The City of Terror

Chapter 27

Chapter 27 - Fishmen Village

Because of this, Wei Xiao Bei’s thirst for evolution points increased.

Other than these changes, the voltage and electric current of his special skill had increased a bit.

Against a human body, 11 volts was already enough to cause a sharp pain, while 4 milliampere of electric current was enough to strongly numb their bodies.

This had given Wei Xiao Bei a new method of attacking in future battles.

Today, Wei Xiao Bei had the night shift. Second senior apprentice brother gave Wei Xiao Bei the morning to rest. From Zhang Zhi Long’s point of view, working for an entire night required sufficient rest. Forcefully training would not do the body any good.

However, Wei Xiao Bei did not plan to rest at all during this time. After getting off work, Wei Xiao Bei went to the Fat Mama Store to buy a bottle of wine.

After returning to his room and closing the door, Wei Xiao Bei impatiently chugged down the wine. He soon lied down on the bed, letting the drowsiness overcome him. 

Wei Xiao Bei rubbed his hazy eyes and got up from the bed. The room had already became tattered.

He had once again arrived in the Dust World.

Wei Xiao Bei was a bit unsatisfied that he needed to fall asleep drunk to be able to enter the Dust World.

The danger of entering the Dust World like this was too high. If by chance he got drunk outside and entered the Dust World from that point, he might be transported next to a fierce monster.

It was just like the man who appeared in the neighboring courtyard. Just a moment's carelessness was enough to land in the mouth of a tiger.

However, Wei Xiao Bei was currently unable to find a solution to this problem.

There was another thing that was strange; when that man died in the Dust World, there was no news of him at all in the real world.

Wei Xiao Bei roughly understood that this guest was not a rich person, thus as long as that person did not die within the apartment room, the landlord would not have cared much about him.

He shook his head and threw these thoughts to the back of his mind. He easily raised two clubs and walked towards the courtyard.

The gate was currently shut tight, just in the same condition he left it, so Wei Xiao Bei was able to relax a bit.

When he sighed a breath of relief, the sound of Fishmen knocking on objects came from the streets outside.

There are still Fishmen here?

This was something that Wei Xiao Bei never imagined.

In this period of time, he had not heard anything about people disappearing.

From his understanding, those Fishmen would have left the place because they could not find any food (humans).

However, this was clearly only Wei Xiao Bei’s point of view.

Wei Xiao Bei once again climbed up the wall to look further in the distance. He saw there was a Fishman using a club to knock on random objects on the street. The Fishman was currently walking towards the other end of the street, quickly vanishing from Wei Xiao Bei’s line of sight.

Seeing that there was no soul in sight, Wei Xiao Bei hesitated a bit. He soon opened the gate and headed towards the Fat Mama Store, placing the remaining hardtacks and bottled water in his backpack. He then went towards the direction where the Fishman disappeared.

The Fishman was not fast. It was even slower than a walking human, so chasing after it was not difficult.

The only thing that irritated him was that the Fishman would stop after every step it took, sometimes using the club to smash its surroundings. Wei Xiao Bei even wished that he could just kill it then and there.

However, no matter how slow it was, it would still reach the end.

As Wei Xiao Bei continued to follow it, a wide lake appeared in his sights. The lake was surrounded by gray-colored reed. The Fishman suddenly became happy when it reached the place, as it increased its speed.

This place was the famous  Lake Cui and was the origin of the name Cui Hu City.

Wei Xiao Bei had previously came here before and even played there as a child, so he was not unfamiliar with it.

However, the  Lake Cui in front of Wei Xiao Bei was different from the  Lake Cui that he knew.

The  Lake Cui was supposed to be three kilometers away from the road, but more than half of the road had disappeared, moving the  Lake Cui closer by about two kilometers.

Naturally, Wei Xiao Bei still did not know fully, the relationship between the Dust World and the real world.

Thus Wei Xiao Bei still did not feel any doubt about the strange things that appeared in this world.

Wei Xiao Bei quickly discovered a village by the lake side as he followed the Fishman.

The entire village occupied about a third of a hectare. A large half of the village was on top of the waters. There were more than 10 grass huts, giving the entire village a simple and crude appearance.

The village appeared to be quiet, as if there was no one inside. However, there were two Fishmen guarding the entrance of the village. Both of them held a black harpoon as they patrolled outside.

The two Fishmen did not have any reaction to the appearance of the approaching Fishman. They only looked at each other before it entered the village.

It was just as I expected. There was a village of Fishmen close by!

Wei Xiao Bei did not act blindly without thinking; he lied down on the reed thicket and quietly observed the Fishmen Village.

Time slowly went on. the Dust World’s sun looked darker than in the real world. However, it was not as gentle as the autumn sun. It was hot and damp to the point that Wei Xiao Bei felt incredibly uncomfortable. Sweat continually dropped from his head.

However, this kind of patience was a virtue on its own.

A loud crashing sound suddenly echoed from the lake’s surface after observing for 20 minutes.

Wei Xiao Bei immediately wiped the sweat on his forehead while rigidly staring in that direction.

Countless Fishmen appeared from the lake surface. A few Fishmen were holding fish, a few of them were holding lotus roots and other food of the same type. They happily and excitedly went up to the shore.

A few small Fishmen, who had just reached knee height, came out from the grass huts, heading towards the incoming Fishmen and greeted them. Soon, the entire Fishmen village became noisy.

The strange sound unique to Fishmen echoed in the surroundings, as if they were a disorderly crowd.

It seems that now should be the time for the Fishmen to have their meal.

Those Fishmen brought out a huge iron cooking pot from who knows where. They begun boiling the water and placing all the food they brought back into the pot.

Wei Xiao Bei was slightly surprised at the level of culture that these Fishmen had.

Knowing how to make fire and preserving it was something that separated intelligent creatures from normal animals.

Disregarding the fact that these Fishmen ate humans, they were already considered as intelligent creatures. The only thing was that their culture was too primitive.

Of course, these things did not have any significance for Wei Xiao Bei. He was not some kind of biologist. He was a hunter excited from his previous hunt. The only thing he needed to think about right now was how to lure his prey out from the village and kill them one by one.

Wei Xiao Bei cautiously left  Lake Cui and returned to the streets. After looking around once more, he made a concave turn by the lake side. The place he ended up was a few kilometers away from the Fishmen village.

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