The Black Card

Chapter 322

Chapter 322 - Pick One Between the Two

Translator: Lav

Editor: Red

Chief Zhao didn’t dare to hesitate and waved his big hands, “Quickly, I’ll get someone to go with me. Hurry up and contact the park to close the beast zone, no one should be in there. The fences are all loose and no matter whether it’s the lions or tigers, they will break the fence soon if they are angry. Tell them that even the staff needs to get out.”

“You guys should leave first. If we need further help with the investigation, the sub bureau will contact you. I need to go and deal with the park first.” Chief Zhao didn’t forget toremind Shi Lei and the others. Before he finished his sentence, he was already at the door.

Hu Xiaohua nodded, “Then we…”

He probably wanted to say that they will leave first, but Shi Lei stopped him, “Chief Zhao, I have some knowledge about taming animals, maybe I should go with you.”

Chief Zhao went blank for a second and laughed bitterly, “Mr. Shi, I know you have good intentions, but… even the professionals will have trouble with it…” It was obvious what he was trying to say.

Hu Xiaohua quickly added, “Exactly. Shi Lei, we won’t be able to help with this, let’s not make things harder for Chief Zhao.”

Shi Lei still smiled, “You guys don’t have any clue what to do right now. If I go with you, I might be able to help. Who knows?”

Chief Zhao thought that they won’t be put in danger as long as they stayed with him. “You can go if you are free. But you need to promise me that you can only sit in the car and we will arrange for you to leave if there is any danger!”

Shi Lei smiled and nodded. Hu Xiaohua and Jiang Yuan were confused, glancing at Shi Lei, not knowing what he was thinking.

The three girls Hu Xiaohua brought asked fearfully, “Do we have to go to?”

Hu Xiaohua thought that he was one who dragged Shi Lei here and there was no reason for him to leave Shi Lei here by himself. He said, “Yuan and I will go with Shi Lei, maybe you girls should stay here.”

The three girls immediately nodded and said yes, but Sun Yiyi replied in a small but firm voice, “I’ll go with Brother Shitou.”

Hu Xiaohua wanted to refuse, but Shi Lei put his hands around Sun Yiyi’s shoulders with a smile, “Let’s go together, then.”

The girls remained at the police station but Shi Lei, Sun Yiyi, Hu Xiaohua and Jiang Yuan followed Chief Zhao into the police car.


Chief Zhao seemed extremely serious in the car, and the gun which he didn’t usually bring was secured behind his waist. Chief Zhao touched the gun at his waist and felt slightly calmer.

Shi Lei was indeed slightly nervous too. Although the Animal Language Card could allow him to communicate with animals for a short period of time, but he wasn’t sure whether he could talk with two different animals within ten minutes.

If if he could only talk to one kind at the same time, then would he be able to use the second chance to talk to another animal at the end of the ten minutes?

Shi Lei considered it carefully. The most dangerous ones right now were the tigers, and as soon as the tigers found the cub, it would be a battle to clean out the foreign intruder. If something happened to the lion cub, the lions would go insane. When that time came, even if the fence was perfectly fine, but it would be destroyed easily by a pride of crazed lions. It would really be a great battle between the lions and tigers.

So, Shi Lei decided that if the Animal Language Card didn’t allow him to talk to different animals at the same time, then he would choose the tigers first and make the tigers ease down first, then make more time for the lion cub. As soon as he found the lion cub and returned it to the lion area, the problem would most likely be solved.

As for the leopards, they were just kicking up a fuss and they wouldn’t be crazy after he handled the lions and the tigers.

Shi Lei felt much more relaxed after he made his mind. He could as least solve this problem even if the Animal Language Card had a restriction on the rules.


After he returned to the familiar beast zone, the owner of the park and all the management staff were ready. The majority of them had tranquilizers in their hands and Chief Zhao was informed that they already shot the animals with tranquilizers. But as the police said before, it would take some time for the tranquilizers to work, and the pain of the shots made the tigers and lions even more irritated.

Hence, the owner of the park didn’t dare too order them to keep shooting. The tigers and lions which were shot became the most dangerous part of this.

“Chief Zhao, this…” The owner of the park tried to explain the situation, but his face was filled with worry, as he obviously wasn’t prepared for this kind of incident.

Chief Zhao nodded, “Old Li, I know the situation already. Is there really no way to calm down the animals? Luckily the three tigers haven’t found the lion cub yet. As soon as they find it, they will tear the cub into pieces and that would be our biggest problem. I’ve already notified the armed troops and hope that we can receive some help from them. I think that if something goes wrong, we have no choice but to shoot the tigers and the lions. I know that this will be the worst scenario, but we can’t let them harm anymore else.”

The park owner’s pupils contracted greatly after he was shocked by Chief Zhao’s words.

“It can’t be that severe, can it? These animals are protected at national level. Killing one of them is already a great deal, if you…”

“What else can we do? If we lose control of the situation, do we just let them go into the crowd? Who will be responsible if someone dies?”

The park owner was speechless.

Shi Lei nodded silently on the side. No matter what, Chief Zhao was very courageous. Even in a moment like this, he could make a decision like this knowing that he had great responsibility on his shoulders. Of course, his rank wasn’t high and his words might not be taken seriously when the armed troops really came. But at least this stated his attitude and demonstrated that he wasn’t someone who only considered his rank, but not the people.

Shi Lei took out the phone, tapped into the Animal Language Card’s app and clicked on the camera button next to the search bar.

The screen of the camera appeared. The bottom of the screen showed that he could take a photo or hold the button to film.

Shi Lei held down the button and faced his phone against the tigers which were jumping up and down, and roaring without hesitation.

In a situation like this, it was the best to video if possible. The camera would be able to capture both the tigers and the lions so he could check whether the card allowed him to learn both languages at the same time.

After he held down the button, a ten second countdown appeared on the phone’s screen. Clearly, he could only video for ten seconds at most.

Five seconds later, Shi Lei turned the camera to the lions. He saw that a few female lions were moving around under the lead of the male lion. The fence was shaking madly as if it would collapse any time now. The foundation was already loose.

After he finished filming, the search bar displayed the name of Siberian tigers and African lions. Shi Lei tapped on “select” without hesitation.

But just as Shi Lei expected, the screen informed him that he had to pick one of the two!

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