The Black Card

Chapter 346

Chapter 346 - Awesome Information

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“I have part of that family’s information. The person I contacted directly with is called Yao Jiaping, but everyone calls him Yao Er. He should have an older brother and his father worked or is still working for Yu Banzhi. I need this family’s information.”

“Everything will be done as you wish,” the Scepter replied. “The Millionaire Card will activate at 00:00 tomorrow and end at 24:00. You will receive all the information on Yao Jiaping’s family at around 3 PM, but it will be completely destroyed after 24:00. Level Two Employee, I need to warn you. Don’t be clever. The Millionaire Card’s effect only lasts for twenty-four hours. It doesn’t matter if you can’t memorize all the information you need before that. All the copies of the information will be destroyed no matter how you copy it. At the same time, you will be punished.”

Shi Lei smiled. “It’s strange that you would suddenly be so kind-hearted and warn me.”

Sceptre replied with a proud snort.

Shi Lei laughed and, without further ado, pressed the eject button.

At around 3 PM the next day, his phone rang. The package deliverer from an express company told him that he had a delivery.

Shi Lei mind was blank. How could he have a package delivery if he hadn’t bought anything recently? He then quickly remembered the Millionaire Card and knew that the package was its doing. The Eye of the Dark Night had sent him all the information he needed through the postal system.

This was too efficient. The mission was only issued yesterday afternoon. It would only become valid at 00:00, theoretically. In just fifteen hours, they had already mailed everything he needed to Wudong. Shi Lei was eager to know which express company could send something at the speed of light. They took orders in the middle of the night and the package was shipped and delivered on the same day. He didn’t know what the fees were, but the efficiency was definitely the conscience of express delivery.

Shi Lei unlocked the door for the deliverer. After two minutes, someone knocked on his door.

A tan, uniformed young man about twenty years old stood outside. He wore a baseball cap with a logo that was most likely the company’s, since Shi Lei didn’t recognize it.

“Hello, sir. Are you Mr. Shi Lei himself?”

Shi Lei nodded. “I am.”

“Sorry, but I need to check your identity. Please show me your ID.”

Shi Lei frowned and thought, what’s up with this express company being so responsible as to actually check ID?

However, considering that the package he needed to sign for included confidential information, Shi Lei thought that perhaps the Eye of the Dark Night had found an express company that delivered such things. Or perhaps it was the company’s high-end services. Shi Lei nodded and went inside to grab his ID.

The deliverer checked it and smiled. “I’m sorry for the trouble, Mr. Shi,” he apologized. “Here is your ID. Please take it. This is the recipient form. Please sign it.”

“Where’s my package?” Shi Lei was bewildered. The delivery man’s hands were empty and there were no packages in sight.

The man moved out of the way and gestured for him to look. Shi Lei poked his head out of the door and saw seven or eight extremely large boxes that seemed to be enough to occupy half of his house.

“This much?”

“Yes. Please sign.”

Shi Lei was on the verge of a breakdown. Holy sh*t, are you kidding me? This much? Isn’t it just information on one family? Is it necessary to fill so many boxes? What’s inside? Copies of documents? But what kind of information needs this many papers? Did you move a whole library here?

Despite that, he had to sign the form, so Shi Lei wrote his name down.

After the delivery man thanked him, he asked, “Do you need me to help you carry them inside?”

Shi Lei nodded. “Of course.”

All the boxes were as tall as Shi Lei’s thigh, around sixty to seventy inches. Each was in the form of a cube, with three of them being at least one cubic meter. If they were filled with paper, wouldn’t one box weight at least a few hundred jin(1)? Even if the man hadn’t piled so neatly, they would still weigh at least two to three hundred jin. But the man lifted one box with each arm and carried them inside for Shi Lei.

He must have been born with superhuman strength. Shi Lei tried to lift one of the boxes. Without the Martial Arts Card, he really would be able to do anything to them.

There were seven boxes. After the delivery man moved everything inside, he bowed slightly toward Shi Lei and left.

As he left, he glanced at Shi Lei’s house and with a professional smile on his face.

Shi Lei remembered something when he was about to close the door. “Oh, right. What express company is this?” he asked loudly.

“Suixin(2) Express.”

“Suixin Express? I’ve never heard of it!” Shi Lei muttered, but the delivery man had already disappeared around the corner.

After closing his door, Shi Lei opened one of the boxes.

As expected, it was filled entirely with A4 paper.

Shi Lei opened all seven boxes at once. All of them contained A4 paper. Shi Lei expressed his rage and frustration to the sky, “Scepter! Just you wait! Holy sh*t, I can’t finish reading these by tomorrow! No wonder you were so kind-hearted as to warn me that I can’t copy it, else I’ll be punished. You did it intentionally!”

Shi Lei rummaged through the box in fury. He then saw a slip of light green paper on top of a pile of paper and picked it up. It had “Yao Keji Information Part One” written on it.

He flipped through the other boxes. Every box contained a similar slip.

This Yao Keji was probably Yao Er’s father. His information alone filled three and a half boxes, half of the total. In the fourth box, other than part four of Yao Keji’s information, there was Yao Jiafu Information Part One. Yao Jiafu’s information took up two boxes. The last one was Yao Jiaping’s. Yao Er had less data, perhaps because of his age.

Shi Lei buried a full stomach of anger. He didn’t have time to rage at the Scepter right now. Time was precious and he had to go through the information as quickly as possible.

However, when could he finish reading through seven boxes of information?

Shi Lei picked up a pile of paper from Yao Keji’s information. Everything was piled neatly and in clear order.

The first page showed only the three characters of his name.

After that was a close and full body picture of him, with the date printed as three days ago. Although Shi Lei hadn’t read anything yet, he already admired the Eye of the Dark Night’s ability. The photo was from three days ago. If Yao Keji’s line of sight was actually focused on the photographer, Shi Lei would almost believe that he helped them take it.

Shi Lei flipped to the page that had Yao Keji’s information.

Yao Keji, sixty-one years old this year, with two children. The first son, Yao Jiafu, thirty-four years old.The second son, Yao Jiaping, twenty-one years old.

So Yao Er was only twenty-one years old, but his father was sixty-one. So he was born when his father was forty.

This page contained Yao Keji’s date of birth, political status, educational degrees etc. It was like a resume. Even his ID number was provided.

Shi Lei continued and almost spit out a mouthful of blood onto the A4 paper.

“1954 spring, on the 7th of March, Yao Keji was born in a hospital. The midwife’s name was…The hospital room number was…”

    Chapter Notes:
    1. Jin: Chinese measurement of weight. One jin is about five hundred grams 
    2. Suixin: meaning “follow your heart” 

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