The Black Card

Chapter 324

Chapter 324 - The Right Way to Use the Animal Language Card

Translator: Lav

Editor: Red

Everyone observed this, including Chief Zhao. Shi Lei really seemed like he could talk to the tigers! Although the fierce tigers constantly roared at Shi Lei, they showed no desire to attack Shi Lei, but acted like they were communicating.

Especially Shi Lei’s last few words. Many people heard the strange syllables, but what was it that made the tiger attacking Chief Zhao stop?

So there were really people who understood animal languages? And he could talk to the tiger?

No one could understand it.

Seeing that Chief Zhao finally stopped, Shi Lei howled again, “Hurry up and go back, I can solve this soon!”

No matter how unbelievable it was, the tigers actually stopped after hearing those strange sounding syllables.

Although the tigers still looked defensive, but they did not display any intention of attacking Shi Lei, either. Even as they leapt past Shi Lei, they never planned to hurt him.

The reality before their eyes convinced the people who didn’t believe that Shi Lei could communicate with tigers.

Chief Zhao was confused, but he believed that Shi Lei wasn’t in danger for the time being. Of course, he wouldn’t test the waters himself, and he stopped and backed off. After he retreated about ten meters, the tigers eventually shifted their fierce gazes away from him.

Shi Lei held Sun Yiyi’s cold hands, as she was clearly shaking in fear, “Yiyi, wait for me here. Don’t worry, the tigers won’t attack you. I’ll go find the lion cub.”

Sun Yiyi opened her mouth as if she wanted to insist on going with Shi Lei, but eventually nodded as Shi Lei’s attitude was also firm, “Ok, I’ll wait for you.”

Shi Lei quickly sprinted towards the trees and bushes while taking out his phone and tapped open the Animal Language Card.

After it opened, Shi Lei spoke in a low voice, “African lions.” The picture of the lion which popped up previously displayed on his phone again.

He clicked it without hesitation and an alert popped up. It asked: Are you sure you want to use the language of African lions?

Shi Lei clicked the confirm button and immediately spoke a few words using the new language.

After calling out repeatedly, Shi Lei received a reply. He clearly heard a little cub’s voice inside his head. He could also tell that the cub was confused and it was asking who he was.

Shi Lei spoke again and told it that he came to help to take it back to its parents.

The lion cub was confused and scared, as it was frightened by those three tigers.

Shi Lei convinced it nicely and perhaps the cub thought that it could trust Shi Lei because he could speak their language, hence it climbed out from a pit nearby and waddled up to him. It was the size of a medium-large dog.

Shi Lei couldn’t help but laugh, the lion cub seemed quite gloomy.

He walked towards the cub and spoke in its language.

The cub was still defensive and didn’t dare to let Shi Lei come close. It snarled threateningly.

Shi Lei laughed and threatened it back, saying that if he didn’t take it away now, the three tigers might come any time and tear it into pieces.

The cub began to shiver. A king of the plains also had its weak side, especially after he had seen how fierce the tigers were, and Shi Lei’s threat hit it where it hurt the most.

Shi Lei persuaded it again while laughing. He said that he will send it back to its parents, and its parents were panicking right now. They couldn’t come over and were unable to help it, so Shi Lei could only carry him back.

Under Shi Lei’s persuasion and threats, the cub finally agreed. It whimpered and stopped retreating.

Shi Lei immediately dashed over and lifted the cub up in his arms.

Although the cub was young, but it was at least 70 or 80 kg and Shi Lei struggled carrying it.

As soon as the cub was in Shi Leis arms, it became docile immediately. It whimpered continuously, saying that it would be nice, and asked Shi Lei to take it away. At the same time, it urged Shi Lei to leave quickly because it was scared.

Shi Lei hugged the cub tightly as he laughed. Shi Lei struggled, but used all his strength and tried to run as fast as possible.

Seeing that Shi Lei had the gloomy looking cub in his arms, the tigers all roared as if they were displaying their dominance in their domain.

The cub hid its head in Shi Lei’s arms and shivered even more, whimpering in despair. It had no intentions of fighting back, as it just wanted to leave this place.

Shi Lei sprinted up and called out to Sun Yiyi, who was waiting next to the trees, “Yiyi, follow me!”

Sun Yiyi clenched her teeth and ran after Shi Lei. Luckily Shi Lei couldn’t run very fast because of the heavy cub, and she could keep the pace.

Shi Lei suddenly realized something as he ran. When he was talking to Shi Lei, the tigers were roaring, and he noticed that he could still understand what the tigers meant.

Perhaps the Animal Language Card could use multiple chances at the same time? As long as the time wasn’t over, he could use both chances at the same time. The second available use of the card enabled Shi Lei to be able to communicate with the lions, but he didn’t lose his ability to communicate with the tigers because of it.

Shi Lei cursed at himself silently. He was an idiot; how could he not have considered that when he could speak one language, it wouldn’t stop him from speaking another. If he wanted to use two different languages at the same time, he had to use the card twice!

He was angry at himself for not realizing this point, but he was also delighted at discovering it. If he really lost the ability to communicate with the tigers, it would have been hard for him to confirm his safety even if they had talked everything out previously.

But since he could, Shi Lei completely relaxed.

Shi Lei quickly spoke to the tigers again, and the tigers replied with growls. Shi Lei understand the tigers were telling him and the cub to get out.

Although Shi Lei felt like he lost his face after getting told off by tigers, he nevertheless picked up the pace as quickly as possible. Of course, he didn’t forget to continuously talk to the tigers to make sure that they wouldn’t attack him.

As Shi Lei sprinted past the three tigers with the cub, he stumbled, but the tigers only growled in response, still having no intentions to attack. 

Everyone who saw what had happened were mindblown by it. They naturally didn’t expect that humans could really talk to tigers or other beasts.

Quickly, Shi Lei ran far away from the tigers, but the lions who saw him carrying their cub seemed more irritated.

Shi Lei quickly spoke in their language and those furious lions immediately froze. Was this dude a human? How can he speak our language? And, he’s at least level eight, very professional!...

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