The Black Card

Chapter 300

Chapter 300 - Bait

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Editor: Seliniaki

Old Bai was spirited and very entertaining in conversations. Although it was Shi Lei’s first time interacting with him, he didn’t feel awkward at all.

When the sky dimmed, Chen Yanü ordered the afternoon tea taken away and quickly prepared dinner.

It was ordinary home food, such as stir fried green peppers with meat and scrambled eggs with tomatoes. They didn’t drink at all and just ate.

Old Bai kept quiet during dinner, probably following the tradition of being quiet during mealtimes and bedtime. It had been a while since Shi Lei had eaten homemade food and he enjoyed it very much. He thought that Old Bai’s food were extremely delicious and accidentally ate three bowls of rice before realizing.

There was almost nothing left on the plates. Even the soup from the scrambled eggs and tomatoes was poured onto the rice and eaten by Shi Lei.

Old Bai didn’t eat much. He tried a little of everything and only ate half a bowl of rice. He smiled and watched Shi Lei devour food without restraint.

Seeing Shi Lei finally finish the last bit of food, Old Bai waved his hand to have the table cleared and freshly brewed tea to be served.

Wei Xingyue looked at Shi Lei in disdain. “How many days haven’t you eaten? You even finished the soup.”

Shi Lei laughed. “I don’t know why, but I think Old Bai’s food is extremely tasty, so I couldn’t help but eat a bit too much.”

Old Bai laughed loudly. “It really isn’t too special, expect that all the food is grown here. I have a small farm in the mountains and planted a little of everything, including rice. So it will taste fresher than the food from supermarkets.”

Shi Lei looked up and silently calculated.

Old Bai made it sound simple, but it was an extremely big project to plant a little of everything and support his family alone. If the vegetables were like this, then they definitely had their own pigs and cows, which definitely required more than ten people to take care of. Although the meals looked ordinary, the labor involved may even exceed a million yuan each year.

“This is the life of a wealthy person. Everything looks ordinary, but the expenses for hiring people to do the jobs are far more than what ordinary people pay for. Old Bai, don’t you need at least a million to hire workers?”

Wei Xingyue glared at Shi Lei and thought: What’s a million to Old Bai? This guy surely is ignorant enough to talk about money here.

Old Bai didn’t care, instead laughing happily. “I never really asked how much it costs in detail, but I have around fifteen or sixteen people working at the small farm in the mountains. Their salary is 100,000 yuan a year, so it will definitely exceed a million.”

Shi Lei clicked his tongue. “It was a good meal, but now that I calculate it, it costs a few thousand yuan.”

Wei Xingyue couldn’t help but complain, “Enough. You are someone who drives a car worth a few million and yet you talk about small money with Old Bai?”

Old Bai laughed and waved his hand. “It doesn’t matter. I’ve never calculated it before and thought of it as just homemade food. I even teach my children and grandchildren not to waste food.”

Wei Xingyue looked at Shi Lei in surprise. Old Bai seemed to be overly happy today and she thought that it was necessary to ask for some benefits for Shi Lei.

“Old Bai, aren’t you happy today?” Wei Xingyue asked, smiling.

Old Bai chuckled. “Why? Shi Lei gave me a drawing and he hasn’t even said anything, yet you are worried that I don’t know how to thank him? This girl has grown up.” Old Bai spoke with profound meaning. Both Wei Xingyue and Chen Yanü understood what he meant, especially Chen Yanü, who glanced deeply at Wei Xingyue. However, Shi Lei didn’t understand.

Wei Xingyue held onto Chen Yanü’s arm and acted cute. “Sister Nü, look at Old Bai. How can he joke with us youngsters?”

Chen Yanü smiled in silence, as did Old Bai.

After a while, Old Bai turned to Shi Lei. “Young friend, I’ve never really owed anyone a favor in my life and I cannot take your painting for nothing. Well, just tell me what you want and I will definitely give it to you if it’s within my capabilities.”

Shi Lei shook his head. “Perhaps the painting is precious to you, but it’s useless to me. If I wanted benefits from you, I would’ve sold it to you from the beginning.”

Old Bai was dumbfounded and thought what Shi Lei said was true. He had been measuring in monetary terms when he asked Shi Lei what reward he wanted. If it was someone else, perhaps they would exchange some antiques with Old Bai. However, Shi Lei was young and obviously didn't have any knowledge about antiques, so all he could ask for was money.

Old Bai frowned slightly, not knowing what to do and definitely not wanting to owe Shi Lei anything.

Wei Xingyue saw the situation and quickly spoke up. “Old Bai, I have an idea.”

Old Bai lifted his head slowly. His smile was filled with intelligence. “What do you want to ask for your boyfriend?”

His words were more straightforward compared to before and Shi Lei was shocked. He quickly quickly waved both of his hands. “No, no. Old Bai, please don’t misunderstand. Wei Xingyue and I are just ordinary friends.”

Old Bai looked at Wei Xingyue deeply while she glowered at Shi Lei as if she was about to go on a rampage.

“Let’s hear what good idea you have.” Old Bai smiled again.

Wei Xingyue kept a poker face. “I’m not saying it. Do whatever he wants.”

Old Bai chuckled, slowly shaking his head. Shi Lei scratched his head awkwardly. “There’s really nothing I can ask for. If you are free in the future, you can invite me over for a meal. Your food is really nice.”

Wei Xingyue rolled her eyes at him but thought: This guy isn’t so dumb after all. Now he understands how to throw a long fishing line to bait a big fish.

Old Bai looked at Shi Lei in interest. In one aspect, he didn’t think that Shi Lei was a scheming person, but what he said sounded like he wanted to create a connection with the Bai family and interact more.

Chen Yanü immediately nudged Old Bai and gestured at him. Old Bai was blank for a second before asking, “You like him?”

She nodded and smiled calmly before gesturing again.

Old Bai’s gaze fell on Shi Lei. He spoke after a moment of pondering. “Since you think it’s destiny, then we will do as you want.”

Shi Lei was confused. “What’s Old Bai and Sister Nü talking about?” he asked Wei Xingyue.

Wei Xingyue was still angry. “Don’t ask me. We are just normal friends.”

“Then what else can we be? Don’t tell me you want to be my…I have a girlfriend!”

“Go die!” Wei Xingyue cursed, but she also felt like there was a need to explain. “There’s a big difference between good friends and normal friends, okay?”

“Fine, fine. We are good friends. I said normal friends because I needed to differentiate from what Old Bai said. How did I not realize you to be so petty before?”

Wei Xingyue rolled her eyes, not wanting to talk to him anymore.

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