The Black Card

Chapter 314

Chapter 314 - Whose Car Is That?

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Editor: Red

The two girls who had come to a mutual understanding just then immediately changed their minds.

Looking at Jiang Yuan, he was probably about the same age as Hu Xiaohua. From their conversations, they thought that Hu Xiaohua was the main person, which meant that Jiang Yuan’s family might be inferior to Hu Xiaohua.

These girls were good at analyzing others, as they often came in contact with people in society.

These two girls didn’t know exactly how much the car cost, but it didn’t stop them from knowing that a Maserati was a level higher than an Audi. From the model of the car, Quattroporte resembled something of a supercar, and was much cooler than a heavy-looking SUV.

They no longer kept their original plan as they took a step toward together towards Shi Lei’s car.

They even spoke at the same time, “Brother Xiaohua, is this your friend’s car?” Their eyes shone with excitement.

Hu Xiaohua and Jiang Yuan had seen many girls who acted in the same way, and they knew exactly what these girls were thinking. Hu Xiaohua glanced at the girl next to him and although she didn’t make a move, she seemed to be disappointed, as if she wished that she was the one who would get to know Shi Lei first.

It made Hu Xiaohua and Jiangyuan unhappy. Of course they wouldn’t blame Shi Lei, as they thought that these girls were too vain.

Hu Xiaohua didn’t reply, but only snorted at what the girls asked. He glanced at Jiang Yuan and both of them smirked as they crossed their arms together. Shi Lei said that he brought his girlfriend along, they wanted to see how disappointed these girls would be.

The girls’ excitement immediately died down when Shi Lei parked the car. The reason was simple; after the car was facing them, they could already see a girl sitting on the front passenger’s seat.Because of the sun, they couldn’t see Sun Yiyi’s face, and still had some hope that the girl Shi Lei brought along was uglier than them. It was difficult for men to reject pretty girls they met, and they thought that they still had a chance.

When Shi Lei and Sun Yiyi got out of the car, the girls’ gazes immediately shifted to Shi Lei in unison and they were surprised to see that it was a boy who looked younger and more handsome than they had expected. Their hearts beat even faster.

But, they quickly fell into despair. Sun Yiyi had a better body and better looks than them… Fine, even if they were jealous, they had to admit that Sun Yiyi was much better than them.

Their only hope was that Shi Lei was a playboy and won’t reject girls who went to him. But, they weren’t capable of making that kind of man loyal to them.

Perhaps it was because of the competitiveness between the same sex in women’s nature, the two girls quickly displayed their best side as they smiled and waved at Shi Lei.

Shi Lei held Sun Yiyi’s hand and smiled back without settling on either of them in greeting as he walked towards Hu Xiaohua and Jiang Yuan.

“Brother Xiaohua, Brother Yuan.”

Hu Xiaohua smiled slightly but didn’t speak as he glanced at the girl next to him. Seeing that the girl seemed excited, Hu Xiaohua made up his mind that he wouldn’t see her again after tonight. He originally didn’t mind her staying with him. Correspondingly, the longer the girl stayed with Hu Xiaohua, the more things she could gain from him. Except, she had lost the chance to do so.

As for Jiang Yuan, he whispered into Shi Ler’s ears when he hugged him, “You grabbed all the attention today!”

Shi Lei was no long the naive boy from a few months ago, and felt awkward as he knew exactly what Jiang Yuan meant.

He immediately dragged Sun Yiyi over and introduced her to the two of them.

When Shi Lei greeted Hu Xiaohua and Jiang Yuan, they immediately noticed the changes in the girls. However, they couldn’t say anything. What could they say, that they were much richer than Shi Lei?

Hu Xiaohua nodded at Sun Yiyi with a smile, “As expected, such a beautiful girlfriend.”

Sun Yiyi immediately blushed at his words and looked at Shi Lei intimately, as she was worried that Shi Lei would say that she wasn’t his girlfriend.

Shi Lei held Sun Yiyi’s hand, “Yiyi is from Runzhou, too. She was my neighbor and we grew up together.”

“Mhm, childhood friends.”

Hu Xiaohua held his partner’s waist and pointed towards the front gate, “Let’s go.” He had already lost interest, but they had to take a look since they were already here.

Seeing that Hu Xiaohua didn’t introduce the three of them, the girl next to him sensed his unhappiness. She was smart, and knew that her micro expressions had been noticed. She realized that all the efforts she put in might be in vain. After all, Sun Yiyi was too bright. They were the best looking girls in their departments, but they were nothing in front of Sun Yiyi.

And even if Hu Xiaohua wasn’t as good as Shi Lei, it was still an opportunity they couldn’t waste.

She composed herself and quickly snuggled into Hu Xiaohua’s arms, which finally made Hu Xiaohua smile a little.

The other girls obviously didn’t want to give up, as they stretched out their hands, “Hello. We are friends, I’m Li Yan.”

“I’m Ma Fangang. How should we address this handsome one?”

Shi Lei looked at Jiang Yuan and realized that Jiang Yuan’s face was dark. He replied, “I’m Brother Yuan’s friend, I borrowed his car to pick up my girlfriend.” As he spoke, he threw the keys to Jiang Yuan, “Oh, I almost forgot. Brother Yuan, your key.”

The two girls froze. What was happening?

Jiang Yuan laughed silently, but caught the key before he gestured to throw it back to Shi Lei, “Take it if you want, I don’t have a chance to drive it here in Wudong anyways.”

“I can’t compensate for it if I damage it, anyway. If this place wasn’t this far and inconvenient, I wouldn’t dare to drive it,” Shi Lei half-laughed as he took back the key.

Shi Lei walked away with Sun Yiyi, leaving the two astonished girls. Whose car was it? They didn’t seem to be lying, then they just…

Oh no, this was bad!

They immediately ran back to Jiang Yuan and chattered and flattered him.

Jiang Yuan was clear with the situation. He didn’t mind taking both girls in when Shi Lei said that he would bring his girlfriend. Although incidents happened, they were just playing, why be serious?

Sun Yiyi was confused, and after having there was some distance between her and the others, she asked Shi Lei, “Brother Shitou, didn’t you say that you took out a loan for the car? Why did you…?”

“So the girls wouldn’t try to stick to me. You don’t want them to, do you?”

Sun Yiyi immediately understood as she blushed and laughed, “You are so evil!”

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