The Black Card

Chapter 321

Chapter 321 - Use the Animal Language Card

Translator: Lav

Editor: Levs

Eight men, one woman; except for the man who had broken ribs and a few stab wounds, everyone else was taken to the police station.

Because they used controlled weapons and someone was severely hurt, Chief Zhao didn’t dare to treat it as a simple civil case, but reported to the local bureau as a criminal case.

The police from the bureau were on their way here, and Chief Zhao briefly got to know the beginning and the ending of the case.

It was thanks to the driver of the bus and the grandma. Perhaps the other people weren’t willing to help because they were scared of trouble, but the driver had to be present to assist with the investigation, while the grandma came willingly.

With the assistance of the two people and the narration of Shi Lei and the others, what happened was very clear.

The men who weren’t injured so badly argued that they were the victims, but the police didn’t treat them nicely.

The cause of the case was clear and Chief Zhao talked to the woman who took advantage of her gender and didn’t directly participate in the fight with a dark face, “Just because you didn’t participate directly doesn’t mean that you aren’t involved. Just throwing the meat out of the car is enough for us to detain you. Intentionally harming an animal protected at national level, do you think you will be fine? Oh, and you urged others to fight, you can’t escape this case! If you dare to scream again, I don’t mind giving you another charge of disrespecting legal institutions.”

He was just trying to scare the woman and the first two were indeed correct, but the last one was difficult to uphold in court.

Nevertheless, the idiot woman was frightened and didn’t dare to make a fuss anymore.

As for the men, they insisted that they were the victims and tried to fluke it. However, the park quickly passed on the tapes from their security cameras. In this kind of wildlife park, there was a camera almost every ten steps. After watching multiple tapes from different angles, they could no longer speak.

They weren’t wrong; they were indeed injured and Shi Lei was even the one who started using violence first. But after Shi Lei was threatened, even if Shi Lei started fighting first, it turned into self-defense. As soon as the men took out their weapons, it was more than enough to be listed as a criminal case.

The men lowered their heads as they faced the tourist’s and driver’s verbal testimony, as well as video tapes from multiple cameras.

The people from the sub bureau came and were quickly informed about the case. They recorded Shi Lei and the others’ contact information and expressed that they might still need their cooperation in the future. After that, they took the seven men and one woman away to the sub bureau, where they wouldn’t be able to escape from detention.

Chief Zhao politely told Shi Lei and the others that the case was handled perfectly and continuously explained that they had rushed over as soon as possible without wasting a single minute. Things had happened too quickly and they didn’t have time to react.

Shi Lei didn’t care about it, and Hu Xiaohua and Jiang Yuan also thanked Chief Zhao for everything he had done.

“This sir’s skills… I’m a retired soldier and I’ve seen the skills of the ‘King of Soldiers’ in the special forces. But even if they are on special missions all the time and their hands are tainted with blood, I’m afraid that they wouldn’t even be able to take eight young and strong men at the same time. From what I saw in the security camera, you look like you practice martial arts?”

“I’ve learned some when I was small. Perhaps because I’m naturally strong I use pure force to fight. As soon as I take down one, the others will be frightened and that’s why I could defeat them all. Sorry to make you see this.”

They chatted for a while and soon were ready to leave the station. But the door to the office was pushed open suddenly and a police ran in with extremely anxious expressions.

Chief Zhao frowned and slapped the table, “Don’t you know how to knock? You are so careless usually and you don’t even know the rules when things happen!”

The police was sweating from panic, “Chief Zhao, something bad happened, something happened…”

Chief Zhao frowned even more and wondered what possibly could make him so panicked? “What’s wrong?”

“Something happened at the zoo…”

Chief Zhao wondered; what was happening today? The wildlife park was always peaceful and the most severe thing that ever happened was handling the occasional arguments of tourists. Now something like this happened and he, the Chief, had to handle it himself, why did the police report to him now? Was it another case that he had to deal with in person?

“Tell me clearly, what’s wrong?!”

“A lion cub ran outside and all the lions went crazy. They wouldn’t stop roaring, and it made the leopards and tigers roar too. The zoo is having trouble handling it because they can’t just tranquilize the animals. Even if they used tranquilizers, it would take a long time. The park stopped taking tourists to the beast zone and all the buses in the zone right now are leaving as quickly as possible.”

Chief Zhao stood up in an instant, his expression as grim as if he was about to swallow someone alive.

“How did that happen? How did the cub get outside?” Chief Zhao snapped. Without waiting for the officers to reply, he quickly gave orders again, “Notify everyone to follow me to the beast zone. Report to the higher ups, request armed police. Nevermind, I’ll call the chief myself.”

Chief Zhao stood up and rushed outside. He spoke to Shi Lei and the others, “The situation is severe, so I won’t chat with you guys now.”

Hu Xiaohua and the others exchanged a glance. How did a cub run outside?

Shi Lei narrowed his eyes, as he knew that it was time to use the Animal Language Card. When the woman threw the piece of meat out, Shi Lei was ready to use the card at any second. As soon as the beasts noticed the meat, perhaps it would put the bus in danger. But he didn’t expect that they were moved away from the beasts after the bus driver quickly left, so he didn’t have any chance to use the Animal Language Card.

On the contrary, he used the Martial Arts Card once.

Shi Lei didn’t have time to think about how the Black Card led him to the beast zone without a chance to use the Animal Language Card.

Now he understood that it wasn’t that he didn’t have a chance to use it, but it wasn’t the right time.

Without a doubt, it was his time to use the Animal Language Card.

Shi Lei stood up and asked Chief Zhao, “Chief Zhao, I think what you asked is very important. Why did the cub get out?”

Chief Zhao also looked at the police and the police swallowed hard, “It’s actually linked to your case. The meat that the woman threw out didn’t catch the attention of the world, but it caught the attention of a cub from another area. There’s a place in the fence that is loose between the lion and the tiger’s area that they hadn’t found. The cub was small and wanted to squeeze through the gap to eat the meat, and it did. According to the park, the cub caught the attention of the tigers after it picked up the meat. Luckily that the cub is smart and fast, so it hid in a corner of the tiger’s area and we can’t find him…” 

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