The Black Card

Chapter 336

Chapter 336 - Wei Xingyue’s Analysis

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Editor: llikia

When Wei Xingyue rang the doorbell, Shi Lei was frightened, as he didn’t want to go through what happened last night again.

He eventually opened the door, since he couldn’t just lock her outside.

Surprising, Wei Xingyue nodded politely at Song Miaomiao when she came upstairs and walked in. Song Miaomiao didn’t say anything ugly, only a mere “so you’re here.”

This must be an illusion!

This had to be temporary. How could it be so peaceful when two crazy women met each other?

But one minute passed. Then three minutes, and even ten minutes passed, and the two women were still peaceful.

They were actually more than just peaceful. Song Miaomiao even began to tell Wei Xingyue the problems Shi Lei had encountered.

“I think your family’s better at this kind of thing. Do you want to give him some advice?” That was Song Miaomiao’s conclusion.

Wei Xingyue smiled lightly and blinked her enchanting eyes at Shi Lei. “Sure thing, but I’m scared that he doesn’t want my help.”

Shi Lei was still confused. He got up from his bed and walked in circles around Song Miaomiao, who had her two amazing legs exposed, and then the appropriately dressed but still eye-catching Wei Xingyue. He couldn’t understand how these women could suddenly act like they were best friends for so long.

Nope! I must’ve met a fake Wei Xingyue.

Oh, or maybe a fake Song Miaomiao. But there is no way to justify it. Shi Lei looked at Wei Xingyue. “Hurry up and tell me if you have any ideas.”

“Give the investment to him and fight for it. I don’t think there’s a big problem.” Wei Xingyue said casually as she crossed her legs in confidence.

Shi Lei thought, if I really have that much money, I would. But even if I give all of my money to him, I’m still more than 30,000 yuan short. Of course, perhaps Zhen Xu could overcome this with Shi Lei’s 170,000 yuan and Zhang Meimei’s 50,000 yuan, without Shi Lei having to give 30,000 yuan. But if that was the case, Shi Lei wouldn’t have any money of his own.

Without his money, the Black Card would make up for the remaining 30,000 yuan with its money, not to mention that he would be back to his initial state. Although it was only three percent, Shi Lei didn’t want to be challenged like that. Even though the disappearance of his body parts previously was just the Black Card toying with and warning him, he felt like he couldn’t continue safely like that.

Unless he was willing to use the chance to avoid penalty.

Shi Lei definitely wasn’t willing to use it for a mere 30,000 yuan, as that could save his life later.

“You don’t believe me?” Wei Xingyue laughed, her voice cold and angry. “Let me analyze it for you.”

Shi Lei looked at her and nodded. It wouldn’t be bad to listen to her. “Alright, tell me first. I feel like it’s not as simple as it sounds.”

“First, you and Zhen Xu are certain that you have never exposed the details of the product to anyone other than the employees and shareholders, right?”

Shi Lei nodded.

“Well, Zhen Xu’s idea isn’t actually that bad, but other companies in the market will definitely try to intervene when he tries to carry it out. This kind of app isn’t hard to develop, only hard to promote. Whether the competitor copy and pasted the code of his app or developed it themselves, they are both easy to achieve. So it’s destined that he will encounter competitors of the same kind.”

“I know this. Get to the point.” Shi Lei became slightly impatient.

Wei Xingyue rolled her eyes. “I’m kindly analyzing the situation for you and you’re being impatient.”

“Fine fine fine, madam. Please continue. If we can solve the problem through your analysis, I’ll do whatever you want.”

“Really?” Wei Xingyue licked her lips.

Song Miaomiao raised her hand in objection. “No way. What if she asks to have sex with you?”

Wei Xingyue glared at Song Miaomiao and replied in disdain, “Do you think I’m you? You came here to have sex with him, yet he doesn’t want to.”

Song Miaomiao was about to blow up, but she suddenly calmed down after remembering something.

Shi Lei’s heart jumped into his throat and thought, as expected, Wei Xingyue is the same Wei Xingyue and Song Miaomiao is also the same Song Miaomiao. These two crazy women must fight when they see each other.

But Shi Lei didn’t expect Song Miaomiao to fall silent after one line. What did Wei Xingyue mean? How did she know that he rejected Song Miaomiao’s request to have sex?

Luckily, Wei Xingyue continued her analysis. “Competition in the market always exists and is inevitable, but according to your situation, the app that appeared out of nowhere looks like it has negative intentions. Shi Lei, think again. Did you really not tell anyone else about the contents of the app?”

“How can anyone else know if you don’t even know about it?”

Wei Xingyue suddenly laughed as if she was very satisfied with his words since they implied that she was the closest person to him at the moment.

“Fine, I believe this reason. In other words, this person is either trying to target either Zhen Xu, you, or Zhang Meimei. His actions are basically giving up profit from the product itself. The promotions he’s doing now cannot last. With these methods of promotion, the only way to gain profit is to sell it to a certain big company after it’s been promoted to a certain degree. It’s too crazy. For an app that’s only worth three to four million for angel investment, he can probably sell it when the value exceeds a billion. But if he promotes it at this rate, then he can burn a billion in three months and loses without gaining.”

“And then?” Shi Lei panicked.

“So I think they are simply using money to attack, making you panic first. So you just need to follow up with your own promotions. Don’t be too exaggerated. You need to sustain a similar amount of users, even if the percentage in the market is slightly lower, it won’t hurt too much. After all, you guys need to make sure the water runs for a long time. The other party is putting all their eggs in one basket. I lean more toward the idea that when the other party reaches a similar amount of downloads as yours, they will have someone contact you and try to purchase your product at a relatively low price.”

Shi Lei froze. “So you are saying that they are just bluffing? They definitely won’t continue to devote to it and their goal is to forcefully purchase Zhen Xu’s app?”

Wei Xingyue clapped lightly and smiled. “This young man is promising and worthy to be taught. That’s the general idea. So if you hang on, they will definitely come again. If you just continue with what you are doing and survive their pressure, then the problem will be solved without you needing to do anything.”

“But why? They are burning so much money just to target us? How great of a grudge is that?” Shi Lei couldn’t comprehend the mindset of rich people at all.

Wei Xingyue shook her head. “No matter how great grudge they hold against you, it’s possible that they plan to make profits when they succeed. Of course, they could lose everything if their plans don’t work out. If they succeed, then they successfully targeted the person they wanted and intervened with their career development in one aspect. After all, it won’t take a year for the product’s value to exceed a billion if it’s operated properly. The other aspect is that they might even earn a little, so why not?”

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