The City of Terror

Chapter 31

Chapter 31 - Hardtack Congee

Wei Xiao Bei got up from his bed and washed up. Preparing to eat lunch outside, he saw the piled up bags of food that he bought on sale in the corner of the room, and hesitated a bit.

The bags of food that he bought on sale were just expired hardtacks and other similar things.

Wei Xiao Bei could now simply eat and drink in the dojo if he wanted to, but throwing away hundreds of yuan worth of cheap food that has expired, was the same as cutting off his leg.

He normally lived a frugal life, so the only reason he hesitated was because of the taste.

He quickly washed the iron cooking pot, opened packs of hardtack, and started boiling them. 

No matter what, Wei Xiao Bei had to get rid of all these cheap foods.

Sigh, what a waste.

Naturally, if he wanted to quickly get rid of all these foods, he could use his release electricity special skill.

Wei Xiao Bei, after a while, began to feel bored waiting in front of the stove. When he heard sounds coming from the corridor, he opened the apartment door to take a look.

At this time, there were a lot of people walking in the corridor.

Since it was now lunch time, people with rice bowls were all crouching around and chatting.

Workers in modern cities were lonesome creatures. Thus when two people begin a conversation, a large amount of tenants would flock to the noise.

It was a Saturday, so other than people like Wei Xiao Bei who work in a three shift system, they would only wake up at this time.

After all, taking naps while working in big cities was a hard thing to do.

Zhang Tian Tian, who lived in the apartment room across Wei Xiao Bei, went out wearing pajamas while carrying a thin enamel bowl. Her rice was topped with Hunan-style sauteed meat. The fragrance of the food had entered Wei Xiao Bei’s nose from the moment he opened the door.

The gamer shut-in Zhou Li Jun, who lived beside him, looked a lot worse. His hair was like a bird’s nest, and his clothes were stained here and there, making others want to puke at his appearance. He was holding onto a take out rice box.

It was already a miracle for a shut-in like him to not be eating instant noodles.

Actually, most of the people there were eating rice boxes. Let alone the smell of his rice box, his appearance was already enough to make the people around him lose their appetites.

The fourth room was Li Lan Xing’s. There was a stool beside her room, and on the stool was a large bowl emitting the smell of fragrant chicken soup. On the other hand, she was holding a bowl of rice with savory chicken legs.

The strangest thing that happened though, was that when Li Lan Xing saw Wei Xiao Bei, her face immediately reddened, and she turned around, entering the room without even caring about the chicken soup on the stool.

Wei Xiao Bei greeted Zhang Tian Tian, “Little Sister Tian Tian, did you cook food today? How virtuous. Your future husband would be able to live a happy life.”

“Brother Wei, stop talking nonsense,” Zhang Tian Tian blushed. The feeling of success had filled Wei Xiao Bei. He wanted to follow his victory by teasing Li Lan Xing, but he never imagined that Li Lan Xing would turn around and leave. He felt slightly mystified by this.

Wei Xiao Bei had unconsciously gained confidence since the last time he saw her. Even though he had only met Little Sister Tian twice, he had the courage to tease her. He had not even given it a second thought.

In reality, he had even forgotten about the dream, that incredibly realistic dream, he had after eating the Fiendish Man Fish Essence in the Dust World.

“Brother Wei, what are you eating for lunch?”

Zhang Tian Tian blinked once and looked into Wei Xiao Bei’s room, trying to catch a glimpse.

Unfortunately, Wei Xiao Bei held the door with his left hand, hiding the contents of the room. No one could see inside the room even if he had cooked something.

“I already ate.”

Wei Xiao Bei did not dare say that he planned to eat hardtacks for lunch, since he did not want to ruin the meager reputation he had to hold onto. Thus he made a bold statement on Zhang Tian Tian’s question and then looked at those neighbors, who were eating rice boxes, in disdain.


Zhang Tian Tian showed a bit of disappointment at Wei Xiao Bei’s words, but she still tried to invite Wei Xiao Bei to taste her skills. This made the people, who were all eating rice boxes at the side, send death glares at Wei Xiao Bei.

If glares could kill, Wei Xiao Bei would probably be filled with holes by now.

Just looking at the food in Zhang Tian Tian’s bowl was enough to make Wei Xiao Bei slivatate, he could not resist Zhang Tian Tian’s invitation.

However, Wei Xiao Bei immediately regretted when he ate a piece of sauteed meat.

It was not because Zhang Tian Tian was bad at cooking, but because of the hardtacks that he had stewing on the fire.

After tasting something so good, how could he even eat the pot full of hardtacks?

His cheeks were streaming with tears.

After a single taste, Wei Xiao Bei thanked Zhang Tian Tian and resolutely returned to his room.

Zhang Tian Tian became disappointed at Wei Xiao Bei’s action of returning to his room.

Moreover, neither Wei Xiao Bei nor Zhang Tian Tian noticed Li Lan Xing hiding a little away, currently at a loss while looking at Wei Xiao Bei’s back.

Li Lan Xing’s mind was a mess. The origin of this came from 2 hours ago. When she lied down on the bed and fell asleep, she suddenly had a dream that she could never have expected.

She had actually dreamt about doing this and that with Wei Xiao Bei inside the apartment room.

Although Li Lan Xing appeared cheerful and had a rough behavior, but deep down inside, she was a traditional Chinese woman.

She had already been acquainted with her boyfriend Huang Da Jun for more than two years and had lived with him for about two months, but she did not allow him to go over the limit.

Kissing a few times was already the limit.

There were two beds inside her apartment room. From this, it was easy to see Li Lan Xing’s nature.

For this reason, Huang Da Jun would complain from time to time.

Thus Li Lan Xing did not believe that she could have such an unrestrained dream, that she would actually take the initiative to seduce the slightly shy, Wei Xiao Bei. The wild actions between the two of them afterwards had far exceeded her preserved bottomline.

After all, Li Lan Xing had always viewed Wei Xiao Bei as a little brother.

If this was only a dream, then it was fine, which person had never had an erotic dream before?

However, she could feel something peculiar in her lower body after waking up from that dream. The faint pain below had caused Li Lan Xing to lose her head out of fear.

She only sighed in relief after making sure that the door was still the same as she last saw it and Huang Da Jun was currently working overtime.

This was only a dream, a very realistic dream.

Li Lan Xing thought that she had already adjusted her mind, but after seeing Wei Xiao Bei, the sudden beating of her heart had made her react. In that moment, Li Lan Xing even had suspicions that she had fallen in love with Wei Xiao Bei.

She became stuck in a maze of thoughts, and had even lost the mood to eat her favorite chicken soup.

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