The City of Terror

Chapter 32

Chapter 32 - Split Personality

Wei Xiao Bei, meanwhile, did not know anything about Li Lan Xing’s unusual condition. He closed the door to his room and checked the hardtack in the pot.

It should be ready.

He turned off the fire, poured the thick paste made from hardtack into a large bowl, placing it on top of the coffee table. He stirred it, cooling it down with an electric fan, and touched it after ten minutes.

The temperature is just right.

However, Wei Xiao Bei did not immediately eat this tasteless hardtack congee. Rather he extended his hand and grabbed a copper wire on the kitchen bench.

When he grabbed the copper wire, bubbling sounds came out.

After five to six seconds, Wei Xiao Bei let go and pounced on the coffee table, scooped up the hardtack congee and poured it inside his mouth, chugging it.

“Ah,” Wei Xiao Bei sighed while eating the green colored congee. Satisfaction apparent on his face.

Of course, this wasn’t because Wei Xiao Bei had a split personality.

After releasing so much electricity, Wei Xiao Bei entered a state of extreme hunger. Only by eating food could he alleviate this kind of hunger which caused his brain to send a signal of happiness from being full.

However, the expired hardtack was truly tasteless, this was even amplified after eating Zhang Tian Tian’s sauteed meat.

This was the cause of Wei Xiao Bei’s contradictory appearance.

Soon, the congee made of six pieces of hardtacks had been cleanly eaten by him after releasing electricity two more times.

However, when he looked at the rest of the piled up expired food, he knew that today would be full of hardships.

“Wei Xiao Bei, are you there?

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

A banging sound on the door came after the deep voice.

This voice sounds familiar.

Wei Xiao Bei heard a familiar voice while he was busy trying to get rid of the expired food. When he opened the door, a fatty stood there while from time to time, wiping the sweat on his body.

This person was his landlord.

“Uncle Li, please come in and have a seat.”

The landlord did not live in the apartment. His last name was Li, first name Chao Yang; currently more than 40 years old and jobless. There were four apartments in this street that belonged to his family and he  relied on the rent to live. He was a bit stingy and loved to take advantage of anything. However, Wei Xiao Bei did not come into contact with him all that much.

“Thanks but no thanks. I have come today to collect the rent. What is that smell?”

Li Chao Yang’s nose twitched as he doubtfully extended his head to take a look inside the room.

The smell of the room had become slightly bad after cooking five pots of hardtack.

Wei Xiao Bei awkwardly smiled, “Cooking food, but my skills are a little bad.”

As he said this, Wei Xiao Bei took out the money and gave it to Li Chao Yang.

Luckily, Li Chao Yang did not care about other people as long as they did not burn down the room.

However, Li Chao Yang’s words before he left, made Wei Xiao Bei’s mood take a dive, “Oh right! Xiao Bei, the prices of goods are currently rising fast. Uncle Li also need to live, so starting next month, the rent will go up by a hundred yuan.”

Wei Xiao Bei looked at Li Chao Yang’s leaving back, wishing that he could just kick that fat ass of his.

A hundred yuan?

The original rent was 600 yuan, including utility expenses. This amount was already not cheap. Adding another hundred next month would make it 700 yuan.

Does he still want others to live!?

However, even if the rent increased to 1000 yuan a month, Wei Xiao Bei, for the time being, would still choose to stay there.

I really need to think of a way to earn money.

If I really have no choice, I could probably borrow from master.

Wei Xiao Bei thought about his money problems, while swallowing down the thick hardtack congee.

When he had eaten through around two thirds of the expired food, his phone rung.

It was his second senior apprentice brother calling to ask why he still hadn’t gone to the dojo.

He quickly replied that he previously had something to do and that he would be there soon.

Wei Xiao Bei wiped the sweat off his forehead after hanging up. He looked at the time and saw that it was almost 3 o’clock.

No wonder  his second senior apprentice brother called him.

He looked at the pile of expired food and decided to give up finishing them in one go. He thought that he should at least keep a bit of food in his apartment in case of emergencies.

Let alone the fact that he had eaten ten pots of hardtack congee, just looking at the remaining bags of hardtack made him want to puke.

He quickly got on the bus after leaving the apartment and moved to thecorner, closed his eyes, and looked at his status panel.

Although releasing electricity increased the voltage, the growth rate of the electric current was much more lower. However, after releasing electrical energy for more than 50 times, the special skill had increased a lot.

Now, releasing electricity could allow him to release 34 volts, leaving just two more volts before he exceeded voltage safety levels..

However, 34 volts could already generate pain on the people he touched.

The electric current on the other hand had increased to 9.5 milliamperes, but the safety limit was 10 milliamperes.

However, 8 milliamperes was enough to cause a spasm in every part of the human body.

In other words, Wei Xiao Bei currently only needed to release electricity to give others a serious electric shock.

The only troublesome thing was the upper limit of the voltage and electric current. The growth rate of the skill was getting lower, and maybe, it would even take longer to level it up in the near future.

Wei Xiao Bei thought about this for a while as he scanned the inside the bus randomly.


Is that?

A skinny, vulgar business man wearing gold framed glasses was currently squeezed up against a girl’s back and shaking his butt from time to time. The girl was currently blushing hard, as she tried to move forward, attempting to evade the man.

Any man could guess what was happening when they looked at the situation.

This was, without a doubt, a real molester.

If it was twenty years ago, whoever did this in public would immediately become the target of scorn, to the point that they would be beaten up.

But now, as long as people, themselves, were not the target, they would not dare brave the dangers to stop this.

If it was Wei Xiao Bei before, he might at least try to stop the molester, but it would end there.

After all, society was too complex. Even if he did good things, it would lead to a bad end most of the time.

However, the current Wei Xiao Bei was different. He now had a strong body, great skills, and unshakeable courage.

He pushed aside the people, who were intentionally watching the scene, and placed his hand on the businessman’s shoulder.

It was a blistering hot summer. Even if the businessman was wearing a suit, it was impossible to block the electric current’s assault, after all, his T-shirt was was already soaked in sweat.

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