The Black Card

Chapter 233

Chapter 233 - Dog Bites Dog

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Editor: Seliniaki Ilikia

Manager Chen’s face revealed a troubled expression. Wei Xingyue’s words were undeniable. He had known about this incident for quite some time now and his thoughts on Shi Lei were exactly the same as Yu Deping’s. Although he knew that Shi Lei was Wei Xingyue’s friend, he also felt that if Shi Lei really was an important friend, she wouldn’t just let him come by himself.

He didn’t have to mention that not all wealthy people wore expensive brands. Nike was also a renowned sportswear brand. However, Shi Lei didn’t even have a car when he arrived. Even though he bought a set of golf clubs worth 130,000 yuan and some other items which were about 20,000 more yuan, Manager Chen still believed him to be someone who was just slightly wealthier than ordinary people, but definitely incomparable to the members here.

After that, his bias toward Yu Deping became more apparent. He had heard the report from Meng Xiaodie a while ago, but nevertheless decided to remain still. After Wei Xingyue came, he discovered that she didn’t step in to help him out, instead choosing to hide on the side and watch the drama, which further supported his theory that Shi Lei and Wei Xingyue were just acquaintances. Shi Lei was most likely an entrepreneur who had some sort of new idea that the Wei family liked. Hence, Wei Xingyue invited him out for the sake of discussing investments or purchasing the idea from him.

Of course, Manager Chen obviously wouldn’t see this kind of entrepreneur as on his level.

However, Wei Xingyue’s reaction completely surprised him. When he saw Yu Deping standing in the corner through the security cameras, he could no longer sit still.

But he also knew that if he stepped in at the very beginning, Wei Xingyue definitely wouldn’t give him any face. Hence, he intentionally waited until Shi Lei had hit a few balls before making his appearance when he thought that the other had let off enough steam and wouldn’t be as angry anymore. Luckily, none of the balls had hit their intended target.

What he didn’t expect was Wei Xingyue refusing to give him any face. He could only cast glances toward Shi Lei, appealing for help.

Shi Lei only smiled silently when he saw Manager Chen looking at him.

Manager Chen had no choice but to step forward and extend a hand. “Hello, Mr. Shi. I am the head manager here. My name is—”

Shi Lei shook his head. “Since you didn’t choose to stop our bet from the beginning, then you shouldn’t stop me from getting what I rightfully won. What say you, Manager Chen?”

“Uh…” Manager Chen’s hand hung awkwardly in midair. He could only sigh and retract it, since it was evident that Shi Lei didn’t have any intention of shaking hands with him.

Shi Lei turned around and moved next to the remaining three balls. “Three more balls,” he said loudly to Yu Deping.

As soon as he finished his sentence, he swung his club and a ball flew out. This time, it hit Yu Deping in the stomach instead of the wall.

“Ow!” Yu Deping felt a sudden, sharp pain in his stomach and bent over involuntarily.

“Stand up! There’s two more!” Shi Lei ordered mercilessly.

Yu Deping finally opened his eyes and looked at Manager Chen, begging for mercy. But Manager Chen turned around without hesitation. He knew that no one would be able to help Yu Deping. He had to withstand those ten balls himself.

Yu Deping could only straighten himself without a choice, but he inconspicuously turned his body to the side.

Shi Lei swung the club again and cleanly hit the ball. It flew in a straight line and hit the intended target once more.

This time, it landed on Yu Deping’s thigh. The incredible force made him jump and grimace in pain.

“Last one. You are free to go after this. Where do you think I should hit you? The head? Or perhaps the chest? Never mind, let’s go with the chest. You might get a concussion if I aim for the head!”

He swung the club the second those words left his mouth. The white ball soared out with a “bang” and really did land on Yu Deping’s chest.

Yu Deping couldn’t help but cry in pain at the intense force he had been hit with. He fell to the ground with tears running down his face and his expression twisted with horror.

“You should thank Manager Chen for that. If he hadn’t interfered, I would’ve just scared you with the first nine balls and let you suffer a little with the last one. But since he came, I needed to give him some face, you know? So I let you know with the last three balls how…uh…What did you say before? Oh! How it feels to lose to someone who’s not on the same level as you!” With that said, Shi Lei threw the golf club onto the rack next to him and leisurely walked back to where he was before. He picked up the bottle of water that had been brought over by the girl and took a sip, absentmindedly turning his gaze up at the sky.

Wei Xingyue smiled and stood next to him.

Manager Chen quickly signaled for two staff members to help Yu Deping up and take him to the changing room.

The three places where the balls had hit him were still aching horribly. Yu Deping took off his clothes and saw that those places were all black and blue. Although it wasn’t anything major, it would still hurt for quite some time.

The more significant thing was that he lost all his dignity and was afraid that he would never have the face to come here ever again.

Manager Chen brought over a bottle of safflower oil(1) with a smile on his face and said, “Young Master Yu, hurry up and use it. Do you want me to help you? Or if you want, you can take a shower first and I’ll tell my professional physiotherapist to give you a massage afterward.”

Yu Deping looked at Manager Chen’s face and his teeth almost shattered as he clenched them in hatred. He seized the bottle of safflower oil and smashed it onto the floor. The glass shattered and the oil splattered everywhere. “Stop pretending to be a f*cking good guy!” Yu Deping yelled hoarsely. “What the f*ck were you doing earlier? If you knew that he was Wei Xingyue’s friend, why the f*ck didn’t you notify me?! And now you’re only pretending to be nice now?! That Shi person said he only planned on hitting me once, but I was hit three times because of you! Just f*ck off! Get lost! F*ck you!”

Manager Chen jaw dropped in shock, and he was soon furious. However, he couldn’t just yell hysterically like Yu Deping, so he snorted heavily and left the changing room.

After he left, Manager Chen began to swear under his breath. “Who the f*ck does he think he is? Does he really think he’s someone important?! You’re not even good enough to lick Wei Xingyue’s shoes! This is bullshit! You’re the one who caused the drama and now you’re blaming it on me!? What the hell!”

Yu Deping didn’t take a shower. He quickly threw his clothes back on, took his things, and left in embarrassment and resentment.

As he left, he felt as if every glance toward him was filled with mockery. He wanted to let everything out but didn’t have an outlet.

He got into his car and drove away. After he rounded the corner, he abruptly stepped on the brake and stopped the car in the middle of the road.

Yu Deping pulled out his phone and called the woman whom he had chased away before. “Where are you?!” he yelled the moment she picked up.

“Why are you calling me again? What do you care about where I am?” The woman didn’t recognize his abnormal tone and was under the impression that he regret his actions. And so she couldn’t help but feel arrogant, thinking that he wanted her back.

“You f*cking stinky b*tch! How dare you talk to me like this as well! Do you think that I can’t find some people to rape you?! Cut the bullshit! I’m going down the mountain to get a room, and you better be there to suck my d*ck. If I’m not satisfied, I’ll make sure you never set foot in Wudong again!” Yu Deping smashed the phone fiercely onto the front passenger seat without waiting for her answer.

  1. Safflower oil: a Chinese medicine that’s used to help cease bruise and ease pain 

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