The Black Card

Chapter 307

Chapter 307 - The Fun of Bickering


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Editor: Red


When Shi Lei opened the door, Wei Xingyue had already fallen asleep on the couch.

He walked in quietly, placed the wine down, closed the door, and didn’t know what to do with Wei Xingyue.

He didn’t want to care and let her sleep on the couch, but as a man, Shi Lei couldn’t bear to see her sleep on the couch.

It was not a good idea to wake her up, as she would definitely drag him to drink more.

After a moment of hesitation, Shi Lei decided to take the risk. He bent down, carefully placed his hands under Wei Xingyue’s knees and lifted her up with a hand under her neck.

The smell of her perfume invaded Shi Lei’s nose as he moved even more carefully, and finally put her on the bed.

Wei Xingyue reached her arms out for Shi Lei’s neck as she suddenly opened her eyes and teased him, “I thought you would really let me sleep on the couch for the night!”

Annoying crazy woman, she was pretending to be asleep!

Shi Lei pushed Wei Xingyue’s hands off him, annoyed, and pressed them over her head.

“Are you really not scared that I would do something I shouldn’t do just then?”

“Are you an idiot? I was just pretending to be sleeping, ok? Wouldn’t you have more chance to do something you shouldn’t when I’m actually asleep?”

Shi Lei made a fierce expression, lowered his body and Wei Xingyue could feel his warm breath on her face.

“Some things are more interesting when you are awake. If I really want to do anything to you, does it make a difference whether you are awake or not?”

He thought that this crazy woman would give up, but she struggled immensely and broke free from his grasp, locked her arms around Shi Lei’s neck and yelled, “Come on, let’s harm each other¹!”


This kind of thing didn’t really count as harming each other, did it?

“Stop it…” Shi Lei could only take off his mask and return to the Shi Lei who didn’t dare to cross the boundary.

“Come on, let’s kiss…” Wei Xingyue became even stranger.

“Did you forget the warning I gave you in the afternoon?” Shi Lei was upset, as he didn’t know why Wei Xingyue became this crazy.

Wei Xingyue was also annoyed with Shi Lei’s repeated threats. Perhaps not so much in another place, but in Wudong, she was the daughter of the sky. Except for a very few people, no one in the Yangtze Triangle dared to threaten her like this.

Wei Xingyue indeed feared Shi Lei’s mysterious background, but she couldn’t get over the fact that the way Shi Lei acted was just like an ordinary boy. After threatened by a little boy like this so many times, Wei Xingyue’s rebellious nature was evoked.

Especially since she had kissed Shi Lei more than once anyway, one more time wouldn’t do any harm.

She tightened her arms around Shi Lei’s neck, lifted her own head up and touched Shi Lei’s lips with hers.

Hmmm, Shi Lei’s lips were a little cold.

Feeling that Wei Xingyue had moved her tongue out, Shi Lei couldn’t help but to do the same. But as soon as he used his tongue, he felt two rows of hard things bite him.


Shi Lei jumped and glowered at Wei Xingyue, who was sitting on the bed and clearly pleased with herself.

Shi Lei’s mouth was tinged with blood. He touched his lips and saw blood on his fingers. Wei Xingyue was certainly cruel as Shi Lei’s tongue was wounded.

“Did that feel good?” Wei Xingyue threw a flirtatious glance towards Shi Lei, but he didn’t want to do anything else but lift her dress up and smack her.

“Good your ass! See if it feels good when I bite you!”

“You deserve it. Who told you to pretend to not be interested in me?” Wei Xingyue’s eyes shone with the sweetness of revenge and her face perfectly displayed what it meant to successfully prank him.

“I was just crazy in love, wait, no, what the fuck, that’s just my reflex. The bestiality hidden in my nature, you know? An animal’s nature to reproduce to carry on the family line.”

Wei Xingyue smiled like a fox against Shi Lei’s fury. That was her intention and she became happier when Shi Lei became more upset.

“You crazy woman!” Shi Lei cursed as he sat on the couch and glowered at the blank television in front of him.

Wei Xingyue watched him from the bed for a while before moving over next to him. She beamed as she pushed him lightly, “Are you really angry?”

Shi Lei ignored her.

“Don’t be a child. I just teased you.”

Shi Lei was still silent.

“Fine fine fine, where do you want to bite, I’ll let you bite once, ok?”

Shi Lei abruptly turned around, making Wei Xingyue jump. Shi Lei suddenly smiled and spoke profoundly, “Anywhere I want?”

“Pervert!” Wei Xingyue blushed. With Shi Lei’s tone, how could she not know where Shi Lei meant?

“You are a pervert. I just want to bite a watch for you.”

“A watch?” Wei Xingyue was blank. She couldn’t help but to think back to childhood when children played among themselves. The person role-playing the father will bite the shape of the watch on their wrist, the person wearing the watch is the father.

Didn’t he jump too quickly? How did he think about the watch?

Wei Xingyue hesitated slightly but still stretched up her right hand. Her wrist was as pale as snow and under her skin, blue veins were clearly visible.

Shi Lei smiled freakishly and shook his head, “I want to bite a pocket watch for you……”

Pocket watch……


Bite your ass!

Wei Xingyue couldn’t help but kick him. Shi Lei didn’t dodge it and he was kicked off the couch.

She wasn’t scary, but it was just a surprise. After Wei Xingyue kicked Shi Lei off the couch, she roared in laughter on the couch herself.

“Are you stupid? Pocket watch? And you say you aren’t a pervert?”

Shi Lei climbed up from the floor and chased Wei Xingyue away in annoyance, “Move, move. How do I sit if you lay on the couch? I just want to bite a pocket watch for you with simple intentions, not perverted thoughts. If you thought of it dirtily, it only shows that you are thinking too complexly.”

“Shameless!” Wei Xingyue was still smiling as she curled up in the corner of the couch. She pointed her toes towards the direction of the wine, “Open the wine!”

Shi Lei picked it up and chucked it into Wei Xingyue’s arms, “Don’t you know how to open it yourself?”

Wei Xingyue twitched her lips and sniffed, “No manners”, before she stood up and found the opener.

“Why did you take so long?” Wei Xingyue asked Shi Lei as she sipped the wine.

Shi Lei replied in an unkind tone, “Do you think the market downstairs is still open? And, are you sure you want to drink the wine from there?”

Wei Xingyue looked at the bottle of BIN707 and beamed, “I ordered 707 once and you buy it every single time. It shows that you do have a place for me in your heart.”

“Mhm, not only that, but I also want to eat you as a side dish.”

“Come at me if you dare!”

“Don’t make me!”

“Pfft, you have the thought, but no guts.”

“Fucking hell, do you have to make me demonstrate what bestiality is?”

“I can’t be bothered to bicker with you. Go horse riding with me tomorrow.”

“Can I ride you right now?”

“Come at me if you dare! Don’t just talk!”

“Hey, it looks like you won’t know how many eyes the God of Horse² has if I don’t do anything tonight……”

The two of them bickered as they drank, and enjoyed it.

Chapter Notes:
  1. Harm each other: Chinese meme used in a situation where both sides are doing/saying something negatively, but often in a joking manner 

  1. God of Horse: a mythical god that’s worshipped in China, and it’s said that he has three eyes

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