The Black Card

Chapter 317

Chapter 317 - Yi’jie On A Rampage

Translator: Lav

Editor: Red

How strong was a martial arts master? Although the man was strong and tall, and he even looked fierce, but when Shi Lei grabbed his arm, he felt like the bones in his arm were going to crack, and he could only let go.

“Go back to your seat,” Shi Lei ordered in a low voice.

The man had a grim expression. His arm was still hurting from Shi Lei’s grasp, but when he saw that Shi Lei was just a young man who was shorter and not as buff as him, he immediately cursed, “Who the fuck are you? How dare you talk to me like this? Do you believe that I won’t slap you?”

Shi Lei glanced at the driver calmly, “Driver, get out of this area as quickly as possible, don’t worry about the others.”

The man felt like he lost face when Shi Lei ignored him. He roared angrily and reached out for Shi Lei’s collar.

Shi Lei waved his hand and hit the man on the arms. He squealed in pain as if his arm had just hit a burning iron, and immediately retreated.

“How dare you use violence with me!” the idiot growled as he smacked his giant palms at Shi Lei.

Shi Lei grabbed his wrist easily, and the fool couldn’t budge an inch no matter how hard he tried.

Shi Lei spoke again coldly, “Go back to your seat yourself, or I can shove you back on your seat. Pick one!”

“You fucking…” the man cursed continuously, but Shi Lei didn’t give him a chance this time. Shi Lei pushed his arms and used the idiot’s unstable stance. His own arm hit his head and he fell back a few steps. The bus shook from side to side and the man fell to the side as he couldn’t stay standing.

The tourists on that side immediately dodged and the man crashed into the seats.

If it was someone else, they would know that Shi Lei didn’t move, yet he didn’t lose. Obviously, the man could not beat Shi Lei.

Perhaps it was because the fool was too accustomed to doing things his own way, but he raised his fists after he climbed back to his feet and cursed at Shi Lei.

Shi Lei’s gaze turned even colder. Just because he wasn’t a short-tempered person, didn’t mean that he could stand others being such total idiots.

He stepped forward and slapped the man on his mouth, making the man swallow his words.

The man froze. It didn’t hurt too much, as Shi Lei didn’t use all of his strength. Otherwise, this man’s teeth would all be gone.

“Holy shit…” Before the man could finish his sentence, Shi Lei slapped him on the mouth again.

When Shi Lei was fighting with the man, Hu Xiaohua and Jiang Yuan didn’t dare to take it easy, as they were afraid that Shi Lei would be bullied. They stood on both sides of the man and were ready to attack. But after a few attacks, they finally realized that Shi Lei seemed to be extremely good at fighting and this man could not win. Shi Lei also didn’t use his full strength, otherwise the man would be rolling on the floor in agony after three attacks.

Hu Xiaohua and Jiang Yuan no longer worried, as Shi Lei was definitely at an advantage. They returned to their seats while laughing and watched the scene before them with their girls.

“Why did you come back?” The girl next to Hu Xiaohua was scared and worried that Shi Lei would lose. After all, they came together, and she sounded like she was worried about herself. If Shi Lei was beat up, perhaps that man would rage at his friends too.

“Don’t worry, that idiot can’t win.”

On the bus, Shi Lei’s fist would hit the fool’s mouth accurately every single time the man wanted to speak.

Although Shi Lei only used one-tenth of his power, but after an attack followed by another, the man’s lips and gums clashed against each other and began to swell.

After the idiot finally realized that Shi Lei was slapping his mouth because he was cursing, he fell silent and focused on fighting Shi Lei.

Shi Lei saw that the fool had finally stopped swearing, but he didn’t want to drag it on for too long. When the man punched at him, Shi Lei pushed it aside and the man stumbled towards the front of the bus, as he used too much energy.

Shi Lei grabbed the back of the man’s neck and pinched his veins. He didn’t pinch too hard, just enough to stop the blood flow and made the man unable to move due to the numbness.

Shi Lei lifted the man up like this with a single arm, the man’s feet even left the ground.

Then, Shi Lei dumped the man heavily on his seat and let go. However he slapped the man on the head and warned, “Sit here or I will throw you off the bus next time.”

The man was dumbfounded. He couldn’t even counterattack Shi Lei, and he felt ashamed because he was so much bigger.

No matter how bad he felt, he finally realized that he definitely couldn’t win against Shi Lei. Not to mention others, he could train for another ten years and Shi Lei might still be difficult to surpass just by his strength alone.

His face was all lost, and the idiot finally remembered an old saying: a wise man does not fight when the odds are not with him. He sat down in silence and didn’t dare to move.

Shi Lei nodded and returned to his seat. He smiled at Sun Yiyi, “I didn’t scare you, did I?”

Sun Yiyi shook his head, “If Brother Shitou dared to go, it must means that you are sure you can win.”

Shi Lei smiled and ruffled Sun Yiyi’s little head.

The bus was over out of the predator’s zone now and taking the turn to go back to the starting point. Now, the idiotic woman thought that there were no more chances to be thrown out of the car to be beauty and the beast, so she cursed at the man next to her, “Useless thing!” Then, she stepped over the man’s legs and stalked towards Shi Lei.

Who knows why the woman was so bold, as she attempted to hit Shi Lei. Shi Lei was still possessed by the martial arts master, as barely five minutes passed. However, Shi Lei hesitated against a woman…

Of course, he wouldn’t be hit by her either, as he dodged her crude blow by tilting his head to the side.

The woman’s fist landed on the back of the seat, and she yelled in pain. She roared and cried out that Shi Lei had hit a woman as a man.

No one felt sympathetic towards her. Although none of them saw why she fell down, they could guess why. Even if Shi Lei really did slap her, everyone would only praise Shi Lei for it.

But they couldn’t just let her keep crying like this.

Shi Lei didn’t know how to stop this drama.

The woman sat on the floor and flailed at Shi Lei continuously with both of her hands and legs. Shi Lei could only keep shuffling backwards to avoid it and his body had to press tightly against Sun Yiyi.

However, the fool woman continued to advance, and Shi Lei ran out of room to avoid her attacks.

Did he really have to hit a women? Although Shi Lei knew that the tourists would only be happy if he hit her, he couldn’t bring himself to hit a woman.

There was almost no room left, but Sun Yiyi suddenly slipped out from under Shi Lei’s arms. The woman kicked Sun Yiyi, and Sun Yiyi grabbed onto the woman’s head furiously.

“My Brother Shitou feels bad hitting a woman, but I don’t!” Her small palm slapped the woman like the howling wind.

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