The Black Card

Chapter 312

Chapter 312 - In and Out Are All Chances

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Editor: Red

The outcome of paying attention to the stock was extremely simple. It was the most odd stock out of every one and the most outstanding investor didn’t know what to do as they could not predict its growth pattern.

On the second, the stock continued to fall after merely an hour after the opening quotation.

After a few large single trades came out, it completely limited down.

At this time, it was easy for Shi Lei to call the margin as there were probably a large amount of single trades in which the deals were not yet done. Now that the price was at the limit down price, Shi Lei’s single deal could be done at anytime.

Shi Lei wanted to wait until the second day, as it might fall even more tomorrow. But quickly, he realised that someone was obviously operating it with such crazy moves. It limited down after merely an hour today. and perhaps it would stop at limit up tomorrow. It had to stop a little after ten percent in order to keep the price the same as yesterday.

This stock was a huge hole. At least, to those clients without the Investment Card.

Thinking about these aspects, Shi Lei immediately put it on sale without hesitation.

As he expected, the deal was immediately taken, and Shi Lei was astonished at the speed.

Now that he had solved the problems with the margin trading, Shi Lei’s funds rose by ten percent. He turned off his computer in satisfaction and planned to eat something good to comfort himself.

He haven’t seen Sun Yiyi for a few days and it was time to catch up.

He dialed Sun Yiyi’s number and a smile climbed onto his face when he heard Sun Yiyi calling him “Brother Shitou!” over the phone.

“Yiyi, what are you doing?”

“I’m at home. Didn’t you tell me to stop working? Mum is almost recovered now and she didn’t want me to continue working. She said we have some savings left which is enough to cover until she’s completely recovered and start working again. Oh, I bought some books for first year university students in a bookshop just outside Wudong University. I’ll study by myself first so it’s easier for me to start in September.”

Shi Lei smiled, “Then I’ll pick you up in a bit, let’s eat together.”

“Brother Shitou, you don’t have to pick me up. Are you home? I’ll find you there.”

“I will…” Shi Lei suddenly remembered something in the middle of his sentence. He felt like he missed another chance to increase his asset. Seeing that it was almost half past eleven, which was when it was going to close, he quickly farewelled Sun Yiyi, “I’ll call you later.” Shi Lei immediately turned on his computer and checked all the funds in his account. With the 140,000 yuan profit and the service fees, he had a little over 150,000 yuan. It was only three minutes away from the closing quotation and Shi Lei typed in the code of the roller coaster like stock into the dealer app in panic.

Of course, it was still limit down and many investors were trying to sell their stocks.

Shi Lei decided to purchase the liquidation and the deal was immediately completed as he used the normal dealing web page.

After the deal was complete, Shi Lei sighed in relief and leaned back in his chair.

When Sun Yiyi said that she didn’t need Shi Lei to pick her up as she will go to his place herself, it made Shi Lei suddenly realise that his stocks was exactly like the relation of whether Sun Yiyi should come to him, or whether he should pick her up.

Since he knew that this stock would stop after a ten percent rise tomorrow, then the low position it was in right now was Shi Lei’s chance to purchase the stock in at a low price, then sell it for a higher price.

The Investment Card wouldn’t make a mistake, and Shi Lei had bet that the stock would fall first, then rise. Since it had already stopped after the fall today, it must rise tomorrow. Since he knew what the price will be tomorrow, why wouldn’t he buy it today?

He was a bit startled, as his purpose in using the Investment Card was for margin trading, hence he only focused on the stocks which fell significantly. But wasn’t the original point of investing to buy low and sell high? With the low price right now, of course he should do the opposite, and buy it now and sell it tomorrow!

“I’m a fucking genius! When it limits up tomorrow, I can earn another ten percent. If that’s the case, my private funds will rise to almost 170,000 yuan. It’s a shame that I finished using the Investment Card this month, otherwise my funds could grow like crazy if I had a few more chances. This is so nice!”

Shi Lei looked at the chain of numbers on his computer screen in satisfaction and felt a great sense of achievement.

Shi Lei called Sun Yiyi back and she immediately asked after she picked up, “Brother Shitou, did something happen? Why did you hang up in the middle?”

Shi Lei couldn’t explain it in detail, so he said briefly, “Nothing, I just remembered that I had to finish something else first. Wait for me at home, I’ll come pick you up for dinner.”

Sun Yiyi didn’t insist on coming over, and Shi Lei drove over to her place after changing.

Naturally, he had to greet Sun Yiyi’s mother when he went in. The future mother-in-law was extremely happy and not only did she not stop Sun Yiyi, but she urged them out on a date.

Seeing that Shi Lei had driven a Maserati, although Sun Yiyi didn’t know too much about cars, she did see that brand last time at Mountain Qing Long. She knew that the car cost over a million yuan, and her gaze towards Shi Lei was worried.

“Brother Shitou, is this your car?” Sun Yiyi seemed intimidated by it, as she didn’t dare to climb in when Shi Lei opened the door for her.

Even if she knew that Shi Lei was rather rich now, it was difficult for her to imagine that he was so wealthy that he could afford a car worth a few millions.

Shi Lei scratched his head. The most horrifying thing right now was how to explain that he was suddenly so wealthy to others.

It wasn’t too hard to explain to his dorm mates, as it was easy to convince them by saying that he was actually a rich second generation. It was even easier to fob off Wei Xingyue, because a few millions were just pocket money to someone born into mountains of gold, so naturally they wouldn’t pay to much attention to it.

However, it was extremely difficult to explain to Sun Yiyi and his parents.

If they only had meals together and shopped, Shi Lei could state that it was because he had earned a lot from stocks, and it was only a few hundred thousand yuan. But now that he had a car worth over two million here, investing in stocks wasn’t a convincing reason anymore.

Shi Lei could only explain, “I invested in a company with my friend some time ago. You’ve seen her before, the lawyer. The company’s value rose quickly and I earned quite a lot from it, so I took a loan out for this car. Aiya, this isn’t important. Yiyi, just remember that I won’t do anything illegal. Plus I have many friends who are super rich, like Wei Qing, and they introduce businesses which aren’t very important to me, giving me a chance to make money. So, I bought this car and the money is legal, you don’t have to worry for me.”

Sun Yiyi didn’t really understand it, but she nodded and climbed into the car.

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