The Black Card

Chapter 232

Chapter 232 - No One’s Face Is Useful

Translator: Lav

Editor: Seliniaki Ilikia

Wei Xingyue giggled and turned to look at the frozen Young Master Yu.

What background does this Shi Lei have? He attitude toward Wei Xingyue isn’t even casual, it’s impolite. And why did it sound like Wei Xingyue was begging him?

This is Wei Xingyue! Since when did Wudong have a devil who could make the Wei family’s young lady act cute?

Even the employees who worked there were all dumbfounded, not to mention Young Master Yu.

Wei Xingyue was always polite to them, but these employees had also seen many customers of varying backgrounds act extremely respectfully toward her. Their boss had warned them about her when they first started working. Although she seemed to be polite to everyone, if she was offended or upset, she definitely wouldn’t as kind as she seemed.

But today, Wei Xingyue was actually being polite toward a young man barely over twenty. It was more than that, actually. She almost seemed to be dependent on him.

“Are you Yu Xingzhi’s kid?” Wei Xingyue asked calmly.

Young Master Yu was already shaking. “I’m Yu Deping,” he quickly replied. “My father is Yu Xingzhi.”

Wei Xingyue nodded. “Deping…Haha, this name does indeed fit you, average in your morals(1). But your actions today were not that. Actually, there was nothing in what you did that was even in the least moral. When you’re here, you need to admit your mistakes and stand up straight when you’re getting beaten up. Didn’t Yu Xingzhi teach you this?”

Yu Deping timidly looked at Wei Xingyue, his eyes filled with despair.

Although he was rich, he knew that he obviously wasn’t on the same level as her. And despite the fact that they were about the same age, Wei Xingyue obviously saw him as a child. Even if it was his father standing in his place, he would address her as “Miss Wei” and wouldn’t have the guts to call himself her senior.

But of course, Yu Xingzhi would never even have the opportunity to talk to Wei Xingyue under normal circumstances, not to mention Wei Xingyue’s father. As for Yu Deping, he was nothing even in front of Wei Qing.

Yu Deping looked at Shi Lei “Young Master Shi,” he said painfully. “I was incapable of recognizing your greatness. Please let me go! It’s all my fault. I shouldn’t have provoked you!”

Shi Lei finally opened his mouth only to sigh lightly. “Ah. Looks like, in the end, I still needed you to support me. If you weren’t here, I really wouldn’t have a way to make him stand by the wall!”

Yu Deping fell into complete despair when he heard that. He knew Shi Lei definitely wasn’t going to let him go.

Wei Xingyue and Shi Lei looked over Yu Deping and glanced at a wall that was not too far away. Yu Deping turned around and knew instantly that it was the place where he was going to fulfill the bet.

He didn’t dare have any thoughts of running away when faced with Wei Xingyue’s strong aura. Refuse to go? Stop joking. Wei Xingyue definitely wouldn’t let him escape. His outcome would probably be more miserable if he didn’t do it. And if his father found out about what happened, he would be grounded for at least a year.

Yu Deping clenched his teeth and walked toward the wall with his head lowered in silence. Inside, he hated Shi Lei as if the guy had murdered his father and ran away with his wife.

“Ten balls! Bring it on!” Yu Deping yelled miserably.

Shi Lei and Wei Xingyue exchanged a smile and walked over. Shi Lei took out ten golf balls from the basket and lined them up about twenty meters away from where Yu Deping stood.

Not many people crowded around to take a look, but everyone’s gazes had gathered there. There were certain situations in which it would be inappropriate for them to crowd around the scene. One glance from afar was enough.

Shi Lei picked up a golf club and stood next to the first white ball.

“Prepare yourself. And remember that you cannot avoid the outcome of our bet!” Shi Lei’s voice wasn’t loud, but it was firm.

Then, he swung the golf club high into the air and the first ball whizzed toward Yu Deping.

Yu Deping closed his eyes and moved his hands to cover his crotch. He heard a “bang” next to him. The golf ball had hit the wall barely three inches away.

“I’m lacking accuracy!” Shi Lei exclaimed regretfully.

Shi Lei looked at Yu Deping, whose face and body were distorted in horror.

It had been too close and golf balls were rather hard. It would be okay for his body to be hit, but if the ball landed on his head or a certain important body part, things could be really bad.

Shi Lei swung the golf club again and the second white ball flew out.

With another “bang,” the ball grazed Yu Deping’s cheek and hit the wall. This time, he felt his cheek burning slightly.

Luckily, it didn’t hit me. Yu Deping thought.

“How did I miss again?” Shi Lei yelled once more.

The next few balls were exactly the same. They grazed Yu Deping’s body and landed on the wall next to him. Yu Deping was twitching from side to side in horror, but didn’t dare open his eyes no matter what. His body was distorted into the legendary S shape, or even the double S shape, which explored the limits of his body’s flexibility. He would probably never be able to make that pose under ordinary circumstances.

When Shi Lei was about to hit the seventh ball, a middle aged man around fifty years old walked over quickly with a grim look on his face.

“Miss Xingyue…”

Wei Xingyue glance at the newcomer and smiled. “Ah, Manager Chen. What brings you here?”

Manager Chen laughed bitterly. “How can I not come?” He glanced at both Shi Lei and Yu Deping as he spoke. Shi Lei set the golf club on the floor and thought: Is he here to advise us to spare Yu Deping?

Manager Chen lowered his voice and whispered to Wei Xingyue, “Miss Xingyue, you are putting me in a difficult situation here. The Yu family is a dignified family here in Wudong and they are not ordinary people to be able to sign up as members here at my golf course. There’s no need for you to be angry with him. Now that you’ve achieved your goal, can you give me some face and let him go?”

Wei Xingyue rolled her eyes and said, “I called Xiaodie today and told her that I have a friend coming over. I remember very clearly that I said ‘friend,’ not customer. He’s not an outsider. I asked her to help me greet him and then what happened? This Yu Deping started harassing my friend as soon as he walked through the front gate. Manager Chen, since when did this place change ownership? Or are you perhaps saying that anyone can come in here and bully other customers? If that’s case, then I don’t think you should continue your business. My friend arrived at half past two. It’s already four o’clock. It’s been an hour and a half and you just sat there ignoring the fact that he was harassing my friend. Now that they had a bet and Yu Deping lost, you come here telling me not to be angry with him? I saw that the weather today was nice and wanted to hang out with my friend, but what kind of treatment did he receive? Xiaodie is just an employee, so I don’t blame her because she’s too afraid of offending anyone. Asking me to give you face? Then what about mine? What about my friend’s? It’s just ten balls and this is already the seventh ball. Isn’t that thing standing there safe and sound? There are only three left, so there’s no point in ending it here. We will finish these three balls and we will not give anyone any face. Everyone will leave after this is finished.”

  1. Deping: “De” means morals and “Ping” means average. Hence, Wei Xingyue commented that it fit him

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