The Black Card

Chapter 323

Chapter 323 - I Can Really Talk To The Tiger

Translator: Lav

Editor: Red

As expected, he could only pick one. Shi Lei selected the tiger’s picture gloomily.

He then pressed confirm.

It felt the same as when he was possessed by the martial arts master. Shi Lei didn’t feel anything different, but he knew that he possessed the power to talk to to those three tigers.

He only had ten minutes. Shi Lei had to act soon, as he had no time to lose.

Chief Zhao was discussing the current situation with the park owner, but he suddenly saw that Shi Lei was almost at the tiger zone. He yelled in panic, “Mr. Shi, come back!”

At the same time, he looked at the police next to him and urged, “Hurry up and drag him back!”

 The two police were scared witless. Don’t drag us with you if you want to die! How dangerous is that for us?!

Hu Xiaohua finally noticed that Shi Lei had left them without a sound. He panicked, but suddenly remembered when Shi Lei dealt with those men.

When Shi Lei said that he could defeat the gang within ten minutes, Hu Xiaohua didn’t believe it, but Shi Lei did it.

Shi Lei also said that he had some knowledge in taming animals. Naturally no one believed him, but perhaps…

Shi Lei always brought surprises to them and unexpected times. Hu Xiaohua had experienced it once or twice before, and discovered Shi Lei’s unusual side.

Even if Shi Lei didn’t know how to tame beasts, but after he displayed his ability, especially the power to lift two men up at the same time and throw them away, perhaps these beasts wouldn’t be as difficult to handle for Shi Lei.

The thought of it flashed through Hu Xiaohua’s mind and he spoke to Chief Zhao, “If Shi Lei can’t tame them, then your police are only going to feed the tigers.”

Chief Zhao replied angrily, “But I can’t just watch him die like this! Mr. Shi! Hurry up and come back! If you don’t, I’ll have to shoot you with a tranquilizer!”

Hu Xiaohua quickly spoke, “Chief Zhao, don’t panic. I think you’ve watched the tapes of Shi Lei fighting those men and his ability to fight is beyond our imagination. And his strength… If there is really someone like Wu Song who could defeat a tiger with three punches, then I believe Shi Lei would be the one.”

Chief Zhao was shocked. He immediately recalled that he also said that Shi Lei was even stronger than the King of Soldiers when he was in the military. Perhaps Shi Lei dared to walk over because of this.

“But those are tigers, not humans!” Chief Zhao was still in disbelief.

At this moment, Shi Lei had already passed the cordon and completely walked into the tiger zone.

One of the three tigers discovered Shi Lei, stopping and turning towards him. It roared fiercely and slowly took the first step towards Shi Lei…

Chief Zhao couldn’t care anymore. He dashed to the side, seized a tranquilizer gun from the staff and aimed it at the tiger…

But Chief Zhao realized that it wouldn’t do anything. He suddenly shoved the tranquilizer back into the shocked person’s hands, then pulled out his own gun. He pulled the safety back heavily and walked quickly towards Shi Lei.

The park owner panicked and yelled out, “Chief Zhao, you can’t!”

“We can’t worry about that now! His life is the most important!” Chief Zhao sprinted as he lifted the gun. Because he was working as a low level policeman, he barely had a chance to use the gun. He didn’t dare to shoot due to the possibility of shooting Shi Lei instead of the tiger.

A slim person dashed past Chief Zhao. She was much faster than Chief Zhao and her attitude was much firmer.

Everyone looked at Sun Yiyi.

Chief Zhang became even more anxious as the handle of the gun grew slick with sweat, and he pointed the gun’s black muzzle at the tiger.

When everyone held their breath nervously, the tiger suddenly stopped and its gaze towards Shi Lei seemed hesitant.

Shi Lei was some distance away from others and no one could hear the strange syllables coming out of his mouth. These odd syllables were the reason why the tiger thought the human looking guy was actually rather strange. Even if tigers were solitary animals and wouldn’t even allow the same kind of animal to intrude in its territory, it could hear Shi Lei’s voice clearly.

Shi Lei was telling the tiger that he didn’t have any bad intentions, nor did the lion cub as it merely wanted the small piece of meat.

And Shi Lei said that it was a serious problem that the cub intruded, but if the tiger really harmed the cub, it will be welcomed by the attacks of all the lions there.

The tiger turned to look at the lions in the next area as he heard Shi Lei’s words. The male lion was attacking the fence with the lionesses, the fences were shaking furiously, and they could collapse any time now.

They were both in the cat family, and of course the tiger knew that the lions had a similar body size and were dangerously strong. If the lions charged at it, it would be hard to get out. Animals also knew to avoid danger and Shi Lei’s words made it even more hesitant.

Seeing that the tiger stopped, but Shi Lei was still walking slowly towards them and gesturing with his hands, it looked like as if the tigers had given up any plan to attack him.

The other two tigers finally appeared, walking forwards slowly and eventually standing together with their own kind.

Of course they could also understand what Shi Lei said. Eventually, the leading tiger growled low. In others’ ears, the tiger was merely displaying its dominance, but Shi Lei understood that the tiger was telling him not to play any tricks and take the cub away as soon as he found it. They definitely won’t allow any foreign creatures to appear in their domain.

Shi Lei another few sounds as he sped up.

Suddenly, a cool hand grabbed him, and Shi Lei jumped in horror. He turned around abruptly and saw Sun Yiyi’s terrified, pale yet determined face.

“I said that I’ll go with you.” Sun Yiyi’s voice was soft but extremely firm.

Chief Zhao was sprinting towards them, but the three tigers also broke into a run. They went past Shi Lei and headed towards Chief Zhao.

Shi Lei followed the direction of their attack and saw Chief Zhao, he quickly voiced another few syllables. The tiger’s magnificent body was starting a leap, but it withdrew its power and landed on the ground while roaring at Shi Lei again.

Shi Lei explained that Chief Zhao and Sun Yiyi were his friends. They were just worried for him and definitely wouldn’t be a threat to the tigers.

The tiger coughed a roar and Shi Lei knew that it was warning him that Chief Zhao must back off. It looked like even the tigers knew that Sun Yiyi and Shi Lei had a intimate relationship.

Hence, Shi Lei yelled towards Chief Zhao, “Chief Zhao, it’s fine, go back, I already calmed them down, they won’t attack me! But if you come over, they won’t treat you like how they treat me!”

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