The Black Card

Chapter 237

Chapter 237 - Alert Temporarily Disabled

Translator: Lav

Editor: Seliniaki Ilikia

Sun Yiyi didn’t speak. She blinked a few times, her wide eyes expressing her confusion.

She didn’t understand what was going on. Although she understood everything Shi Lei had just explained, what he said had nothing to do with why Wei Xingyue was in his apartment and why she was wearing his bathrobe.

“Then I gave her a present and treated her to a meal. She wanted to drink some wine after dinner, so I initially suggest a bar or karaoke place, but she said she felt restrained in those places and it was better to drink at home. Since I didn’t have any alcohol at my place, I went to buy some. It’s cold outside. There was no need for her to tag along, so I gave her the key and told her to wait for me inside.”

Sun Yiyi nodded. “I understand. So that’s why she’s in your house and why you came back with wine.”

She obviously wanted to say something else. Shi Lei obviously knew what she wanted to ask, but he also knew that with Sun Yiyi’s personality, she would never ask.

“I’m also clueless as to why she’s only wearing a bathrobe. For that, I think we can ask her directly.”

Sun Yiyi was hesitant and seemed to be struggling with the idea, since she didn’t have enough courage to hold a normal conversation with a domineering woman like Wei Xingyue.

Shi Lei pulled Sun Yiyi to the door and knocked lightly.

Wei Xingyue quickly opened it, dressed neatly in her white dress. Although that she was still barefoot, everything else seemed to be normal.

“Did you explain everything?” Wei Xingyue beamed and asked. At the same time, she studied Sun Yiyi once again and realized that the other’s facial features were just as refined as her own, except she was still young and had limited interaction with the outside world, so it felt like she wasn’t fully developed. At most, Sun Yiyi was a flower waiting to bloom. She wasn’t even fully grown as an adult. But even so, Sun Yiyi’s youth and purity were enough to capture many a man’s heart.

Sun Yiyi bit her lip and didn’t speak. “Almost,” Shi Lei replied. “Everything except for why you were wearing my bathrobe. Let’s talk inside.”

After they went in, Sun Yiyi timidly took a seat next to the dinner table and didn’t dare look at Wei Xingyue directly. This woman was too dazzling, like the sun. The sun’s brightness was enough to obliterate those of all other stars, causing them to disappear.

“It looks like I need to give an explanation, right?” Wei Xingyue crossed her legs. Her skin tone stockings appeared extra smooth under the lighting and were extremely tempting.

Shi Lei turned his gaze away. “I’m also curious about that. Why did you change into my bathrobe? And it’s even something I’ve worn before.”

“You went to get wine and gave me your key. We also had Xiang cuisine and the smell of spices was clinging to me. I thought that you would take at least twenty minutes to get the wine. You also didn’t have your key, so I knew that you couldn’t enter even if you were back. So I took a shower. But as soon as I dried off, I heard the sound of a key turning. I panicked because I thought you had a spare key. People who live in apartments usually keep a spare key somewhere near it, so I didn’t have a choice but to put your bathrobe on. Do you think I want to wear it? It has the scent of a gross and stinky man. The thought that it would be your girlfriend instead of you didn’t even cross my mind. Haha, let me introduce myself. I’m Wei Xingyue.”

When Sun Yiyi saw Wei Xingyue’s outstretched hand, she felt that she was even more dazzling. She didn’t dare look up and could only reach out her tiny hand and shake it. “I’m Sun Yiyi,” she said, her voice so soft that even she couldn’t hear it clearly.

“If I knew it was a girl, I wouldn’t have been in such a hurry to put on the bathrobe.” Wei Xingyue returned to the couch, sat down, and crossed her legs again.

Shi Lei rolled his eyes. “I would be in more trouble if you didn’t wear it. Seriously, a woman suddenly appearing in a single man’s apartment isn’t something you should expect. But it’s not your fault. We were too used to it, and I also neglected the possibility of Yiyi coming over.”

Their words reassured Sun Yiyi. Actually, they didn’t. It would probably be impossible to feel reassured when seeing the man she liked be with a woman like Wei Xingyue.

As expected, Wei Xingyue understood women more. She smiled at Sun Yiyi and said, “I’m quite a few years older than him. Your age is closer to his, so you don’t need to worry. I just like the relaxing feeling I get when hanging out with him. I’ve never been friends with anyone like this ever since I was little, so please let me continue being friends with Shi Lei. Just ordinary friends and nothing more, okay?”

Although it was a question, in Sun Yiyi’s mind, it sounded more like a statement that left no room for argument.

She was a girl who didn’t know how to reject others anyway. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have been pestered by Wu Haoyuan for so long. She was even more lost facing a woman with such a strong aura and could therefore only nod mechanically.

“Alright, I think our explanation has been very clear. So I’m going to continue with our original plan: drinking. Where’s the wine you bought?” Wei Xingyue stretched out her hand.

Shi Lei smacked his forehead and said, “Aiya, I forgot! It’s still outside the door!” He quickly got up and brought the wine and Sun Yiyi’s thermos inside, passing the wine to Wei Xingyue and placing the thermos on the table.

Sun Yiyi also stood up and said, “I’ll get you a bowl. Sister Wei, you should also have a bowl. We simmered it for a whole afternoon, and the taste isn’t bad.”

Wei Xingyue laughed charmingly. “Okay, I’m up for some!”

Sun Yiyi brought over two bowls and poured one for Shi Lei and another for Wei Xingyue. Wei Xingyue started drinking it, not even bothering to keep up her polite act. “Mhm, it’s really good,” she said, nodding. “It’s better than the one Aunt Wang makes at my house.”

Shi Lei looked at Sun Yiyi and whispered, “Why aren’t you drinking it?”

“There wasn’t much to begin with. I already had a lot at home and I’m still full. Brother Shitou, go ahead and drink. Don’t worry about me.”

Wei Xingyue sighed deeply when she saw this. “Can a woman not even drink soup without being tortured by your romance? I can hear everything and I’m not blind.”

“How do you have so many useless words to say? Even the soup can’t stop you from spouting nonsense!” Shi Lei replied unhappily and downed big mouthfuls.

The atmosphere finally returned to normal, but Sun Yiyi couldn’t help but feel ill at ease.

“Shi Lei, can you stop being stupid?” Wei Xingyue asked in dissatisfaction. “Don’t you know that you don’t have a bottle opener at home? How do you not know to get one when you went to get the alcohol?” Sun Yiyi froze at her words.

She suddenly realized that it wasn’t the first time Wei Xingyue had come to Shi Lei’s house. And it wasn’t even her first time drinking here. It looks like they are really close, she mumbled silently.

“I’ll open it,” Shi Lei said lazily. “I really forgot. I should’ve bought a few more wine glasses too. Always using plastic cups makes us look like country bumpkins.”

“It’s still early. Go buy it.” Wei Xingyue ordered rudely.

Shi Lei did want to go buy it, but he didn’t want to let Sun Yiyi stay in the apartment with Wei Xingyue. He didn’t forget that Wei Xingyue was a crazy person. What if she said something when he was gone? Wouldn’t the world turn to chaos? Although she acted fine just then, caution had to be exercised when dealing with women.

Sun Yiyi stood up shyly. “I’ll get it for you…”

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