The Black Card

Chapter 171

Chapter 171 – Is 500,000 Yuan Enough? 

Translator: Lav

Editor: Seliniaki Ilikia

Shi Lei wanted to curse. Who the fuck wanted that? She even winked to make their relationship seem more ambiguous. Although you have big breasts and long legs, who in the world would like that buzz cut? He could remember that… 

“Take that snake face flying. We’re busy. Sorry we can’t accompany you!” Shi Lei’s face dropped and quickly went into Wei Qing’s car. 

Song Miaomiao wasn’t in a hurry and smilingly said, “I’ll just be quiet. Xiao Qingzi, do you dare to drive?” 

Wei Qing was having a massive headache since Song Miaomiao was there, and he really didn’t dare to drive. 

Shi Lei nodded. “So I can’t leave in your car either,” he said to Wei Qing. “I’ll call for a car to pick me up. Leave first and tell me the address.” 

Wei Qing was helpless but could only agree. After getting the address, Shi Lei exited the car. 

As expected, Song Miaomiao didn’t pay attention to Wei Qing anymore after Shi Lei got off. He took his phone out and used an app to look for cars. 

As a habit, he chose the luxurious type and his order was accepted as soon as he put up the request. Shi Lei checked the car only to find that it was a Hummer ten meters away from him. The plate was unexpectedly not local. He subconsciously looked at Song Miaomiao’s car. The car plate matched and Song Miaomiao flashed him a smug smile. 

Shi Lei was speechless. Song Miaomiao laughed and said, “You didn’t expect this, did you, lil’boy? When I'm bored, I use this to hit on girls.” 

Shi Lei was even more speechless and once again thought that she really was crazy. Although she was a woman and drove a car worth at least one million yuan, the girls she hit on would probably lower their guards even more since it was a car called through an online app. 

Shi Lei cancelled the order and pressed the call button again. 

It was immediately accepted as soon as it was published. Without a surprise, it was still Song Miaomiao. 

Shi Lei glowered at her and changed the type from luxurious to comfortable. I don’t want a luxurious type anymore. Now you can’t accept the order, can you?

But when Shi Lei sent the order, Song Miaomiao still got it. 

“Hey, how can you still accept that? Does your family own this app?” 

Song Miaomiao was pleased. “First, you guessed right. My family has about 30% of the shares. And second, didn’t you know that you can lower the level of the car to accept the order?” 

Shi Lei really didn’t know about this. He had never worked as a driver before, so how could he know? 

He once again cancelled and requested a car. And of course, Song Miaomiao was still the one who accepted.

“If you cancel it again, you won’t be able to request another one for a while.” Song Miaomiao was pleased, waving the phone in her hands. Without knowing why, she didn’t seem to be annoying, but more like a naughty child. 

Shi Lei also knew that after an order was accepted but then cancelled multiple times within a certain period, it would be judged as malicious and intentional, and the app wouldn’t allow him to post any more orders. 

He could only beg Song Miaomiao. “Shui Ye, please don’t lower yourself to my level. Tell me, what must I do for you to let me go?!” 

Song Miaomiao laughed loudly, knowing that Shi Lei had given up. “I just want to play with you,” she said. “I’ll take you somewhere tonight and there will be a good show!” 

“But I have appointments! There are people waiting for me. Can I take a raincheck? We’ll make an appointment early!” 

“Are you talking about Xiao Qingzi? What can that brat do? How can spending some time with a few second and third rate models compare to the place I’m taking you to? Don’t say that I didn’t tell you. I have something fun organized tonight. There’s a female idol…what’s her name again? Aiya, I forgot. But she’s pretty good looking. If you want, we can do it together later tonight!” 

Shi Lei was speechless. What was this shameless ladyboy, this female pervert, saying? It was such a disturbing thing, and yet she sounded as if it was something as normal as eating. 

“What do I need to do for you to let me go?!!!” Shi Lei was on the verge of crying. 

