The Black Card

Chapter 339

Chapter 339 - Heavy Snow and Yu Banzhi

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Editor: Llikia

With Yao Er’s help, Zhen Xu’s need for funds was easily solved. Those middle and high-class supermarkets needed traffic even if the people appeared only to use the bathroom. Attracting customers was every shop’s problem.

Although the current traffic for Zhen Xu’s app wasn’t too attractive, because it was introduced by Yao Er and the price was cheap—only 8,000 to 100,000 yuan per year—it was considered nothing to the supermarkets. A sales event was much more expensive and they treated it as just an advertisement. If the app’s downloads exceeded two to three hundred thousand within a few months, then it may really bring some changes to the market.

In the end, more than twenty supermarkets approved this kind of promotion and Zhen Xu received the 200,000 yuan he wanted. The problem with the funds was solved and they returned to normal operation.

Shi Lei had a serious talk with Zhen Xu about their funds and this incident. It was also related to how Zhen Xu should not rely on their installment should instead create new ways of increasing potential income. In the current situation of the company, a small amount of money—whether it was 100,000, 80,000 yuan, or 30,000 to 50,000 yuan—it may be able to maintain operations for a while. But if they only focused on future investments, then the company would reach its liquidation stage soon.

Zhen Xu also realized his own problems as he had to change his mindset from that of a programmer to a business operator. It was inappropriate for him to continue treating himself as a technician and expecting the investors to solve all the problems for him, especially so for shareholders and angel investors like Shi Lei. Zhen Xu decided that once he overcame this incident, he would employ a manager even if he had to pay more.

It was almost the end of the year and Shi Lei entered the last winter holiday in his entire four years of university as he prepared to go back to Runzhou.

Before he left, he visited all the people he had to.

He had to visit the teachers of his department: his lecturers, the professor who had accompanied him for four years, and teachers who were in charge of their graduation design and essays. And of course, the three people who had been in the same dorm as him. Shi Lei found a rather good hotel and ordered a whole table of lobsters and abalones. The teachers were shocked.

Shi Lei said that it was because he started his own business and earned some returns, but Zhang Mo and the other two thought that Shi Lei did it using his family’s money, but they didn’t point it out. They thought that Shi Lei wanted some face and didn’t want to tell the teachers his fuerdai background. They ate the meal harmoniously and happily. The teachers all complimented Shi Lei.

After bidding farewell to his teachers, Shi Lei and the three from his dorm left for Lao Wang Barbeque and chatted about their internships in the second half of the year as they ate and drank.

Out of the three of them, Zhang Mo’s company was the best. His relatives had introduced him and it shouldn’t be a problem for him to stay, as long as he didn’t make a giant mistake during the internship.

Xu Yi’s company was normal, but he would be paid as soon as he joined. Although it would be slightly lower than what official workers made, it was basically probation, not an internship.

Luo Ming’s job was finalized just a few days ago. The company sounded impressive since it was the writer’s association in Jiangdong Province, but it was an odd job. After the internship ended, there was a ninety percent chance that he wouldn’t be employed. Or rather, he wouldn’t have the chance to be employed as he was merely finishing an internship before graduation.

Shi Lei pondered about it and knew that perhaps they wanted him to help Luo Ming find a better company, but he didn’t say anything.

At this point, Shi Lei had thought about it very clearly. Although everyone said that they were still good brothers, they were in fact already distant. Not only because he was too busy to meet with them, but because these three were too embarrassed to see him. Their friendship as fellow classmates would most likely only be maintained through messages sent during festivals and reunions once or twice a year.

Shi Lei felt bitter, but life was like this and no matter how unwilling he was, he couldn’t do anything about it.

Hence, he thought that Luo Ming needed to find the way himself. If he had difficulty in the future, Shi Lei wouldn’t mind asking Wei Qing or Wei Xingyue to arrange a job for him, but not significant enough to owe them a favor.

“Focus on your internship first. No matter what kind of experience it is or what the outcome is, you will learn something by the end of it if you put your mind to it. Even if it’s nothing related to your degree, it would a great help for you to learn how to get along with your coworkers. We’ll see when we actually graduate.”

Everyone was relieved when they heard that. At least it showed that Shi Lei wasn’t unwilling to help, but he didn’t want to intervene from the very beginning.

They drank until two in the morning before leaving.

The next day, Shi Lei went to visit Yu Banzhi.

Shi Lei had arranged the meeting with him in the morning. Yu Banzhi usually woke up early and was feeding birds by the river. He was quite happy and in a rather good mood when he received Shi Lei’s call. When he heard that Shi Lei planned to spend his last winter holiday in Runzhou, Yu Banzhi took the initiative and invited him to his agarwood shop, where they drank tea the whole day.

Shi Lei believed that Yu Banzhi was close to the Bai family. Perhaps he already knew that Chen Yanü had taken him in as her godson. But since Yu Banzhi didn’t mention it, Shi Lei didn’t want to talk about it either. To him, he merely felt familiar with Chen Yanü, and that was because she trusted him unconditionally. He didn’t plan to use her status as the daughter of the Bai family to earn anything.

He drank alcohol with Yu Banzhi at night. They found a hotpot place and asked for two bottles of millet wine.

They had normal lamb for hot pot and normal millet wine, barely spending 300 yuan on the meal. Shi Lei suddenly realized that he hadn’t enjoyed something like that for a long time.

He had been going in and out of high-end restaurants and spent money like it was nothing. Luckily, all the people around him were those who never thought of money before. Otherwise, they would question how Shi Lei had so much money all of a sudden.

Unexpectedly, snow began to fall outside while they were eating. It fell heavier and heavier. In barely ten minutes, the snow was heavy, like goose feathers. Everything was covered with a thin layer of snow. The ground, trees, the rooftops of the houses opposite the river especially, and the cars parked on the sides of the streets.

Yu Banzhi’s good mood grew immensely and he laughed. “That’s why I say it’s destiny. Haha, the weather forecast said that it’s going rain and snow tonight, but it became heavy snow when I met you. It’s one of the greatest enjoyments in life to be drinking and eating hotpot with such snow. How can we stop drinking? Shall we get another bottle and share it?”

Shi Lei didn’t mind millet wine, especially since he had been drinking and eating a lot more than half a year ago.

He smiled in agreement.

After finishing the third bottle of wine, Yu Banzhi’s mood was still good. He looked at Shi Lei and said, “Oh, right. I didn’t want to mention it, but I heard that you are now Chen Yanü’s godson?”

Shi Lei thought that, as expected, Yu Banzhi already knew about it. Hence he nodded. “I feel a natural sense of familiarity with godmother.” He also had the same feeling with Yu Banzhi.

Yu Banzhi laughed. “Let’s go to Old Bai’s lake house and pay a visit. Without your relationship with them, it’s inconvenient for me to bother them.”

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