The Black Card

Chapter 347

Chapter 347 - Inconsistent with What Yu Banzhi Said

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When he saw the detailed information on Yao Keji’s birth without a single piece omitted, Shi Lei wanted to skin the Scepter.

He briefly scanned through it, then continued. It introduced what happened after his birth on the first day…on the second day…

Shi Lei quickly flipped through the papers in his hands, finishing the pile in three minutes. It was like a record that contained every single thing that happened after Yao Keji’s birth, including what he had consumed over the years. Shi Lei suspected that the Scepter was deliberately making his life difficult. What kind of record is this? Please. Who can remember what they ate sixty years ago? These files even clearly describe the brand of baby bottle that Yao Keji had used. 

Shi Lei grabbed another pile and rapidly scanned through it.

Mhm, it was half an hour later when Yao Keji finally turned three and was preparing to go to daycare.

Shi Lei was so furious he could barely breathe. However, he didn’t dare skip anything as he scanned through the text. What if it hid some secret information? Nevertheless, he didn’t think anything would happen to a kid.

Another half hour passed and Yao Keji was in primary school. Shi Lei collapsed onto the couch.

He finally decided to skip parts from then on. Otherwise, it would be impossible to finish reading seven boxes of information, even if he turned blind from the effort. Additionally, he would soon have to read in more detail and he would be unable to briefly scan through it.

Shi Lei skipped the first box and removed the first file in the second box.

When he opened it, the following words greeted him: “Yao Keji was nineteen years old. During the ten years of the Cultural Revolution, although his grades were excellent, he no longer had a school to attend…”

Shi Lei spit out another mouthful of blood. F*ck this! He skipped to the end of the file and discovered that it was still useless information when he scanned it. It still told him what Yao Keji ate and drank, even saying that he fell in love with and fiercely pursued a girl.

Pursue your ass! Shi Lei cursed. A thought suddenly popped up in his head. When Yao Keji eventually met Yao Er’s mother, would the record describe the details of them having sex?

Shi Lei picked up the second file and casually flipped through it before throwing it to the side. There was finally something more valuable in the third file. The Cultural Revolution had ended, university entrance exams were reinstated, and Yao Keji made it into Huaqing University with excellent scores.

Something must’ve happened during university, right?

However, Shi Lei was quickly disappointed. During university, Yao Keji’s life basically only involved going to classes, eating, participating in sports. There were occasionally some descriptions of how he pursed girls. People of that generation pursued girls differently compared to now, when people would decide which hotel to have sex in before even meeting each other. When they pursued girls back then, it was more of silently trying to make “coincidental” encounters around campus.

Shi Lei wasn’t in the mood to read pure, school love stories. He skipped a large portion of it, all the way until Yao Keji’s senior year of university.

Oh, my god. Yao Keji didn’t pay attention any to external factors, entirely focused his graduate school entrance exam.

On the other hand, Yao Keji finally lost his virginity as a postgraduate student. He hooked up with a senior girl in the same school. The fact that these damned files didn’t record his experiences in detail made Shi Lei disappointed. It said that Yao Keji finally brought the girl to his student dorm. After moving around with the lights off, it skipped to “next morning” without even omitting fifty thousand words.

What the f*ck!

Shi Lei decided not to read the postgraduate period either.

There had to be something of value after he started working, right?

After Yao Keji graduated, he was assigned to a state-owned enterprise at age thirty. The senior girl married Yao Keji after graduation and gave birth to Yao Jiafu.

Although Shi Lei felt irritated, he finally saw a familiar name after Yao Keji began his job.

Yu Banzhi.

Yu Banzhi’s name appeared in Yao Keji’s records.

Shi Lei immediately focused on it but quickly realized that the uninformative record only mentioned his birth.

The office manager of Yao Keji’s unit was Yu Banzhi’s mother.

Although it lacked useful information, Shi Lei knew that how the two met.

Shi Lei quickly flipped through the papers. Yao Keji and the Yu family began to interact more often. Two hours later, Shi Lei finally found something slightly more useful.

According to Yu Banzhi, Yao Er was extremely intelligent. However, from his father, Yao Keji’s records, Yao Er definitely inherited it from him. Yao Keji was a member of the technical staff in his company. He applied for a few patents over the course of only two years. Due to this accomplishment, he grabbed the Yu family’s attention.

Many years later, Yao Keji was promoted to deputy chief manager. However, he suddenly decided to quit. The leaders of the company urged him to stay, but could only watch him leave in the end.

Yao Keji was thirty-six years old and the time period entered the 1990’s.

Yao Keji went into business. He was obviously reserved in the workplace and ended up quitting. Afterward, he immediately applied for two more patents and relied on them to earn a large amount of money. He had over a million yuan and was leading in business.

Unfortunately, the previous company sued him, claiming that he used their resources to develop his patented projects, but only applied for the patents after he quit. They provided a variety of evidence to prove that the two patents that brought him millions in wealth were completed during his time working there.

Yao Keji faced a jail sentence.

The Yu family stepped up and helped him avoid the sentence, but he could not keep his wealth. Otherwise, with his intelligence and millions in assets at the beginning of the 90’s, he would most likely be a billionaire right now, following the reform and the end of the country’s isolation.

The Yu family even helped him build his career again. Although his background wasn’t restored to its former glory, he didn’t have to worry about clothes and food and his family was better off than ordinary ones.

Yao Keji began to work as a medium for the Yu family. Much of the wealth that should belong to the Yu family was put under his name.

When Yu Banzhi was seventeen, Yao Keji was already forty-seven. He returned all the wealth under his back to the Yu family.

After he returned it, he wasn’t completely cut off from the Yu family. He began to help Yu Banzhi. Yao Keji stilled worked as a liaison and Yu Banzhi’s many investments were put under his name.

As the years passed, his older son Yao Jiafu grew up and inherited his role helping Yu Banzhi manage his investments.

The records said that Yu Banzhi initially hoped to have Yao Er—who was smarter than his older brother—helping him, but Yao Keji firmly opposed. He didn’t want Yao Er to be involved. Although it looked like a glorious job on the outside, the majority of the wealth under their names had nothing to do with them.

Shi Lei put the records down for a while and pondered over this new information. Yu Banzhi said that Yao Er didn’t want to work under him because he was too proud and didn't want to become the person standing in his way. However, this record claimed otherwise.

Shi Lei already knew who to believe. The information given by the Eye of the Dark Night was unbiased, but he didn’t understand why Yao Keji would oppose Yao Er following in his footsteps when he basically pushed his older son to do it.

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