on Bajiquan, making his Bajiquan reach intermediate level, it did not mean that he need not to train.

Training in the foundations could allow him to become more familiar with his body.

Bajiquan was martial art that cultivated the inside and outside of a body. There were many forms and patterns to train in the outer force which was used to defeat enemies. The inner force was used to strengthen the mind, soul, blood flow, and qi, serving as a foundation both inside and outside the body.

In simpler terms, this was the so called Nei Gong or Inner Force; a technique used to raise the body’s foundation. There were countless breathing techniques, and even techniques to protect the Dantian under the training of such techniques. By breathing and exhaling slowly and deeply, it could expel the impurities in the body, excercise the viscera, and strengthen the internal organs.

Diao Xi Gong: A breathing technique used to inspect the body in order to use qi and blood to treat the injuries and diseases. Breathing naturally annihilates anxiety and protects the Dantian. This should be done after training or during noon in a place where there is fresh air. By treating the world as an illusion, one could see their own body and inspect it to the arteries and veins.

Apart from that, there was also Yang Mu Gong, Cong Er Gong, Gu Chi Gong, Qi Ju Gong, Ma Bu Gong, Ban Ma Zhuang, and many other Inner Force techniques.

Truth be told, training up Nei Gong alone would take up 6 hours per day. Including all the other routine patterns in martial arts, even 10 hours would not be enough.

This was also the reason why his master, second senior apprentice brother, and other people wanted him to help out in the dojo instead of going to work.

If Wei Xiao Bei stayed in the real estate company, he would simply have not enough time to train.

However, even if Wei Xiao Bei continued to train like this, he would  still able to obtain a lot in this half a month.

Wei Xiao Bei trained until it was dinner time.

Cheng Bi Wu and his third senior apprentice brother had yet to return. They only returned at around 8:30 barely able to stand on their feet. This made Wei Xiao Bei puzzled.

It was obvious that they had gone drinking.

Cheng Bi Wu called Wei XIao Bei over and let him do drills. He nodded his head after looking at it once.

Wei Xiao Bei’s progres was so fast that it made Cheng Bi Wu become agitated.

He was afraid that Wei Xiao Bei’s foundation was not stable enough. From the day before yesterday, he instructed Zhang Zhi Long to teach Wei Xiao Bei even new things to give him a bit more pressure.

He did not know that this was not Wei Xiao Bei’s innate gift but the benefit of having the status panel.

Naturally, the status panel only gave Wei Xiao Bei the corresponding degree of Bajiquan, but if he truly wanted to grasp Bajiquan knowledge, he had to continuously train.

Another half a month went by.

In this half a month, Wei Xiao Bei went to work everyday but also worked hard in training Bajiquan, completely forgetting to enter the Dust World.

He was on a night shift today and it was his last day in the company. The company had also already found somebody to replace him.

When he got off work at 8:30 in the morning, most of his colleagues congratulated him.

Although they did not know why he resigned, they thought that he must have found better work.

Based on convention, when someone leaves a company, everyone would go out to drink and eat. Naturally, the person retiring would foot the bill.

Wei Xiao Bei was not someone who did not understand society, thus he entrusted Engineer Zhang to tell the other colleagues that he will treat everyone to hotpot that night.

He rode the elevator up to the 38th floor, Da Hao Real Estate Company’s headquarters, and went to the human resources department and the financial department to finish a few procedures.

 He looked at the 1000+ yuan and the old-age insurance certificate in his hand with a bit of sorrow. From today on, he seemed to have entered a different stage of life.

Since it was still quite a while before night time, he returned back to the apartment after eating breakfast, .

It was already 8:40 so the corridor was quiet, as most of the tenants had already went to work.

Wei Xiao Bei lied on his bed and closed his eyes, looking at his status panel. He concentrated on his Bajiquan skill.

His evolution points quickly disappeared as he concentrated on the skill.

Without needing even a second, 80 evolution points were consumed, but despite this, Wei Xiao Bei became flabbergasted as there was no change to the Bajiquan skil.

What’s going on?

80 evolution points was not a small sum to him. If he placed these points in his attribute, then his muscle attribute could increase to 13.83 points and his strength attribute would increase to 11.93 points.

If he did this, his body strength would go up, and his fighting strength would go up.

But now that he had already placed it in Bajiquan, the jokes were now on him

As Wei Xiao Bei felt his gut wrench, he began to use his not so smart mind to think of the reason as to why this happened.

After thinking for about 10 minutes, he had arrived at a rough answer.

It was most likely due to him lacking in evolution points, or he needed another requirement other than evolution points to level up Bajiquan.

He stopped hesitating after arriving at these two answers. He took out a bottle of wine from the base of his bed and chugged it down.

Wei Xiao Bei decided to go take a look at the Dust World, in any case he had already resigned and he did not need to go to the dojo in the morning.

He gradually sunk into dizziness after chugging down the alcohol…...

Wei Xiao Bei started to regain consciousness, waking up to the dull light and the broken house.

He blankly looked at the poster of Zhang Jing Ying for a while, before he completely came to.

I’m still in my apartment room?

Wei Xiao Bei slightly relaxed.

This fact had assured Wei Xiao Bei that wherever he slept was wherever he would appear in the Dust World. It had no relation to the place he left in the Dust World.

His heart settled after confirming this point.

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