The Black Card

Chapter 305

Chapter 305 - Very Scheming

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Editor: Seliniaki Ilikia

There were other ways of playing around with stocks besides the usual long and short sales.

However, other than normal deals, these were made illegal within the country a few years ago.

As the country gradually had more international interactions, the regulatory commission made some adjustments and allowed margin trading.

Put simply, this so-called margin trading was a type of short selling. If the dealer thought that a certain stock would fall in the future, they could request a guarantee from a broker. The broker would lend stocks to the dealer from their own or their clients’ stocks, selling a part of the stocks at the current price, then buying the stocks back from the market before the contract ended.

Basically, they would buy at a low price and sell it at a higher one. The only difference was that the process was flipped. To fulfill the deal, they would sell the stocks first, then buy it when it was cheap.

Greater risks accompanied this type of deal. This was because if the broker felt that the deal was risky, they could forcefully close the position. This meant that as soon as the stocks were sold and constantly rising to a price at which the broker believed the dealer was no longer capable of bearing the consequences of, they would forcefully close the position. After it was closed, the dealer would have nothing to do with it, even if the stocks’ value dropped to a suitable price before the contract period ended.

Because of the higher risks involved, there were only about five hundred stocks out of more than two thousand that allowed margin trading.

Not only this, but there were many other ways to trade stocks, the most straightforward being in overseas markets. There was even playing with the stock market index.

Playing with the stock market index was not any different from gambling. For example, someone could set a the stock market index to a category of rise or fall, such as a three percent rise, and invest 100,000 yuan. Then when the index rose one percent, the investor could earn more than 30,000 yuan. At three percent, their 100,000 yuan would double and end the deal between the broker and the client. The profit would still be great even after deducting the high service fees. But if the index dropped by three percent, then the 100,000 yuan would be lost.

Wei Xingyue slowly explained for an hour, leaving Shi Lei stupefied. He finally realized that his understanding of the stock market was merely at a the level of an elementary student. While he was still a beginner with buying stocks, others were playing around with margin trading and even the market index.

“You know, sometimes I really think that you live in another world. How do you not know this? It’s common sense!” Wei Xingyue drank the last mouthful of wine and shook her head.

Shi Lei looked at her and laughed. “Perhaps, but your so-called common sense only applies shareholders. I think the majority of people trading stocks wouldn’t know what you just said.”

Wei Xingyue pondered for a bit. “Maybe, but it’s rare to see people like you who know nothing.”

“But isn’t there a basic starting point for this? Whether it’s margin trading or the other thing, I can’t do with it if I only have a few thousand yuan to work with.”

“There definitely is, but it doesn’t matter to you now. As Sister Nü’s godson, none of the trading offices would care whether you have real capital stock or not. As long as you ask for it, they will give it to you, as long as it isn’t too much.”

Shi Lei waved his hand. “No. I already said that I won’t use the Bai family’s name for personal profit.” Although he sounded indifferent, his heart was beating furiously. This was a way to make money. As long as they let him join and he used the Investment Card, it would be either a rise or fall even if he didn’t have a lot of money. Before, he could only earn from a rise, but now he could also earn from falls. He would be able to earn quite a lot no matter if it rose or fell after he checked the outcome with the Investment Card.

Wei Xingyue subconsciously raised her glass, but it was empty. She looked at the dispenser, but it was empty as well.

“There are no wine left! Lil’man, hurry up and open another bottle!” Wei Xingyue waved the glass in her hand and kicked Shi Lei lightly with her small feet.

Shi Lei mercilessly swept her feet aside. “Drink your ass! Do you plan to stay here again?”

“Dude, I taught you a lesson for free and you don’t even give me some water to drink?”

“There is more than enough water. Go to the bathroom and you can use a glass or a basin to drink.”

Wei Xingyue abruptly stood up on the couch and looked down at Shi Lei angrily. “Cut the bullshit. Hurry up and bring over some wine. Do you not believe that I’m a black belt?”

Shi Lei backed off in silence, then challenged, “Do you believe that you can win against me?”

Wei Xingyue immediately gave up.

Although she had never personally witnessed his combat ability, she did see the power he had when he swung the golf club. Before such overwhelming power, there was no chance of winning, no matter if she was a master in karate or taekwondo.

Of course, Wei Xingyue wouldn’t know that it was because Shi Lei had used the Martial Arts Card. She thought it was his natural power. With her level, it was probably not enough to give Shi Lei a show.

She jumped down from the couch in silence and began to search around the house. “Don’t bother,” Shi Lei said lazily. “The only thing left here that contains alcohol is a bottle of medicinal oil. If you really want it, I’ll get it for you.”

Wei Xingyue wasn’t willing to give up and stretched out her hand. “Give me your keys.”

“What keys?”

“Keys to the house. I’m going to get some from downstairs. It’s still early, so how would I not be able buy some?”

“You crazy woman. Do you want something to happen after getting drunk? If that’s what you are looking for, then let’s just do it now.”

“Do it your ass! Hurry up and give me your keys.”

Eventually, Shi Lei forfeited when Wei Xingyue tickled him. She took the keys from his pocket.

Seeing that she was wearing thin clothing, he couldn’t bear to watch and stood up, putting on his jacket. “Never mind. Stay here. I’ll go buy it.”

“Yo, did your personality change?”

“I really don’t want to drink, but you do. I can’t just lift you up and chuck you outside and I can’t bear seeing a girl going downstairs to get alcohol this late at night.”

Wei Xingyue giggled as she hugged him and kissed him firmly on the cheek.

“I knew that you still cared about me!”

Shi Lei left speechlessly.

When he went down, he didn’t go straight to the wine shop, instead turning the corner to the self-service bank.

Although chatting with Wei Xingyue had revealed another way to make money, Shi Lei was more cautious after many interactions with the Black Card. Especially after it pranked him when he wanted to make more money through the soccer lottery. Now that he faced such obvious temptation, he had to consider more.

No matter what, it wouldn’t hurt to ask, since the Scepter couldn’t lie to him.

Shi Lei inserted the Black Card, entered the password, and waited for the Scepter to appear.

“You’re being very scheming now, aren’t you?” The Scepter said mysteriously as soon as it appeared.

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