The Black Card

Chapter 302

Chapter 302 - Aunty Wei and Nephew

Translator: Lav

Editor: Likia

When Shi Lei walked out of the bathroom, Wei Xingyue was studying a bottle of wine in her hands.

“Did you finally learn how to live life? You finally have some wine at home. Where’s the opener?”

Shi Lei hung up his suit and replied, “We drank a lot just then, so don’t drink. I say, Wei Xingyue, are you aiming for us to drink here, then have sex, then become enemies and hope that we will never see each other again?”

Wei Xingyue placed the wine onto the table. “I’m in such a good mood,” she said rather gloomily. “I want to drink with you because I’m happy for you. Why do you have to ruin the atmosphere every time? A bottle of wine doesn’t really count as alcohol anyway, and if we do have sex, why do we have to become enemies afterward?”

“Because I have a girlfriend! Do you actually plan on being my mistress?” Shi Lei asked indignantly.

Wei Xingyue glared, picked up her heels, and threw them over. “Cut the bullshit. Hurry up and give me the opener.”

It had just been a small bottle of yellow wine, slightly over a tael. They hadn’t drunk much, since it had been shared amongst the three of them. The tipsiness was already gone after three hours.

When Shi Lei finished hanging up his clothes, he silently took out the opener. Wei Xingyue passed him the wine. “Go into the bathroom. I’m going to change!”

There was no point in trying to talk reason with a crazy woman, so Shi Lei followed her orders and opened the bottle in the bathroom. She told him that she had finished changing when she heard the sound of the cork popping from the bottle. Shi Lei took a seat on the couch with the wine in his hands.

After he poured the wine out, Wei Xingyue studied him with narrowed eyes. She lightly tilted the glass and her eyes seemed to move with the wine.

Shi Lei’s blood ran cold from the sight of her eyes. “What do you want?” he asked, fixing his collar.

Wei Xingyue rolled her eyes.

“I’m not interested in eating you right now. But Shi Lei, aren’t you lucky with women? Let’s not mention Sun Yiyi first, because she’s your childhood friend. You are even so close with a sixteen year old, and with that smelly and perverted ladyboy. Even Sister Nü took you in as her godson…To be honest, I really don’t see how you are so attractive to women. Speaking of looks…hmm, you are fine. You’re the type that people won’t get sick of looking at and are handsome at a second glance. Body? Pretty normal. You don’t have any extra fat anywhere, but there’s also nothing to compliment. You are fine with talking, but lack knowledge. Your knowledge can be described as inadequate, so which part of you attracts women?”

Shi Lei’s heart shattered into pieces from her words, but he took a sip and replied indifferently, “I also think it’s strange. I’m just an ordinary person, so why is Miss Wei pestering me everyday? You kissed me, and even fed me a mouthful of cleansing cream—”

Wei Xingyue was furious, almost breaking the wine glass when she slammed it roughly onto the table.

She was about to scold him, only to freeze at his last few words.

When Wei Xingyue realized what “cleansing cream” meant, her expression changed drastically like the fireworks at the opening ceremony of the Olympics.

“Shi Lei, aren’t you being way too shameless!? How did you think of such a thing?” Wei Xingyue laughed in anger, not knowing how to reply.

Shi Lei shrugged. Well, how do I tell you that I read novels on Qidian and some reader just said it? He didn’t understand it at first, but eventually laughed and linked it to what happened between him and Wei Xingyue.

“First, I don’t think I’m attractive to women. You and that water deliverer(1) are just bored and using me for fun. Second, since you know that Er’jie isn’t even sixteen yet, can you stop joking about her? She’s still illegal. Third, my godmother is an elder, so don’t go overboard with the jokes. Doesn’t godmother treat you well?”

“Aiyo, you are calling her ‘godmother’ already? If I hadn’t been there to witness it today, I would have though that you’ve known her since childhood. Look at how affectionate you are.”

“Oh, right. You address my godmother as ‘sister,’ so you are an elder to me. From today onward, I hope that Aunt Wei can be more careful with her words when talking to this younger one and not make inappropriate jokes…and not do certain things.”

Wei Xingyue shot up and pointed at him. “Are you finished or not? Who are you calling ‘aunt’? How do I look like your aunt?”

“The difference in age isn’t enough, but the generation gap cannot be ignored.”

“If you say any more…” Wei Xingyue took a step forward and bent down at the waist, revealing her chest.

Shi Lei sighed. “Don’t tell me you are thinking of raping your nephew?”

Wei Xingyue almost spit a mouthful of blood. “Alright, you want to be the younger generation, don’t you?” she laughed furiously. “Fine, whenever you see me in the future, call me aunt. I can bear it.”

“Okay aunt.”

Wei Xingyue sat on the couch with her legs crossed and chugged down the glass of wine, not wanting to speak another word to him.

Shi Lei placed his glass down. “Fine, I’ll stop messing around with you,” he said. “Tell me, why did you insist on taking me to the gathering today? You’ve known me a long time now. Isn’t it impossible for you not to know that I’m completely hopeless in things like art and painting?”

Wei Xingyue pouted. “Messing around? You think you can just stop whenever you want? Nephew, I’m your aunt now.”

Shi Lei was helpless. “Fine, aunt it is. Aunt Wei, let’s talk about why you took me to the gathering today.”

Wei Xingyue blinked. “Isn’t that for the sake of making you more cultured? You act like a loser all the time. Can’t I cultivate your taste in art?”

“Aunt Wei, I think it’s best if you tell me the truth. Although I have a rather nice temper, if you leave me without a choice, then I can’t promise anything.”

“Nephew, are you threatening your elder?”

“I don’t care what you say. You must give me an explanation!” Shi Lei seemed indifferent but his attitude was firm. Wei Xingyue also knew that she had to give him a response.

After finishing another glass of wine, she used her leg to kick him, only to have him grab her smooth and small foot with his hands.

“Let me go!” Wei Xingyue panicked. It was an odd feeling for a woman to have their foot held by a man like that.

Shi Lei let her go and said, “Speak properly and stop fooling around.”

Wei Xingyue rolled her eyes. “You should already know that the mansion on Qinglong Mountain you borrowed is my family’s, right?”

Shi Lei nodded. “Wei Qing told me.”

“Mhm, Wei Qing was there that day. He saw that I was with you and would definitely mention it. Then you should also know that my mansion can never be borrowed that easily. The same is true for me and my siblings. It’s very difficult for us to borrow it.”

Shi Lei nodded again. “So the truth is that your father told you to get to know me, then take me to the gathering today?” he asked, his tone sounding unkind.

Chapter Notes:

1. Water deliverer: just like how Shi Lei’s name is 石磊, which is four stones, 石, Song Miaomiao’s name in Chinese is 宋淼淼, the character miao, 淼, is made up three 水, meaning water and hence gave her this nickname. 

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