The Black Card

Chapter 342

Chapter 342 - The Smartest Person in History


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Shi Lei thought that Yu Banzhi would ask why, but he didn’t.

On the contrary, he seemed to agree with his idea for the investment.

Yu Banzhi nodded. “Your funds for the early stages are limited and it’s advantageous to leave after a series(1) or two because it will allow for more flexibility. If you want to invest in other projects, you can contact me. There are some which I wouldn’t suggest, but you can try them.”

Shi Lei was slightly moved. Yu Banzhi had basically handed him the key to earning a profit.

Shi Lei had recently learned more about his friend and he knew that Yu Banzhi had no equal when it came to his business sense. Although Shi Lei had the Investment Card to ensure his success, people like Yu Banzhi who relied on their own judgment when investing possessed legitimate skills.

Yu Banzhi didn’t recommend pursuing some projects only because of their low investment amounts. He didn’t want to waste money on them. Although it was impossible for him to judge every project accurately, those that passed his examination all undoubtedly had high growth potential.

If Yu Banzhi could help him pick out some suitable projects, then it would be much easier for Shi Lei to find the better ones with the Investment Card.

Of course, he couldn’t decline such a valuable offer.

“Then I shall thank Brother Yu first. However, with the amount of money I have, I can only invest casually. I can’t compare to you.”

Yu Banzhi closed his eyes. “Don’t rush,” he advised quietly. “It’s easy to make mistakes when you take big steps. You must build up your knowledge. After all, a tall building can only exist with a stable foundation.”

“I understand,” Shi Lei replied.

“Remember to open an offshore bank account(2) when you have more money. If transferring the funds is inconvenient, just ask me. With the amount of money you have, I can transfer from overseas.”

Shi Lei knew nothing about the transfer of money and offshore banking. Although he had heard of it before, he didn’t understand it at all. Not wanting to appear frightened in front of Yu Banzhi, he vaguely replied, “Alright, I’ll look into it when I finish this project.”

He didn’t know how much money registering an offshore account required, but he would most likely need at least seven figures.

However, according to the Investment Card’s graphs, Zhen Xu’s company would reach Series A in a few months, which was the only method to rapidly increase its value. Afterward, Zhen Xu might develop some new programs and successfully reach Series B. Shi Lei planned to exchange his shares for money at that time. Compared to the evaluation of three million at the moment, the company’s value would most likely be in the billions by Series B. Therefore, he would gain millions, if not tens of millions. Perhaps that was when he should open an offshore bank account.

More importantly, Shi Lei first needed to learn what offshore banking and funds transference were. He still had plenty more to learn about being an investor.

“Oh, right. Chen Yanü also told me that you met Yao Er. Did you?” Yu Banzhi asked every question casually, but Shi Lei knew that unless it was actually small talk, questions with a definite answer meant that he already knew the answer.

Wasn’t Yao Er just an alcohol supplier?

Yu Banzhi and Chen Yanü knowing about it wasn’t strange because they bought alcohol from him. Yet if both of them mentioned Yao Er, then he was most likely more than just a businessman

“I ate at Yu before, but he didn’t seem to be there at the time. The other day, Song Miaomiao dragged me there for dinner in the middle of the night and he just happened to be there. I recently received a box of wine from him free of charge because it was my first.”

Yu Banzhi nodded. “Mhm. Yao Er’s family tradition is managing connections, and he’s quite adept at it. I am acquainted with his father, who has done a considerable amount for him. Yao Er may appear extremely modest, but deep inside, he’s more proud than anyone else. It’s a shame that his background is normal and it’s difficult for him to break out of his father’s role. How well do you know him?”

Shi Lei thought, As expected, Yao Er has things other people don’t know about. Wei Xingyue and Song Miaomiao most likely knew, but they probably thought that telling Shi Lei would be unnecessary.

“I don’t know what you mean. He has his own winery and provides wine for the wealthy and the retailers in and around Wudong city. He only opened a Japanese restaurant because he likes the food.”

Yu Banzhi nodded again. “Then you’ve only interacted a little. Yao Er is actually extremely intelligent.”

Shi Lei froze for a second. Yu Banzhi was obviously quite smart himself. Even if he had his family’s protection, he had invested in almost every industry by the age of thirty. His personal wealth was rumored to be no less than Wei Ye’s, and such a feat required a great brain. A person like him complimenting Yao Er for being smart meant that he wasn’t so ordinary after all.

Originally, through the two interactions they had, Yao Er had appeared exceptionally smooth and proficient at finding loopholes. Shi Lei didn’t think that such a man could be—according to Yu Banzhi—tremendously proud and intelligent. Perhaps Shi Lei couldn’t tell because his IQ was nowhere near his. However, he had indeed witnessed Yao Er’s modesty.

“He didn’t go to elementary school. His father had homeschooled him before sending him to middle school after he turned ten. He studied for a year before skipping to eighth grade and then taking in the high school entrance exams at the age of twelve, achieving the highest grades in the city. Yao Er only went to high school for two years. After finishing his sophomore year, he gave up the honors course invitation and took the graduation exams early. He ranked second in the province—first in the city—and went to Kyoto University. After two years, at the age of sixteen, he decided to quit because he claimed that school couldn’t teach him anything. He’s only twenty-one years old, but has been alone in Wudong for five years and is familiar with anyone who has over ten billion yuan. Even my grandfather has complimented him before, saying that he would either remain silent or amaze the whole world. However, I don’t think that’s the case. He isn’t someone who can dominate by himself. He is smart, but he isn’t very open-minded. I’ll make an inappropriate comparison: he is a bit like Zhuge Liang(3).”

Shi Lei was shocked. Zhuge Liang was the smartest person in history, but why did it seem like Yu Banzhi was looking down on him?

He didn’t dare to comment, knowing that Yu Banzhi hadn’t yet finished.

“At first, I had wanted him to follow me, but because his father was working under me, Yao Er adamantly refused. Although he didn’t tell me why, I can guess. That is why I say he’s extremely proud. It’s interesting that Yao Er would give you a box of wine. At least, I’ve never heard of that kid ever giving wine to any of his customers, even if it’s a bottle worth 200 to 300 yuan. He doesn’t need the money. What his father left him is more than enough to live leisurely for the rest of his life. This is interesting,” Yu Banzhi laughed.

Chapter Notes:
  1. Series: A series in investing is explained here

  2. Offshore company: “a corporation, LLC or similar class of entity formed in a foreign country to that of the principals of the organization or one that can only operate outside of its country of formation” banking: “opening a bank account outside the country in which one resides”

  3. Zhuge Liang: A Chinese politician, military strategist, writer, engineer, and inventor during the Three Kingdoms period. Also generally known as the greatest and most intelligent man in history. 

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