The Black Card

Chapter 231

Chapter 231 - Miss Wei’s Appearance

Translator: Lav

Editor: Seliniaki Ilikia

Shi Lei smirked at Young Master Yu, shot a look at the staff member, then confidently shoved the 7-iron back into his bag.

“Are there a lot of balls in that area?” Shi Lei asked the employee with a smile.

The man glanced at Young Master Yu, opened his mouth, but then closed it again. In fact, the practice grounds were three hundred and sixty meters in length and a ball would only land in the area after three hundred meters around once every six months. And Shi Lei had even written his initials on his ball.

“Now you’re just being shameless. You think that just because there are so many balls down there, if you don’t admit that it was my ball, then this bet wouldn't have a clear outcome?” Shi Lei half smiled. He wanted to see how shameless this guy could be.

“Even if we do find a ball with the letters ‘SL’ on it, how can you be sure that it’s yours? Your initials are ‘SL,’ but a person named ‘Sun Lei,’ or ‘Su Long’ would also have the same initials. How can you prove that it’s yours?”


This dude really was the most shameless person he had met as of yet. Shi Lei smiled in amusement and even the staff standing to the side couldn’t bear to watch anymore. This guy was a young master, so why couldn’t he act like one and admit his defeat?

“Based on what you said, if we really wanted to compete, then we would have to clear away every single ball down there in order to determine who’s the winner and who’s the loser, right?”

Shi Lei’s gaze made Young Master Yu feel guilty. He understood that the other really had hit the ball farther than four hundred meters, but it was just too unbelievable. And most importantly, how could he stand in a corner and just let Shi Lei hit ten balls at him? Although controlling the balls would be difficult, if even one actually hit him, he wouldn’t be able to take it.

Just standing there and getting pelted by golf balls alone was enough to make him lose the rest of his dignity. He definitely wouldn’t have the face to come to this golf course anymore. The story of this incident would definitely spread and circulate throughout the entire high-class circle of Wudong.

No, he definitely couldn’t afford to admit defeat! Hence, Young Master Yu straightened himself and argued back forcefully. “You are a beginner who has never played golf before. Who would believe that you can hit that far of a distance? It has to be someone who hit their ball at the same time as you!”

Shi Lei spread his arms and said, “Are you saying that there’s nothing I can do to prove it?”

Young Master Yu was secretly delighted. He thought that he had only lost some face, which couldn’t compared to standing next to a wall and getting hit.

Hence, he laughed coldly. “Even a professional player can barely do what you just did, not to mention a beginner like you. Well, since we can’t confirm it, let’s call it a draw. I won’t tell you to stand in the corner and get hit. Let’s move on.”

Shi Lei shook his head and sighed. “You are ugly, but your thoughts sure are nice. Let me ask you, do you plan on fulfilling the bet or not?”

Young Master Yu returned Shi Lei's glare and thought: What can you do even if I act shamelessly? Do you dare fight me? Of course, he couldn’t say that out loud, and so had nothing to say in response. He could only return Shi Lei’s glare.

When the employee saw the two close to exchanging blows, he kindly walked up to Shi Lei. “Mr. Shi, why don’t you let it go?” His voice was soft, since he obviously didn’t want Young Master Yu to hear. “You are definitely the winner, but please consider Young Master Yu’s standing. If you really ask him to stand still and get hit with golf balls, it would be—”

Shi Lei laughed. “Think of it this way: if I really didn’t make it to one hundred meters, would he let me go if I acted as shamelessly as he is doing right now?”

The employee didn’t know what to say. Shi Lei patted his shoulder. “We were strangers, but he has been trying to provoke me since I stepped through the door. I really don’t have much of a temper. Usually, when people push me, I will step back. If they push me again, then I’ll back off again. But he’s been doing it so much that I’m leaning against a wall without any space to back off anymore, and yet he’s continuing to push me. Do you think I should demolish the wall or retaliate?”

Seeing that no one could say anything to that, Shi Lei pointed at Young Master Yu. “I’m asking you again. Are you going to do it or not?”

Young Master Yu couldn’t care about his reputation anymore and yelled in anger, “Why do I have to do it when I didn’t lose? You can’t prove that you defeated me!”

“Do you really think that I can’t do anything to you just because you act shamelessly like this?”

Young Master Yu silently glowered at Shi Lei.

Shi Lei shook his head. “Wei Xingyue, how long do you intend to watch this drama?" he yelled. "You’ve being here for quite some time now. Isn’t it time to make an appearance?”

“Holy shit! How did you know I was here?” Wei Xingyue walked out from behind a giant pole more than ten teeing grounds away with a smile on her face and dressed in a white golfing outfit.

“Well, I just wanted to see how you dealt with this thing.”

Young Master Yu abruptly turned his head and froze when he saw Wei Xingyue’s face.

It wasn’t that he didn’t recognize her, but because he was still blinded by her beauty, despite having seen many beautiful women before. Is she the brat’s girlfriend? He looks like a loser, so how can he have such a pretty girlfriend? He wondered silently.

A fluttering thought arose within him and he suddenly recalled the name Shi Lei had yelled out.

Wei Xingyue?!

Wei! Xing! Yue!?

The young lady of the Wei family?!

Young Master Yu got rid of all his inappropriate thoughts as deep chills rose from the bottom of his heart when he looked at Wei Xingyue’s breathtaking face. If she was a young master or young lady from another family, he wouldn’t be this scared, even if they were richer than him. They would share the mutual bond of being rich and would naturally leave some face for each other instead of ripping it off. But this was Wei Xingyue, the renowned crazy woman of the Wei family! She didn’t care whatsoever about the dignity of those who had offended her. And if her father heard that his children were causing trouble, he would only ask for the person at fault. If it was his children, then he wouldn’t cover for them, but if it was the opposite party, then he would support his children to the very end, as long as lives weren’t at stake.

In simpler words, her father was also a madman!

The more terrifying thing was that the man was one of the few people who stood at the top in Wudong.

And this Shi Lei had spoken so casually to Wei Xingyue. Who on earth is he?

Damn, as someone who can talk to Wei Xingyue with such a carefree attitude, shouldn’t you be at the same level as her? Why were you pretending to be a loser? Young Master Yu was on the verge of crying.

Wei Xingyue had already walked in between them. She clapped lightly and gave Shi Lei a rather charming smile.

“Your expression doesn’t look nice. Are you still angry at me or are you angry at this thing?” Wei Xingyue didn’t even look at Young Master Yu. She had already addressed him as “this thing” twice in a row now.

“You hid there watching me get provoked and wanted to know whether I’ll hold it in or fight back. Was it that interesting?”

Wei Xingyue smiled sweetly and stood next to Shi Lei. She held onto his sleeve like a little girl and pretended to be cute. “Okay, okay. Don’t be angry. I just wanted to have some fun. Of course I know Young Master Shi has his own special way of dealing with this thing. Alright, I promise I won’t do it again!”

“Forget it. There’s nothing a crazy woman like you won’t do. Next time will just be worse! I’m even starting to think that this guy came under your orders!”

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