The Black Card

Chapter 332

Chapter 322 - Shi Lei Is Unhappy Again


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Shi Lei was always polite to others and put himself in a lower position. After interacting with him, people would think that he was a very approachable person.

But Shi Lei was suddenly so serious, making Jiang Yuan alarmed. When they were in Runzhou, he had seen Shi Lei’s attitude toward Song Miaomiao, and it was shocking. But after interacting with him, he was used to seeing Shi Lei’s modest manner and forgot about it.

As to him secreting investigating the situation with Shi Lei’s funds, Jiang Yuan knew that the other considered it a taboo.

He quickly said, “Shi Lei, I was just curious. I’m not intentionally prying into you. I know without you telling me that you have a lot of secrets. I was wrong. I won’t do it again, so don’t take it to heart.”

Shi Lei continued to eat with his head lowered in silence. Jiang Yuan knew that he was alarmed.

He recalled the time before he left Runzhou. He had gone to Hu Xiaohua’s place and Hu Jianjun, Hu Xiaohua’s father, seemed to casually ask, “You two will contact Shi Lei in Wudong, right?” Hu Xiaohua and Jiang Yuan had planned to contact Shi Lei anyway, so they didn’t pay attention to it. But now that he thought about it, although Hu Jianjun’s words were in the form of a question, it was more like a request, or even an order.

At that time, Hu Jianjun had said, “Interacting with Shi Lei will only benefit you, but do more and ask less.”

Hu Xiaohua and Jiang Yuan didn’t understand, but they didn’t think about it too much since they were in a hurry. After they reached Wudong, they smoothly contacted Shi Lei, who even asked Jiang Yuan for help, so he completely threw Hu Jianjun’s words to the back of his mind.

When Shi Lei became alarmed, Jiang Yuan finally realized that based on Shi Lei’s relationships with Song Miaomiao and Wei Qing alone, his status would be much higher than Hu Xiaohua’s and his own, even if Shi Lei himself had nothing. What he did last night may result in an unfixable gap between them.

Jiang Yuan suddenly thought that if even someone like Hu Jianjun, who started with nothing and fought in the business world, valued Shi Lei, then perhaps he and Hu Xiaohua really did make some mistakes.

He recalled their first meeting. Hu Jianjun told his son to take the blame for Shi Lei. Although everyone knew that Hu Xiaohua wouldn’t have to bear any consequences, it was extraordinary that one of the wealthiest people in Runzhou had told his son to take the blame.

Jiang Yuan didn’t know whether Shi Lei and Hu Jianjun had met before, but he was sure that it definitely wasn’t Shi Lei himself who had asked Hu Jianjun for help, but Shi Lei’s background. That background was so strong that even Hu Jianjun could only listen to its orders.

But naturally, Jiang Yuan would never know that the reason Hu Jianjun helped Shi Lei like that was entirely due to the Eye of the Dark Night. And the reason he told Hu Xiaohua and Jiang Yuan to keep in contact with Shi Lei, saying that he would only benefit them in the future was also because he was aware of the Eye of the Dark Night’s power.

There were no more than 100,000 people who could contact the Eye of the Dark Night and all of them had received its help. Since they were helped, they had to return the favor, and the way to do so was to use their whole lives to satisfy all of its requests. Even if the request would make them lose all they had, they had to fulfill it. Otherwise, they wouldn’t only lose their assets, but also their lives.

Hu Jianjun didn’t doubt that the Eye of the Dark Night had innumerable ways to make him disappear, but at the same time, this person was a great chance for him to receive help from the Eye of the Dark Night.

Of course, ever since the beginning of this mysterious organization, no one had really disappeared. The organization would even pay them back correspondingly when they need help from people like Hu Jianjun.

In fact, every single person who had contact with the Eye of the Dark Night had something like a contract between them. This contract controlled everything the person could possibly have in this world.

And Hu Jianjun was clear that no one would ever expose any information about the existence of the Eye of the Dark Night. Even if it was between him and Shi Lei, it was clear that they were both clients of the Eye of the Dark Night, but they didn’t dare mention anything about it.

The most important point was that the contract between the Eye of the Dark Night and people like Hu Jianjun was limited only to them. When they eventually passed away, it wouldn’t impact their next generation no matter how much wealth and assets they had left. But if Hu Xiaohua and Shi Lei could maintain a good relationship, then when Hu Jianjun left the world, Hu Xiaohua could still indirectly receive the Eye of the Dark Night’s help without having to abide by any contracts as the price.

Since he was picked by the Eye of the Dark Night, Shi Lei’s future would at least be around Hu Jianjun’s level. From what Hu Xiaohua had told Hu Jianjun, Shi Lei had already started getting in contact with more wealthy people and officials who were of higher social statuses. This starting point was much higher than Hu Jianjun’s, and Shi Lei’s final destination would also be higher. Naturally, the more Hu Xiaohua interacted with Shi Lei, the more benefits he would gain.

Hu Jianjun seemed unconcerned, but he had put a lot of thought into it.

There was no chance for Hu Jianjun to know that Shi Lei knew almost nothing about the Eye of the Dark Night, or perhaps that Shi Lei was the only person who knew about it but didn’t have to abide by its rules.

Of course, if he knew about this, he would only hope that his son would interact with Shi Lei.

Jiang Yuan regretted what he did so much. He knew that he had to do something to compensate for it.

At that moment, Jiang Yuan was afraid that any other words would be extra. He remembered every single word Hu Jianjun had said, including the last ones, “do more and ask less.” He didn’t understand back then, but now he knew he was walking on thin ice.

Because this clearly showed that Hu Jianjun was very afraid of Shi Lei’s background.

Jiang Yuan could only finish the meal in silence. Compared to when he was studying at Wudong University, his favorite congee and Chinese broccoli tasted like nothing now. His brain spun quickly, trying to come up with a way to get rid of Shi Lei’s displeasure.

“When are you going back to Runzhou?” Shi Lei finished eating and put his chopsticks down.

“Tomorrow,” Jiang Yuan replied. “We finished everything and Xiaohua already reported back to his father. We just spent the last two days playing here. If there’s nothing that we have to follow up with personally, then we should be heading back tomorrow.”

Shi Lei nodded. “Then I’ll see you guys in Runzhou. I won’t be able to see you off tonight because that dude Song Miaomiao is probably still at my house, refusing to leave.”

Jiang Yuan was shocked again. If they were just eating and drinking together, then they may just be normal friends no matter how casual they were. But if one of them ran to the other person’s house and refused to leave, that would be a bit…Jiang Yuan felt like his guess that Song Miaomiao liked Shi Lei was more accurate. He was also sure that no matter how unreasonable Song Miaomiao’s actions were, it was impossible for a wealthy person like her to act so freely with ordinary people.

Now that even Jiang Yuan could see that Song Miaomiao and Shi Lei’s relationship was unusual, it was impossible for the Song family not to know. But knowing without doing anything was the best proof of giving consent.

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