The Black Card

Chapter 333

Chapter 333 - Mutual Understanding

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Editor: Llikia


Jiang Yuan believed that Shi Lei was an easygoing person. If he hadn’t accidentally offended Shi Lei, he definitely wouldn’t have invited them, even though he knew that Jiang Yuan and Hu Xiaohua had connections with Song Miaomiao and they’d met in Renzhou before.

Ah, one wrong step and every step after that would be wrong.

Jiang Yuan could only nod. “There’s no need to be so polite with seeing us off. You are about to go on holiday anyway and will return to Runzhou even if you don’t go back these next few days. Xiaohua and I will definitely welcome you then.”

Shi Lei let out a strained laugh. “Alright, I’m off to take my exams. Please bid farewell to Brother Xiaohua for me. I won’t call him.”

“Alright, see you.”

Jiang Yuan pondered for a moment, then spoke again when Shi Lei had walked a few steps. “Sorry, Shi Lei. There won’t be a next time.”

Shi Lei turned around, smiled, and waved before walking off.

He felt extremely relaxed after the exams. All that remained until the end of his four years of university was a final project and a dissertation. Although it was a university of the 211 project(1), the school wouldn’t make things too hard for them. After today, the diploma and bachelor’s degree was within his grasp.

Shi Lei even went to his professor, saying that he had a stable job. The professor was happy for him.

It wasn’t too hard for graduates from Wudong University to find jobs, but they needed luck to find the more ideal ones. The professor asked about Shi Lei’s current career and he told him what he had prepared beforehand.

When the professor heard that Shi Lei had started a business and opened a company for an app with a programmer, he was surprised. And when he was informed that the company’s value was more than ten million, he was happy for Shi Lei.

Shi Lei had evaluated the company to be ten million himself since Zhang Meimei’s and his investments were worth over three million. The app was already in the market and although it was only on trial in Wudong, the number of downloads had already exceeded thirty thousand. Based on the increasing axis on the graph he saw in the Investment Card app, ten million was still a small number and Shi Lei wasn’t exactly lying.

Shi Lei chatted with his professor for a few minutes before he left for dinner with his roommates.

He took out his phone, which had previously been muted. Not many people had contacted him. There were no missed calls, only a WeChat message.

Shi Lei thought that it was Zhang Liangliang, but when he opened it, he realized that it was Yao Er.

The message looked like it was a group message. Yao Er said that he had a new shipment of wine and asked Shi Lei if he was interested.

Shi Lei replied: I want to stock up a few bottles at home. Do you have any recommendations?

Yao Er quickly sent an answer: There are wines from Chile that I’ve tried. Its texture is good and it only takes ten minutes to decant. The price is appropriate and you can consider it for everyday drinking.

Shi Lei didn’t hesitate too much: I don’t want a lot. Is a box fine?

Yao Er’s reply was also simple: Please give me your address. I’ll record it and won’t ask again if you don’t need to change it.

Shi Lei sent the address and asked again: Price? Do I transfer to you on WeChat?

Yao Er’s reply surprised Shi Lei a little: I need to thank you for helping with my business. It’s a gift from me this time. You can pay next time.

Shi Lei didn’t say anything back. It wasn’t that he was being hypocritical, but because Yao Er was very clear with his words. It was a gift, and if Shi Lei insisted on paying, the damned Black Card would judge it as invalid.

Hence he replied: Alright, thank you.

When Shi Lei reached the front door of his apartment, he remembered that he had given his key to Song Miaomiao and Wei Xingyue. It was his own house, yet he had to find another way in.

He turned around and looked at the security guard. He seemed familiar, so he should know Shi Lei.

“Sorry, I forgot to bring my key. Please swipe the card for me.”

As expected, the guard recognized Shi Lei and swiped the card for him with a smile. He even walked to the elevator and swiped the card for that as well.

After he went up, Shi Lei knocked on the door. He assumed that Song Miaomiao was there. Otherwise, that crazy women wouldn’t just not contact him. She obviously wanted to stay there and be shameless, since it was impossible for Shi Lei to not return home.

The door opened. Song Miaomiao was wearing Shi Lei’s white shirt, which was too large for her, with her two long pale legs exposed. If it wasn’t for her disturbing and overly short hair, the scene before him would look quite enticing.

Shi Lei saw Song Miaomiao’s short hair first before he saw her long legs and the faintly visible breasts under the white shirt.

“I really thought that you planned to give up this house!” Song Miaomiao turned around after speaking. She was so casual that it looked like she was in her own house.

Shi Lei frowned as he walked in and changed his shoes. “Can you wear more? I’m a man, alright?”

“Well, I can do it for you anytime, if you want. Do you want little water to serve you? I’m good at playing instruments and singing!”

Shi Lei was speechless. Song Miaomiao climbed onto the bed again and held an iPad in her hands. She tapped on it and an intolerable voice saying “oppa, saranghae(2)” appeared. Shi Lei hadn’t expected the fierce Song Miaomiao who occasionally showed her feminine side in front of him to watch cheesy Korean dramas.

He looked around the house and even in the toilet. “Where’s Wei Xingyue?”

Song Miaomiao sighed. She put the iPad down and replied gloomily, “You are making me sad. You just came home and yet you’re asking where another woman is.”

Shi Lei picked up a cushion from the couch and threw it at her. “Can you talk properly?!”

Song Miaomiao giggled. “Do you think she dares to stay when I said I was going to sleep here?”

“I saw both of your cars driving down into the garage last night. I was just about to enter the hotel when I saw it.”

“Ah, well, I feel bad for saying this. Although I promised to give myself to you, I didn’t anticipate that I wouldn’t know where your house was, so I couldn’t find the door even with the keys. She ran away after walking me up as if she was scared that I still had some intentions toward her. She didn’t know that I’m dedicated only to Young Master Shi Lei right now and other people are skeletons in my eyes.”

Shi Lei was completely speechless. Seeing that the house was still neat, Song Miaomiao was much better than Wei Xingyue. Whenever Wei Xingyue came to his house, not once had she kept the house in its initial state. It would instead look like Japanese military troops had invaded it.

Seeing that Shi Lei didn’t talk, Song Miaomiao continued. “Oh, right. Wei Xingyue just called me asking if you’re back or not. She said she’ll be here soon and treat us to dinner.”

“Go eat yourselves. I’m eating instant noodles at home.” Shi Lei’s head started hurting when he recalled last night and he didn’t dare eat with these two women anymore.

“Don’t worry, I had a talk with Wei Xingyue last night and we came to a mutual agreement. We won’t fight like that anymore. Oh, and your phone is suspended.”

Shi Lei froze. What? His phone was suspended? No wonder he didn’t receive any calls. But wait, how did he have data for WeChat if his number was suspended?

Chapter Notes:
  1. 211 project: The 211 Project is a strategic, cross-century project formulated by the Chinese government for the implementation of the strategy of invigorating the country through science, technology, and education (from Wiki).

  2. “Oppa, saranghae”: Means “older brother, I love you” in Korean, but “oppa” is a cute way for girls to address boys

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