The Black Card

Chapter 239

Chapter 239 - Beauty Scheme

Translator: Lav

Editor: Seliniaki Ilikia

One bottle of wine was quickly finished. Under Wei Xingyue’s urging, Shi Lei drank more than she did.

He was mediocre when it came to holding his liquor. On a good day, he could only drink about a bottle of wine. After drinking more than half a bottle and in such a short time with no food to go with, Shi Lei was feeling tipsy.

He was lightheaded and his vision blurred, but Wei Xingyue only smiled meaningfully.

Shi Lei shook his head. Although he had already opened the second bottle of the wine, he knew that he couldn’t just keep drinking like this.

He went to the refrigerator, only to discover that it was completely empty. He hadn’t been to the supermarket after returning from Runzhou and the things he’d bought before he went had probably all spoiled. Sun Yiyi was most likely the one who threw it all away.

Luckily, there was such a thing called a food delivery.

Shi Lei admired his own wit and took out his phone. “I’m hungry and I’m getting something delivered,” he said as he scrolled through the list. “What do you want?”

She stretched out her long, enviable legs toward him. Perhaps because she didn’t feel like she had enough room to stretch, she left her legs on Shi Lei’s lap.

“I don’t care. Just get me whatever you’re getting.”

Shi Lei wanted to move those blue nail polished feet off of his lap, but he didn’t have the courage to touch Wei Xingyue’s delicate skin. The blue seemed even more enchanting under the dim lighting, which intimidated him even more, since he was afraid that he would do something he shouldn’t.

Because he was worried that they would finish the next bottle of wine just as quickly, Shi Lei decided to order food that was more difficult to eat.

Crayfish was the first option, since their hands would be oily and they wouldn’t be able to drink quickly. But crayfish were all hibernating in this weather. Although some shops may still have it, those that delivered in this area wouldn’t.

After a while, he found an appropriate one. “This is it!” he laughed and quickly made his order. At the same time, he asked, “Do you eat spicy crab?”

Wei Xingyue frowned. “Something spicy again? Dinner was spicy enough already. Do they have anything else there?”

“They have stir-fried clams, lamb spine, salt and pepper shrimp…Oh, and also chicken feet.”

Wei Xingyue thought for a while. None of the things Shi Lei had said would pair nicely with wine. Besides the chicken feet, they would all make everything greasy and oily. Although she couldn’t eat chicken feet elegantly, it was the best choice.

“Chicken feet then,” she said.

Shi Lei quickly added another dish of chicken feet and confirmed the order. When he was about to pay for it, Wei Xingyue spoke again. “You only bought a few bottles of wine. It doesn’t seem to be enough. Ask the food delivery person to also deliver a dozen beers.”

“Hey! What purpose do you have in making me drunk?!” Shi Lei suddenly shivered.

Wei Xingyue glanced at him lazily and said, “I want to make you drunk? Stop dreaming. Two bottles really aren’t enough. The chicken feet are oily and your spicy crab is even worse. Drinking beers is for the sake of my stomach. I’m not telling you to finish the whole dozen, just to drink as much as you can! Also, it’s already late and I already drank, so I definitely won’t be able to go home. I’ll take the bed and you take the couch. It’s decided.”

Shi Lei really didn’t know what to do with this woman. He could only add a dozen beers to his order and finally pay for it.

As they waited for the food delivery to come, they finished half of the other bottle. Luckily, the food eventually arrived. After Shi Lei took it, he learned from his previous mistake and dragged a chair over instead of sitting on the couch. He threw the chicken feet over to Wei Xingyue and began to devour his spicy crab.

It was really spicy, but it was still really good. Shi Lei was already tipsy but he sobered up quite a bit after a few bites of the spicy crab. In other words, spiciness was pain. When alcohol numbed the nerves, eating spicy food would help recover some of its sensitivity.

In the blink of an eye, Shi Lei had made a giant mess. The table looked like it had been swept out and the sauce had dripped everywhere.

Seeing Shi Lei devour the food as if he hadn’t eaten anything in the past three years, Wei Xingyue’s curiosity was piqued and she picked up half of a crab to try, but eventually gave up because it was too spicy.

“You don’t need to eat like that if you’re scared of getting drunk.” Wei Xingyue had already seen through him. “Wipe your hands and have a drink with big sis over here.”

Shi Lei felt that he sobered a little and could continue the fight, so he washed his hands and chugged down another glass with Wei Xingyue.

In a blink of eye, the half-bottle was split between them and the next target was the dozen beers.

Everything seemed more normal now. Shi Lei took a few bites of the spicy crab and then a swig of beer. He couldn’t help but explain that this way of eating fit him better as a loser. He couldn’t taste the quality of the wine with such a high quality glass. It was too tiring!

His tense mind finally relaxed after another few swigs of beer.

But the outcome of feeling relaxed was that he drank too much.

He went to the bathroom swaying from side to side. He didn’t know how he came to sit on the couch. Wei Xingyue seemed like she purposefully wanted to tease him as she leaned her soft body on Shi Lei.

He didn’t realize what kind of posture they were in, but his nose was constantly stimulated by the smell of the Chanel No. 5. His breathing became rapid.

He reached his hands out and held Wei Xingyue in his arms. She suddenly laughed. “Lil’man, you’ve finally exposed yourself, huh? You said that you have no interest in me. If not, then why are you hugging me?”

Shi Lei was only half-conscious and didn’t really have a response. He held a soft body in his arms, but his brain was already in a chaos. Even if he had the intention of doing something, he had lost his ability to act.

In simpler terms, the so-called saying of “drunken chaotic sex” was just a man’s excuse. Or perhaps, it was an unspoken rule between men and women if neither side was willing to talk but both understood what happened. If they were really drunk, they wouldn’t be able to do anything, let alone have sex.

If a man was really drunk, he would lose almost all ability to do anything. Meanwhile, if a woman was drunk, she would be like a blob of dead meat. Even if someone wanted to forcibly have sex with her, they would probably need to waste a few bottles of lubricant.

So the so-called “drunken chaotic sex” was just two people letting themselves be free for once, since at least one of them had to be conscious.

But now, neither Shi Lei nor Wei Xingyue was fully conscious. Wei Xingyue hid the thought of wanting to see what kind of truth Shi Lei would tell and what kind of attitude he would have while under the influence. But she neglected the fact that she couldn’t really hold her liquor any more than he could. Trying to make him drunk by herself was already a self-harming act. He had held on for a while longer with the spicy crab, but Wei Xingyue was on the border of being drunk after having a mixture of wine and beer.

When she finally said the sentence and was extremely pleased with herself, she had already lost consciousness.

In the haze, Wei Xingyue lay on Shi lei’s chest and gave him her lips with a giggle. “Never mind, lil’man. Considering that you know to give me perfume, I’ll reward you with a kiss.”

Then she kissed his lips as their bodies tangled together on the couch and they fell deeply asleep.

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