The Black Card

Chapter 326

Chapter 326 - Love for Shi Lei

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The topic on the dinner table from the beginning to the end was about how Shi Lei handled the tigers and lions so easily.

Shi Lei was speechless and he didn’t dare to speak too much. The more he spoke, he more mistakes he might make. No one other than him could know the existence of the Black Card, or he would be killed. Hence, Shi Lei could only laugh like an idiot for the whole night when they talked about things associated with the Black Card.

Hu Xiaohua was completely drunk as he talked, while Shi Lei wasn’t completely smashed under Sun Yiyi’s caretaking.

Shi Lei stumbled, but didn’t collapse on the way out. Sun Yiyi supported him to the front of the building and called for a taxi.

Jiang Yuan was the most sober person out of three men. He was a very big and heavy man; neither Shi Lei nor Hu Xiaohua, or even the two of them together, could outweigh him.

They helped Hu Xiaohua’s girl send Hu Xiaohua back to his room, while Shi Lei and Sun Yiyi chatted with Jiang Yuan for a while in his room. Seeing that his two girls seemed anxious and fidgety, Shi Lei knew that it was going to be a busy night for Jiang Yuan.

Hence, he stood up and took his leave. Jiang Yuan had already returned the car key to him and asked the hotel to book a replacement driver for them.


After Shi Lei left, the atmosphere in the room became even cramped. The two girls didn’t mind making something happen between them, as they knew that people like Jiang Yuan wouldn’t treat them badly, whether it was a one night stand or a long term relationship. However, they had never experienced both being asked to stay. After all, they were just more open than other girls, not professionals.

Jiang Yuan looked at the nervous girls in amusement. After he entertained himself for a bit, he smiled, “You two decide who’s staying and who’s leaving. Of course, I hope that both of you can stay. It depends on your opinions. If you want to leave, I’ll drive you. If not, shower in the bathroom.”

The two girls exchanged glances with each other and bit their lips as neither of them wanted to leave.

Finally, they seemed to understand what each other meant, but couldn’t open their mouths because they were too shy.

Jiang Yuan had enough fun and walked over. He held one in his arm each and spoke gently, “Alright, go shower. Call me when the bath is ready.” He patted their butts lightly and the two girls lowered their heads. Their footsteps were hesitant, but they eventually walked into the bathroom together.

When they were waiting for the bathtub to be filled, the girls looked at each other resentfully as they thought, Why did you have to fight with me over this? At the same time, they were envious of the girl in Hu Xiaohua’s room, as Hu Xiaohua was so drunk she didn’t even need to do anything.

But it had happened, and the two of them composed themselves as they decided to throw away all the thoughts in their heads.

Jiang Yuan stood in front of the window and lit a cigarette. It certain felt different to look at city from eighty floors up than from down at the street.

A pale blue fog escaped his lips and Jiang Yuan took out his phone to make a call.

“Hello, Manager Wang. Sorry to bother you this late, you aren’t in bed yet, are you?” Jiang Yuan asked after the call connected.

Wang Kaiming was on the other side of the phone and he quickly replied, “Young Master Jiang. I’m not in bed yet, I just came home from a business dinner. Do you need me for something?”

“Hmm, well, you should be able to look up the detailed deals of your company’s clients on your computer at home, right?” 

Wang Kaiming froze and immediately lowered his voice, “Young Master Jiang, this is a bit…”

“Against the rules? I know. I just want to see if Shi Lei made any deals in the past two days or so. Oh right, have you finished the business for Shi Lei’s permission for margin trading?”

“Of course I did. But Young Master Shi is your friend, you can…”

“It involves his privacy and it’s inconvenient for me to ask straightforwardly. He only has that much money in his account. He’s my friend, help me and I’ll remember it.”

Wang Kaiming could only agreed since it wasn’t something big.

It only took Wang Kaiming a few minutes turn on the laptop and check Shi Lei’s profile. Shi Lei actually made two deals in the past two days. Although the amount wasn’t big, but they were both for liquidation. The first deal was complete with a 10% profit. The second deal was of the same stock, Shi Lei bought it after finishing the margin trading.

Wang Kaiming was surprised by Shi Lei’s two deals, but he reported the situation to Jiang Yuan.

“What’s the code for the stock?” Jiang Yuan frowned. Perhaps Shi Lei was certain that this stock will rise tomorrow? But this stock just stopped after a fall, even if it was elastic, it should be very limited.

Wang Kaiming told Jiang Yuan the stock’s code and Jiang Yuan hung up after thanking him.

Jiang Yuan opened the stock exchange on his phone and without a doubt, it was still inside its daily fluctuation limit. Jiang Yuan searched the K graph of it and found that the fluctuations of it were extremely strange.

“Behind the scenes information?”

Jiang Yuan could only try to guess, as even experienced investors wouldn’t try to touch this kind of odd stock. Unless the owner was trying to adjust it, or perhaps the company behind the stock was adjusting amongst themselves.

An intimidated voice sounded next to Jiang Yuan’s ears, “Young Master Jiang, the bath is ready, are you…?”

Jiang Yuan turned around and it was one of the girls. She had already taken off her clothes, with only a towel wrapped around her body.

Jiang Yuan placed the phone down and revealed an excited smile. He dragged the girl over and pulled off the towel, revealing her young and perfect body.

He carried the girl horizontally and kissed her on the cheeks while taking big steps towards the bathroom.

The bathroom was filled with steam and the other girl was already laying in the bathtub.

The tub was enough for three people not to feel squashed. Jiang Yuan put the girl in his arms into the waters and he quickly took off his clothes to join her…

(Omitting more than 50,000 words here...)


After Shi Lei and Sun Yiyi left Hu Xiaohua and Jiang Yuan’s hotel, they told the driver his apartment’s address and the driver sent them back safely to the car park.

After Shi Lei paid the driver, he went upstairs with Sun Yiyi’s hands in his. Shi Lei was very surprised by Sun Yiyi’s actions today, and there were many things he wanted to say to her.

Shi Lei knew that Sun Yiyi was an extremely shy and easily intimidated girl. But today, she first went on a rampage and slapped the idiot woman, then followed Shi Lei when Hu Xiaohua and Jiang Yuan didn’t even dare to. Even if she was shivering in terror, she refused to let go of Shi Lei’s hand.

There was a giant living in the little girl’s heart, and the giant was called her love for Shi Lei.

Only love could make someone so brave.

After they entered the room, Shi Lei looked at the extremely familiar, but suddenly strange Sun Yiyi, feeling like he must protect her.

He pulled Sun Yiyi into his arms and kissed her heavily on her lips.

When their lips touched, Sun Yiyi shuddered and wanted to avoid it subconsciously. But quickly she understand that it was Shi Lei, her Brother Shitou. Isn’t what was happening what she had always dreamt of?

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