The Black Card

Chapter 230

Chapter 230 - The Field is Not Big Enough

Translator: Lav

Editor: Seliniaki Ilikia

He swung the golf club cleanly and the small white ball flew across the sky.

Shi Lei would give him ninety points just for his posture alone. It seemed like he had underwent professional training. Shi Lei had interacted with many fuerdais and understood that it didn’t matter how cool and aloof these guys looked. They really were better than ordinary kids in many ways. It wasn’t that they were naturally smarter or more talented, but that they had access to a better education than ordinary families.

Basically, they were made out of their parents’ money.

The small white ball almost disappeared out of sight.

It was almost 4 PM and the sky was already growing dark, making the ball even harder to track.

However, that wasn’t too big of a problem since every teeing ground had binoculars. Shi Lei had already picked one up and was watching the ball land, bounce back up, then continue to roll forward.

A staff member took a laser measuring device and, after seeking their permission, confirmed the location of the ball and used the device’s laser to pinpoint the distance.

It didn’t have to be so complicated and high tech, though. There were flags on the field that marked the distance at equal intervals. It was obvious from the colors of the flags that Young Master Yu’s hit had exceeded two hundred and thirty meters. The final measuring outcome was two hundred and sixty-one yards, which was about two hundred and forty meters.

This tee off distance earned a round of applause from the staff members. For an amateur player, this distance was worthy of praise.

Young Master Yu was rather pleased with himself and turned to look at Shi Lei. Even though he had used a 1-wood, this distance already exceeded his normal distance of two hundred and thirty meters.

“Your turn!” Young Master Yu’s face was extremely grim. He couldn’t wait to see Shi Lei not even hit one hundred and twenty meters and then thoroughly humiliate him.

Shi Lei stood in the teeing ground, facing the lawn leisurely while slowly pulling on his gloves.

“Stop dawdling. It doesn’t matter how long you try to delay the inevitable. You only have ten minutes.” Young Master Yu stood behind Shi Lei and activated his taunting skill.

Shi Lei didn’t even turn around. “Are you in that much of a hurry to stand in a corner and get beat up with balls by me?” he asked lightly. “I didn’t know you were that intense of a masochist!”

Young Master Yu clenched his teeth in anger and threw his gloves to the side. “Fine. Show me how you plan on winning!” he said fiercely.

Shi Lei wasn’t in a hurry. When he saw out of the corner of his eye Young Master Yu retreat back to wait impatiently, he softly commanded, “Click on the Ancient Times’ Martial Arts Card.”

After a half-second pause, Shi Lei spoke again. “Select the first martial arts master. Confirm.”

He finished putting on his gloves and still held the 7-iron. Shi Lei weighed it in his hands, holding the club tightly, just like how the coach had taught him before.

At the same time, he was silently mumbling inside: Please don’t let me down. As a martial arts master, there shouldn’t be any problems dealing with a mere golf ball.

Although that was what he thought, he still felt somewhat uncertain when he was about to play.

He stood with his legs shoulder width apart and positioned himself to the side of the white ball.

Shi Lei held the club tightly and gestured twice at the ball. Then he channeled his strength into his arms and lifted the 7-iron high into the air.

Shi Lei saw Young Master Yu tighten his fist out of the corner of his eye and smiled. He slowly put the club down and continued practicing the same movement next to the ball.

Young Master Yu was extremely nervous and he almost had a heart attack when Shi Lei put the club down again.

“Are you going to do it or not?” he yelled angrily.

Shi Lei flashed him a smiled and said, “It hasn’t been ten minutes yet. Am I not allowed to get the hang of it first?”

Young Master Yu was speechless. His eyes flamed with rage as he hoped that he could mince Shi Lei into tiny pieces to relieve the hatred in his heart.

He then saw him lean the club to the side and squat down leisurely as if he was tying his shoelaces.

What the hell. Why are you tying your shoelaces at such an intense time? Aren’t your shoelaces tied up perfectly fine? Young Master Yu mumbled to himself, but there was nothing he could do. It had yet to be ten minutes and Shi Lei had the right to do whatever he wanted in that time.

Shi Lei once again raised the club in his hands. Young Master Yu wasn’t as nervous as before, thinking that Shi Lei was going to play around with him again.

But this time, Shi Lei straightened his waist, put all his strength into his arms, and swung the club toward the ball.

When Shi Lei was about to swing the golf club as hard as he could, he suddenly felt his body fill with immense power. His vision and balance also vastly increased and he had success completely within his grasp.

The head of the golf club hit the ball heavily. It immediately rose from the ground and made a light humming sound in the air as it flew out. It didn’t fly too high, but the speed was extremely fast and it instantly disappeared into the darkening sky. Young Master Yu immediately looked through the binoculars and managed to catch a glimpse of a tiny white dot that was rapidly soaring across the sky.

His expression changed drastically. Impossible! This is impossible! How can that ball fly so far away!? It’s about to exceed the boundary of the field! Does this mean that it is more than three hundred meters away? That’s impossible!

The ball finally smashed into the tall iron net lining the boundary of the field and fell down, rolling into the bushes.

“Holy shit! That far? As expected, using the card was brilliant! Hahaha, how far did it go?”

Shi Lei couldn’t help but howl with laughter as he turned around and asked the staff who held the measuring device. He was also in shock. Although there were many world records for the farthest distance hit in golf, they were at least five or six hundred meters. However, even professional players found it difficult to hit over four hundred meters, not to mention ordinary players. And Shi Lei had used a 7-iron, not a 1-wood made specifically for teeing off.

Seeing Shi Lei’s crazy laughter, the staff member almost thought that he had been pretending to be a pig to eat the tiger from the beginning and was intentionally teasing Young Master Yu. Even if his distance was divided by two, Young Master Yu wouldn’t have been able to beat him with his 1-wood, not to mention multiplying that distance by two.

“This…There’s no need to measure it. The length of our practice field is three hundred and sixty meters. The ball was still traveling very quickly when it hit the net and the final distance would be at least another four hundred meters.” The staff swallowed and looked at Young Master Yu. He knew about the bet between them, after all.

Without a doubt, Shi Lei had won. And he did so without room for argument.

“Impossible! It’s wrong! That’s definitely not your ball! There must be someone who did it around the same time as you and that’s the ball we saw. As for your ball, it definitely just rolled down!”

Shi Lei smiled as he watched Young Master Yu shout without a shred of dignity left. “There’s no need to doubt me,” he said indifferently. “When I was tying my shoelaces, I wrote my initials on that ball. My name is Shi Lei, so that ball has the letters ‘SL’ on it. If you don’t want to admit defeat, then we can ask someone to find the ball. Then you’ll know for certain.”

Young Master Yu suddenly deflated, but he soon began to wave his arms again. “Impossible! You’re bluffing! You know that there are tons of balls down there and you said it because you know it’s going to be hard to find yours!”

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