The Black Card

Chapter 329

Chapter 329 - Two Women, One Stage

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Editor: Llikia

Shi Lei’s phone rang. “Must be Wei Xingyue,” he said as he took it out.

“Huh? Miss Wei’s coming too? But isn’t she…” Yao Er glanced at Song Miaomiao. It seemed like he also knew some things about Wei Xingyue and Song Miaomiao, but he hadn’t been updated on what recently happened.

“I changed my target. I now like men. Oh, like this dude in front of you who never gives me any face.”

When Yao Er heard that, his expression changed drastically. Although Song Miaomiao’s words were simple, there was plenty of information in them.

Wei Xingyue and Song Miaomiao weren’t easy people to deal with and it wasn’t a secret. The odd interactions between them were also something people didn’t dare to mention.

But now Wei Xingyue was coming even though she knew that Song Miaomiao was here. That meant their problem had been solved. Song Miaomiao said that she liked men now, more specifically, Shi Lei. Although it seemed like a joke, at least it told Yao Er that their problem had definitely been solved because of him.

Yao Er wasn’t a fuerdai himself. At least, he couldn’t compare to Song Miaomiao or Wei Xingyue. His family background was fine and it was better than that of ordinary people. He had served these fuerdais for so many years and had learned to observe others.

When he entered, although he seemed polite, he was actually clearly and thoroughly studying Shi Lei.

He was definitely curious. It was rare to see people who dared to talk to Song Miaomiao in such a way. Perhaps he was the only one. But whether it was Shi Lei’s words or his aura, Yao Er felt like he wasn’t someone who could stand in Song Miaomiao’s circle, despite him wearing all brand clothes.

But after Song Miaomiao’s words, Yao Er felt like he had to reexamine Shi Lei. Perhaps he was the child of military officials? Or a wild and free crane like Yu Banzhi?

No matter what Shi Lei’s identity was, it was more than enough for Yao Er to pay more attention.

If Yao Er had a level for every customer he had, then Shi Lei had been the middle at the beginning, but now he almost became one of the top customers.

Shi Lei picked up the call. “Why is the door locked?” Wei Xingyue growled on the other end of the line. “No one’s here. Hurry up and come open the door. I’m about to freeze to death!”

“The door’s locked?” Shi Lei’s asked, covering the microphone.

Yao Er smacked his own head and quickly stood. “My negligence. I didn’t think anyone else would come, so I told the waiters and chefs to leave. They are used to closing the front door and leaving through the back. I’ll go open it now…”

He quickly rushed outside to open the door for Wei Xingyue. “Alright, coming soon,” Shi Lei replied into the phone.

When Wei Xingyue came in, she surprisingly found that it was Yao Er who opened the door. “Hey, what are you doing here? Looks like Song Miaomiao has more face and the owner has to serve her personally.”

Yao Er’s face dropped and he quickly explained, “Sister Xingyue, please don’t tease me. I just happened to be sending some wine over and was here when Shui Ye called. I thought that she’s a hard person to serve and didn’t want my waitresses to be teased again. She was still in Xixi when she called and it takes at least two hours to come over, so I stayed behind because the others’ work was finished.”

“Alright alright, no need to explain to me. I’m almost out of wine as well. Remember to give me two boxes next time.” Wei Xingyue waved her hand impatiently and yelled, “Shi Lei, where are you? Why aren’t you here to welcome me?”

Yao Er followed behind Wei Xingyue and found out another detail from her words. Wei Xingyue and Shi Lei were extremely close too. This kind of closeness definitely exceeded that of normal friends. Someone like Wei Xingyue definitely wouldn’t be so casual with a friend. Her image was important to her and she won’t yell like this if it wasn’t for a very good friend.

He really was extraordinary.

Shi Lei didn’t know that he had unintentionally pretended to be cool and significant.

“Hey, can’t you hear me from here?” Wei Xingyue pulled the door open and entered after kicking off her shoes.

“It’s not like you don’t have legs,” Shi Lei said without looking up. “Yao Er opened the door for you. Can’t you find the way with him?”

Song Miaomiao looked up at Wei Xingyue and half smiled. It was just her habit of revealing her excitement at attempting new things.

“I remember someone saying that she has to avoid me no matter where I am.” Wei Xingyue sat down next to Shi Lei without hesitation. There were no utensils for her on the table, and she didn’t mind grabbing the chopsticks from Shi Lei to pick up a piece of scallop.

“I’m not interested in you anymore, so there’s no need to fulfill that promise,” Song Miaomiao challenged.

“Is that so? I heard recently that only men can satisfy you now!”

“You talk as if you know what men taste like. Do you want your sister to teach you—”

“Hey, I only allowed you to be near me because you don’t have any intentions toward me anymore.”

“Wei Xingyue, we can appoint another time if you want to fight. Shi Lei’s here today and I won’t make a big fuss. If Shi Lei didn’t call you over, do you really think I would want to eat at the same table as you?”

Wei Xingyue set the chopsticks heavily onto the table. “Water deliverer, do you really think I’m scared of you?”

“Well, you hid from me for at least two years. I don’t know if that’s being scared or not—”

Shi Lei smacked the table. “Are you two done?” he raged. “What happened to being sworn sisters? Should I go out right now to buy some yellow papers and a chicken and make you two drink the blood to be comrades?”

Yao Er was both surprised and amazed. Since when was there a monster who dared to talk to the two most difficult woman in Jiangnan like this?

He thought that the two women would talk back, but he didn’t expect both of them to stop at the same time.

The two exchanged a glance at each other and said in unison, “Never mind. I won’t fight with you for Shi Lei’s sake.”

Yao Er: …

It’s ending like this?

One of them ate salmon and the other chewed on her scallop without fighting.

“What are you staring at? Don’t you see that there are not enough utensils?” Wei Xingyue glanced at him, letting her anger out.

Fine! My fault. Yao Er left the room without a choice and pondered. Who did he annoy? At the same time, he was even more curious about Shi Lei. Who was he? He was amazing! If this was exposed, wouldn’t Jiangnan have an earthquake?

After Yao Er brought more bowls and chopsticks, Song Miaomiao spoke again. “It’s not enough. Get some more. Wei Xingyue, aren’t you eating too much? I haven’t had a single scallop yet.”

“I didn’t tell you not to. Don’t you know how to get it yourself—”

“Are you done? If not, you two can fight here and I’ll leave,” Shi Lei raged again.

The two women exchanged a glance and fell silent again.

Yao Er closed the wooden door carefully as he shook his head and walked toward the kitchen in confusion.

Shi Lei must be an immortal. He could make these two women eat at the same table and even yell at them. Yao Er felt like he had to treat Shi Lei as his idol.

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