The Black Card

Chapter 318

Chapter 318 - Calmness After the Reckus

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Editor: Red

Shi Lei was dumbfounded.

Hu Xiaohua and Jiang Yuan widened their eyes.

The three girls who had come along also froze.

The three men wouldn’t be surprised if any of the girls Hu Xiaohua brought along did this. Although these girls weren’t that old, they had seen more than enough to know how to handle this situation easily.

But Sun Yiyi…

Although it was Hu Xiaohua and Jiang Yuan’s first time seeing her, they had spent more an hour together here. Other than the excitement she demonstrated when looking at the llamas, Sun Yiyi seemed to be the extremely quiet and tame kind who wouldn’t speak up.

But a girl like this, a quiet girl they never imagined could hit someone, stood in front of Shi Lei protectively.

She seemed like the head of a mafia gang.

She grabbed the woman’s head with her left hand and it blocked the woman’s vision. Sun Yiyi slapped with her right hand again, and it was so loud that everyone on the bus heard it clearly.

Especially that yell, it was so captivating.

The eyes of all the tourists shone, as there was nothing more exciting than watching a rare beauty on a rampage. Especially Sun Yiyi, who seemed as quiet as a kitten, many of the men had been stealing glances at her. Now that she seemed so courageous and bold, it was the perfect combination of beauty and violence.

All the tourists on the bus deeply understood the appeal of violence at this moment.

The fool of a woman was flabbergasted by the slap. She forgot to cry and stared at Yi’jie through her messy fringe and widened eyes and mouth.

“My Brother Shi Lei wouldn’t hit you because you are a woman. If you take advantage of it, I’ll slap you again!”

Sun Yiyi’s chest rose and fell heavily in fury, and Shi Lei stared at her with wide eyes. Was that the Sun Yiyi he knew?

He recalled the night at the Karaoke. Shi Lei went to help Zhang Mo and the others and asked Sun Yiyi to look after Zhang Liangliang. Theoretically, although Sun Yiyi was a few years older than Zhang Liangliang, their strength shouldn’t be too different. However, Sun Yiyi kept Zhang Liangliang out no matter how hard Zhang Liangliang tried.

Now that he remembered it, Sun Yiyi’s personality wasn’t always that soft. She had her tough side, but in front of Shi Lei, she was always that little girl who cried over little things.

“How dare you slap me?” the idiot woman finally reacted as she flung herself at Sun Yiyi. Sun Yiyi wasn’t afraid at all and raised her arm to slap the woman once more.

The slap was much heavier than the previous one. The woman’s head was flung back with the force, and a white fog appeared in the air. In the fog, there were something black.

Tears streamed down the woman’s eyes in pain, and her false eyelashes had come loose. As to the white fog in the air, perhaps it was the thick foundation on her face?

How much powder did she put on to have that effect? Everyone was amazed.

The idiot woman tried to swing at Sun Yiyi again, and the tourists next to her could no long watch it as at least three people stuck out their legs…

Before she could reach Sun Yiyi, she fell flat on her face and her nose smashed into the floor. The woman was now dizzy and her mouth was now filled with the taste of fresh blood…

 Even so, the woman displayed an extremely vivid and powerful image of a shrew. “Who tripped me?!”

A voice sounded out, “Me, why?”

“Me too, what’s wrong?”

“I also did…”

In an instant, many people on the bus spoke up in unison.

Even a grandma about seventy years old at the back of the bus raised her walking stick and spoke as she coughed, “I also did…”

Hey, don’t be so fake! You are at least three meters away and even if you were here, won’t you break your bones if you stretched out your legs?

From this, it was obviously that the tourists on the bus were sick of this couple.

The fool man didn’t dare to make a sound and the idiot woman stopped too, as everyone was quite upset with them.

She could glare at Sun Yiyi in hatred and say something spiteful, “Little girl, just wait for me!”

The bus gradually drove back and the couple rushed down off the bus. They ran forward without looking back as they clearly thought that they lost all their face.

The tourists on the bus all nodded at Shi Lei and the others in gratitude, as when the driver and the bus’ safety was threatened, they were the ones who had stepped up.

The driver stood up and looked at them, “Thank you…”

Shi Lei waved his hands.

At this time, someone finally mentioned, “They are the ones who made the ruckus and hence we didn’t even finish the tour. Driver, can you do something about it?”

The driver replied quickly, “Everyone, don’t be in a hurry to get off, I’ll report this immediately. I can’t make a decision. But I really had no choice but to take everyone out, otherwise something might have really happened.”

Everyone nodded in understanding and sat down.

But the grandma sitting at the back of the bus spoke, “Young men, you are all good people, but I don’t think those two will let it go so easily. I think you guys should leave first. If they call someone over, you’ll be in trouble.”

Grandma’s words reminded the other tourists, too. They seemed hesitant as indeed, many of them stepped out for Shi Lei and the others. That couple looked like people who hung out with the gang. If they called people over quickly in time to block them off, it would put them in a difficult situation.

Shi Lei acted indifferently and smiled as he turned to Sun Yiyi, “Yiyi, are you scared?”

Sun Yiyi looked at Shi Lei firmly and shook her head, “I’m not.”

Shi Lei nodded, “Then sit tight.”

He could use the Martial Arts Card four times every month.

Shi Lei got this card last month, and the first time he used it was fighting Song Miaomiao’s boxer. The second time was inside the police station in Runzhou. The third time was given to Yu Deping, and there was no fourth time.

Now that it was January, the four chances were refreshed. He hadn’t used it, nor did he have a chance to, at the Karaoke. He used one today, which meant he had another three chances left. As long as that couple didn’t bring too many people here, Shi Lei thought that he could deal with all of them with one single chance, and so he didn’t care at all.

However, Hu Xiaohua and Jiang Yuan were slightly worried. Of course they wouldn’t be frightened, but they wouldn’t be stupid, either. There was no reason for them to wait here to be beat up. They exchanged a glance with each other and took out their phones.

Just because they were rich second generations in Runzhou, didn’t mean that they didn’t have any connections in Wudong. Not to mention the others, even the local stock offices they could contact would be capable to finding the appropriate connections they needed in this situation.

Shi Lei wasn’t scared, but it wasn’t the same for the others. A few people who spoke up just then became intimidated.

They attempted to persuade Shi Lei to leave, while they left the bus first.

In a blink of an eye, half of the people were gone.

The rest of them were also persuading Shi Lei, but it was too late.

The couple ran over from somewhere, bringing along seven or eight men.

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