Song Miaomiao seemed to like him this way and giggled. “You’ll spend the night with me. Then we’ll be equal!” 

“But I’m not interested in a ladyboy!” Shi Lei cried again. 

“Don’t refuse it when I’m giving you face. Saying ‘ladyboy’ in every single sentence…how exactly do I look like one?” With that said, Song Miaomiao stuck out her chest. Feeling that it wasn’t enough, she even flipped her leather jacket back. 

Shi Lei couldn’t deny the fact that this damned transvestite really did have a nice body. But with that hairstyle, he had the feeling that he was facing a tough man. 

The plan at the moment was to escape as soon as possible. When worst came to worst, he would tell Wei Qing that he wasn’t going anymore, not believing that Song Miaomiao could follow him everywhere. 

He headed outside the parking lot. Song Miaomiao wasn’t in a hurry. After Shi Lei left, she started the engine and followed after him. 

Seeing that he wanted to hail a taxi from the street, Song Miaomiao poked her head out and said, “Lil’boy, don’t blame me for not warning you. If you dare to catch a taxi, I’ll hit him until he can’t move. Don’t hurt others!” 

Looking at Song Miaomiao and then recalling that crazy woman Wei Xingyue, Shi Lei realized that this ladyboy was way more insane than even her. He knew that because it was possible for Wei Xingyue to do something like that, Song Miaomiao could definitely do it as well.

Their current location was really far away from Shi Lei’s apartment. He didn’t really have the courage to walk home when it was the end of December and the temperature was freezing. Heaving a sigh, Shi Lei unwillingly pulled open the door of the Hummer and sat in the back. 

“See? Didn’t you still come in after all that?” Song Miaomiao was extremely pleased. 

Shi Lei closed his eyes and said, “Find a hotel. I’ll definitely satisfy your desires!” 

Song Miaomiao was dumbfounded by his words, then immediately turned around and said viciously, “Brat, what kind of person did you think I am? Did you really think I want to have sex with you?!” 

“Didn't you say that you wanted play with from the very beginning?” Shi Lei said coldly. “Where else would a man and a woman play other than in bed? Holy shit, don’t tell me you are so hardcore that you want to do it in public? It’s so cold! Even if you want to die, I at least want to live a few more years!”  

Song Miaomiao was going crazy. No one had ever talked to her like this since she was a child. She no longer had the thought of teasing Shi Lei anymore, instead glowering at him. “Brat, you really flatter yourself,” she said slowly, enunciating each word. “You think just because you’re close to Wei Xingyue that I don’t dare to lay a hand on you? Hmph, I will cripple you today and see whether the Wei family dares to turn again my Song family!” 

Shi Lei was also about to lose his mind. He had been threatened by the Black Card for two months now and was sick of it. “You are just a kid who depends on your family in the end,” he retorted. “Well, I’ve always wondered what would happen if someone like you didn’t have the support from their family. Would they be able to survive for even a day in this society?!” 

“Don’t try to agitate me; it doesn’t work. What’s wrong with using my family’s influence? Reincarnation is an art! So what I’m use it to my advantage? Even if I concede and let you play, can you afford it?” 

As soon as Shi Lei heard that, he raised his eyebrows and said, “Tell me, how much do you want for sex? How much for one night?” Although Shi Lei had never done it before, it didn’t mean he didn’t know the vocabulary associated with the act. And he knew that Song Miaomiao wasn’t talking about that. He just wanted to disgust her on purpose so he could see exactly how crazy she could be! 

As expected, Song Miaomiao lost her mind in fury and floored the accelerator. Luckily, the Hummer was like an armored car, so the speed had a limit. Shi Lei wasn’t too intimidated by it after his experience of going over two hundred kilometers per hour with Wei Xingyue. 

“Is 100,000 yuan enough? I’ll take you for one night. If it’s not enough, then how about 200,000 yuan―no, 500,000 yuan!” Shi Lei went completely wild.  

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