The Black Card

Chapter 340

Chapter 340 - The Real Big Investor

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It was difficult for some people to imagine that one drinking session or a day of snow could make someone’s life so much more exciting.

Those kind of people were simple, pure, and only lived for themselves.

Yu Banzhi was exactly like that.

He wasn’t someone who was cynical. He viewed himself as a speck of dust in the bustling world. His emotions would change with the weather and he only wanted to live the few decades of his life following his heart.

Hence, he didn’t inherit the Yu family’s military tradition. He was viewed as betraying the tradition by going off track and fiddling around.

If the Yu family had more children, then they wouldn’t be as harsh. But when the Yu family reached his generation, Yu Banzhi was the only child. As a result, his reckless actions were enlarged.

They needed someone to maintain the family and the result was to entrust it to his uncle. But no matter how reckless Yu Banzhi was, he was still the young master of the family that no one dared to offend.

Even after he left the Yu family, he was still the top existence in the whole of Wudong and others had to politely address him as “Brother Yu.” An intelligent person’s aura couldn’t be hidden, not to mention that Yu Banzhi never tried to hide it. It was merely because he didn’t want to use it to continue the Yu family’s tradition.

Compared to Shi Lei’s identity as an angel investor, Yu Banzhi was a real investor.

Other than himself, no one else knew how many companies he had invested in. No one knew how many people were earning money for him and how many were gone.

However, everyone came to the mutual agreement that with Yu Banzhi’s intelligence and personality, he was more than suitable to be an investor. Although his wealth was incalculable, many shares were not under his name. They were handled by medium agencies. However, no one would think that he had less money on account of this.

So much so that people were willing to believe that Yu Banzhi’s total wealth was possibly on the same level as Wei Ye’s or even Old Bai’s.

Of course, that was only their guess. No one would try to prove it. It wasn’t impossible, but no one dared to. At least in the Wudong region, no one could withstand the head of Yu family’s fury.

But a man like this—an ambitious man like Yu Banzhi—was willing to sit in a small restaurant eating plates of lamb worth 30 yuan and drink millet wine worth about 50 or 60 yuan. His wealth had nothing to do with his daily life.

But now, unexpected snowfall made him so delighted and he even wanted Shi Lei to arrange a trip to Old Bai’s lake house when he usually didn’t like to interact with wealthy families in the city.

Quoting what Yu Banzhi had said, “A hand heater, lake, and heavy snow. How can life be more poetic than that? Shi Lei, do you remember Baixiangshan’s Wen Liu Shijiu(1)?”

Although Shi Lei didn’t specialize in literature, he did remember that poem.

He nodded. “Green bubbles and newly brewed wine. Red clay miniature stove. With dusk, the snow impending. Care to drink a cup?”

The poem was recited without any poetic feeling and the words seemed to jump out of his mouth one word after another.

But Yu Banzhi was even more excited after he heard it and laughed. “I hate those people who recite poems with pauses and so many emotions. It is definitely more intense with more emotions, but without feelings, all the meanings are included in the poem. Is there any need to forcefully make it sound more poetic? What you did is the best!”

Shi Lei was speechless and took out his phone to send Chen Yanü a WeChat message.

Godmother, I wanted to visit you tomorrow, but I’ve been drinking tea with Brother Yu Banzhi today. It suddenly snowed and Brother Yu seemed to be very excited and wanted to visit the lake. Is it convenient?

He received a reply after three minutes. The message consisted of a smiley face from the app and a single elegant character: “come”.

Shi Lei didn’t interact too much with Chen Yanü, but he knew that with her personality, it was natural that she didn’t want to talk too much because she used either hand gestures or writing. As for things like phones, if it wasn’t a necessity for people in the modern society, Chen Yanü didn’t want to use it.

And the shorter her messages were, the happier she was.

Hence, Shi Lei didn’t say anything useless as he put the phone down. “Brother Yu, shall we go? Godmother said yes.”

Yu Banzhi smiled as he stood up. He didn’t fight to pay with Shi Lei, instead waiting for him in front of the door.

“Your car, my driver.” When Shi Lei walked toward the door after paying, Yu Banzhi pointed to the driver at the door, who had waited for a long time.

Shi Lei had planned to hire a driver but was saved the trouble of doing so.

They drove toward Lake Baishui. The car exited the bridge in front of the train station and entered the district next to the lake after going around it. Then Shi Lei and Yu Banzhi walked slowly across the path in the swirling snow.

On the path that led from the district to Old Bai’s building, there stood a man.

Perhaps because the message had been relayed to the whole Bai family, the man lowered his head politely when he saw Shi Lei. “Young Master Shi, Sister Nü said you are coming so she came to prepare for it herself. I will take you over now.” Then he turned to Yu Banzhi and greeted him.

Shi Lei never imagined that he would have this kind of treatment anymore. After all, Sister Nü was only his godmother and in his heart, this wasn’t exactly having a significant connection with the Bai family.

But since they came, Shi Lei smiled. “It’s fine, we know the way. Brother Yu and I can go ourselves.”

The man didn’t force them. He stood to the side, allowing Shi Lei and Yu Banzhi to walk in side by side.

When they arrived at the door, the people inside had probably been observing the situation outside or perhaps the man used a walkie-talkie to relay the message since the door was opened from both sides as soon as they walked up the stairs. Two young women greeted them and said in unison, “Welcome, Young Master Shi, Young Master Yu.”

Yu Banzhi laughed. “Young master? I’m already in my thirties. Call me ‘sir’ in the future.”

The two ladies smiled in reply. “Yes, Mr. Yu.”

The two of them walked in and around the corridor, heading directly toward the glass-covered balcony located outside.

When Yu Banzhi opened the door, he slowed down and walked half a step behind Shi Lei. After all, Shi Lei was more or less a visitor here, but he was merely someone who tagged along.

A small, round table was placed in the middle of the balcony like it had been the other night. Chen Yanü sat facing the door and smiled gracefully when she saw Shi Lei.

Shi Lei quickly walked forward and greeted her. “Godmother.”

She smiled and pointed toward the chair. Shi Lei quickly sat down.

Chen Yanü then reached out and touched the top of Shi Lei’s head lightly. Her eyes were filled with care and love as if he was her own child. It was obvious how much she liked him.

Yu Banzhi laughed as he walked in. The number of times he had laughed today was way more than the number of times Shi Lei had seen him added together.

“That’s exactly what I mean. In this whole Wudong city, only you, Chen Yanü knows me the best. Don’t tell me this is from Old Bai’s wine collection?”

Yu Banzhi lifted the small clay heater in his hands and studied it before speaking again. “Wow, nice! This is from the Ming dynasty. As expected from Old Bai’s student.”

Chen Yanü was only a little over forty years old and Yu Banzhi was only thirty. In this city, people younger than her had to address her politely as “Sister Nü,” except for Yu Banzhi. Only he wouldn’t care about that kind of vulgar name and called others by their full names at all times, just like how he didn’t like others calling him “Young Master Yu.”

Chapter Notes:

1. Baixiangshan & Wen Liu Shijiu: the former is a poetry collection by the poet Bai Juyi, the latter is one of the poems from the collection.

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