The Black Card

Chapter 330

Chapter 330 - I Don’t Even Want the House


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This was probably the most depressing dinner Shi Lei had ever eaten in his whole life.

The two women were fighting with each other verbally, word after word without any pause.

Shi Lei had wanted to find a chance to leave a few times, but even when he said he wanted to go to the bathroom, the two women would look at Yao Er in unison. Yao Er had no choice but to go with Shi Lei. “Bro, you can’t leave,” he said as they went. “If you leave, then I’m dead.”

Shi Lei could do nothing but finish this depressing dinner.

At half-past two in the morning, the meal finally ended. Yao Er sent the three of them out of Yu like they were ghosts. Without waiting for them to bid farewell, he quickly closed the door as if he had just seen a specter.

“Look how annoying you are. He just sent you out like you’re a ghost and immediately closed the door,” Song Miaomiao said, starting the battle.

Wei Xingyue laughed coldly in disdain. “He’s always passionate whenever I come. But you? You live so far and barely come here, yet he didn’t even want to serve you.”

“I said I was coming and Yao Er waited for me. What about you? You can’t see him other than when he gives you wine. He doesn’t even want to see you.”

“But I don’t see him opening a shop in Xixi.”

Shi Lei was speechless. He put his hands behind his back and walked forward, shaking his head. He finally understood that two crazy women were scarier than one. He regretted it so much. Although he hadn’t wanted to see Song Miaomiao, he was the one who brought Wei Xingyue over, causing them to fight the whole time. They made eating at a Japanese restaurant seem like eating at a construction site.

Seeing that Shi Lei was about to leave, the two women collaborated again. They called out Shi Lei’s name and chased after him together.

With one on each side, they grabbed both of his arms.

Shi Lei was helpless. “If you two still want to fight, then find a suitable place. Of course, you can fight here. There shouldn’t be any residents around and you won’t annoy others. If you guys don’t, then you, Wei Xingyue, go home. And you, Song Miaomiao, either drive back to Xixi or find a hotel and settle down. I have an exam tomorrow and it’s late. I need to go home and sleep.”

The two women didn’t want to let go, pulling Shi Lei as if they were fighting for one husband.

Shi Lei yawned. “Please, I’m begging you. I actually have a test tomorrow. It’s the last two courses for my four years of university. I can have my bachelor’s degree after this. Please raise your noble hands and let me go like a fart.”

“No! I don’t have a place to stay tonight! I’m going to your place!” Song Miaomiao said in a very reasonable tone.

Wei Xingyue didn’t fall behind. “Your place isn’t that much different from mine. I stay at yours two days every week anyway. Old rules. You sleep on the couch and I take the bed.”

“You really don’t see yourselves as outsiders, huh?” Shi Lei raged. “That’s my fucking house!” He pondered for and while and was annoyed with them, breaking free of their grasps and waving the keys in his hands. “The key is here. Whoever wants to go can go. But if one of you follows me, then don’t blame me for getting angry!”

Perhaps because his words sounded serious, they didn’t dare stop him and watched as he threw the keys onto the ground and left in a taxi.

After Shi Lei left, both women bent down to grab the keys, but Song Miaomiao got it first.

Wei Xingyue saw and snorted coldly. She took out her car key and unlocked it. “Never mind. I’m not going to bother fighting with you!”

Wei Xingyue thought that the drama would end there, but she didn’t expect Song Miaomiao to grab her. “You can’t leave!”

“Song Miaomiao, I went easy on you because I didn’t want both our families to lose reputation. Do you really think I’m scared of you?” Wei Xingyue clenched her teeth, thinking that Song Miaomiao wanted to bring up their old grudge.

Song Miaomiao rolled her eyes. “Don’t worry, missy. I was never interested in women. I just had to fake it for my father. The only person I want to sleep with now is Shi Lei. Don’t think so highly of yourself.”

“Then why won’t you let me go?”

“I don’t know where that brat’s house is, so take me there.”

Wei Xingyue was amused by Song Miaomiao’s reasonable tone. “Hey, do I owe you something?”

“I don’t care. You are the one who made Shi Lei leave, so you must take me there. I’ll wait for him at his place.”

Wei Xingyue was speechless. She didn’t have enough energy to continue bantering with Song Miaomiao, so she put on a cold face. “Follow me. I’ll show you the way.”

Song Miaomiao doubted that Wei Xingyue would lie to her and got into her own car without another word. She followed Wei Xingyue closely and the two of them headed toward Shi Lei’s apartment.

Poor Shi Lei sat in the taxi and didn’t react until the driver had asked him three times where he was going.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Wudong University please.”

It was late at night and there were barely any cars on the road. It only took them about ten minutes before they arrived at the front gate of Wudong University.

Shi Lei told the driver to drive forward a little, stopping at the five-star hotel just opposite to his apartment. But Shi Lei couldn’t understand why he had fallen to having to stay at a hotel in Wudong.

When he exited the taxi after paying, he saw Song Miaomiao and Wei Xingyue drive over. Luckily, they didn’t see him. He watched them drive down to the underground parking lot.

Shi Lei scratched his head and thought: Perhaps this couple’s feelings have ascended after the fighting and they eventually realized that they are each other’s true love, so this dog couple… Oh, wait. Dog woman and woman couple wanted to do inappropriate things under the moonlight? But even if you are going to, why can’t you find a hotel? Why are you going to my place? 

Of course, Shi Lei knew that he was just thinking random things. Reality wouldn’t be like that.

After Shi Lei got a room and settled down, he was really tired. He had been running around so much and had drunk so much that he quickly fell asleep.

It was already half-past eight when he woke up in the morning. He quickly washed up and wanted to go home to get some exam supplies, but after a moment of hesitation, he headed straight to the university.

The last two courses weren’t professional courses and he could deal with it with a pen. After Shi Lei met Zhang Mo and the others, he borrowed a pen from them and walked into the exam room.

An hour later, he walked out, since he had already reviewed the study areas marked by the teachers.

The first thing he did was take out his phone and open the stock exchange app.

As expected, the odd stock really did stop at the exact same price as yesterday.

Shi Lei tapped on “sell.”

The offer was immediately taken after it was put out. At a time like this, there were way more people buying than selling.

Within two days’ time, he had only used the Investment Card once and gained more than twenty percent in profit.

The security processing fees were slightly more expensive, but Shi Lei could ignore the service fees for stock exchange. In the end, his profit had reached around twenty percent.

Seeing that his 140,000 yuan had become 170,000 yuan, Shi Lei felt extremely satisfied.

His phone rang. It was Jiang Yuan, who had said that he would definitely be busy today and wouldn’t disturb Shi Lei.

“Didn’t you say you would be busy today? Where are those two girls?” Shi Lei asked after picking up the call.

Jiang Yuan laughed. “They are one-time use only, of course. I just bought a Chanel for each of them and they left. Are you free? Do you want to meet up?”

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