The Black Card

Chapter 170

Chapter 170 - Jie1 Will Take You Flying

Translator: Aominemika

TLC: Lav

Editor: Seliniaki Ilikia

If it was someone else, Wei Qing wouldn’t view Song Miaomiao’s actions as her being interested in Shi Lei, since usually if someone did that, it would be as if that person was attacking him on purpose due to some personal grudge. 

Song Miaomiao was notorious for being insane in the Chang San Jiao2 circle. Aside from playing around with both men and women, her personality was also perverse. Song Miaomiao wouldn’t have flirted with Shi Lei if she really had something against him. Normally, she would have flipped, or even attacked him.

But from her actions, it seemed like she wanted to add Shi Lei to her list of “close friends.”

“So you guys know each other!” Wei Qing said awkwardly. 

Song Miaomiao threw him a side glance and asked, “Xiao Qingzi3, are you friends with this lil’boy?”

Wei Qing had always been troubled by the “Qing” in his name. “Shao Qing” or anything along that line would be considered elegant and refined, but the word “Qing” by itself sounded feminine. He wouldn’t mind if it was just friends joking around, but the nickname Song Miaomiao called him by was obviously her form of teasing him.

But Wei Qing didn’t dare act out against her. Not only would he lose when it came to financial background, but also when it came to ruthlessness. She was the one who would bite when she lost control, and even the Song family had stopped bothering with this playgirl a long time ago. Most people from the circle would avoid her at all costs.

Wei Qing laughed dryly and felt that he probably didn’t have to remind Shi Lei about Song Miaomiao, since he could guess a thing or two from Shi Lei’s attitude. “Yeah, we are friends. What brings Shui Ye to Wu Dong?”

“I’m already here. Do I need a reason?” It was obvious that Song Miaomiao didn’t want to speak another word to Wei Qing, so she turned her attention back to Shi Lei. “Why so quiet, lil’boy? You were quite talkative the other day, weren’t you? Older sister likes the way you use your mouth.”

Shi Lei almost vomited blood. “Mouth your ass, you damned transvestite pervert! Can’t you see we’re waiting for someone? We’ve got no time for you.”

Wei Qing’s jaw dropped. Those who dared to talk to Song Miaomiao with such an attitude usually didn’t end up well. He began to worry for Shi Lei.

Surprisingly, Song Miaomiao wasn’t angry and instead laughed. “Haha, Ye4 likes your personality! Although you’re quite young, you’re definitely manly enough! Who are you waiting for? How about we wait together? I’m alone anyway. Ye will take you out and have some fun tonight!”

Obviously Shi Lei wouldn’t answer her, but Wei Qing knew that if there was anyone whom Song Miaomiao respected, it would be Yu Banzhi.

Hence, he quickly said, “We’re waiting for Yu Banzhi. If Shui Ye is interested, do join us.”

Shi Lei’s face contorted as he glared at Wei Qing. He didn’t understand the reasoning behind why the other would say such a thing. Shi Lei only felt that something had to be wrong with Wei Qing for him to invite Song Miaomiao to dine with them. Who could eat in the presence of this damned transvestite?

Song Miaomiao actually backed down a little after learning who they were waiting for. “Really?” she asked in disbelief. “That doesn’t make sense! Lil’boy, you’re so close with Wei Xingyue but you’re also friends with Yu Banzhi? Aren’t you afraid falling out with Wei Xingyue?”

Shi Lei didn’t understand, but Wei Qing did. The feud between the Wei family and the Yu family was well known in the circle and there was no way it could be hidden. It may have been just a small disagreement between the two families and Yu Banzhi may be cool with it, but Wei Xingyue was not. She hated him to the bone.

Usually, Wei Xingyue would definitely not allow any of her friends to be close to Yu Banzhi. Wei Qing looked at Shi Lei with slight admiration. Wei Xingyue was not a woman to mess around with, and it was rather thought-provoking when Song Miaomiao mentioned that Shi Lei was “very close” to her, with a hint of ambiguity in her words.

Seeing that Shi Lei remained silent, she added, “It can’t be that Wei Xingyue doesn’t know you’re friends with Yu Banzhi? Haha, lil’boy, you’d better be careful.”

Shi Lei frowned, wondering if there was a conflict between Wei Xinyue and Yu Banzhi. “Of course she knows. But what has it got to do with her?” 

Song Miaomiao was stunned and Wei Qing quickly whispered to him,  “Don’t tell me you don’t know what is going on between the two of them?”

Shi Lei looked at Wei Qing with a puzzled expression and from that, he knew that the other had no clue.

Nevertheless, it was bizarre that Wei Xingyue was still friends with Shi Lei when she knew he and Yu Banzhi were friends.

Song Miaomiao guessed that Yu Banzhi should be arriving soon and she was a bit reluctant to linger around. She had an inexplicable fear toward people like Yu Banzhi who could even forsake their own family’s business.

“Well, whatever. You guys go ahead and chat while I go hook up with a babe. Oh right, lil’boy, let’s go have some fun if you’re free tonight.” Without giving Shi Lei a chance to refuse, Song Miaomiao left.

Wei Qing waited for her to be out of earshot before whispering, “How did you two get acquainted?”

Shi Lei waved his hand. This involved Wei Xingyue’s privacy, and he reckoned that she wouldn’t want anyone to know about her personal matters. “An accident,” Shi Lei answered vaguely. “I defeated her in a car race. Her mind is sick!”

Wei Qing couldn’t agree more and nodded. “Yeah, real sick. And infectious too, so you’d better not provoke her.”

Yu Banzhi soon arrived and the three went upstairs into Kuteng Laoshu. They brought up the topic of Song Miaomiao.

“That girl from the Song family is indeed too ostentatious,” Yu Banzhi said offhandedly. “Her grandfather spoiled her and she is getting out of hand. She wouldn’t dare to be too presumptuous in Wu Dong just yet, so don’t worry, Shi Lei. If she really messes with you, just let me know and I’ll go give her a ‘greeting.’ Don’t judge a book by its cover. Most of the time, rumors are just rumors.”

Shi Lei nodded and had a new thought about Yu Banzhi’s background in mind. He was probably on the same level as Wei Xingyue and Song Miaomiao, while Wei Qing was slightly below them.

Shi Lei knew that Wei Xingyue was definitely from a rich family, but he didn’t probe further since he didn’t really care. He was more or less familiar with the financial situation of Wei Qing’s family. Their assets were probably worth at least ten billion yuan. Wei Xinyue, Yu Banzhi, and Song Miaomiao would be on a whole other level. Their assets were probably over a hundred billion yuan.

By befriending two hundred-billion-fuerdai and offending another of the same level by chance, Shi Lei felt that he had been living a surreal life for the past two months.

After dinner, Yu Banzhi stood up and said, “I will leave first. You guys continue. I’ll pass on joining you youngsters’ night activities.”

They walked him to the elevator before returning to the private room and continuing with their conversation.

Because Wei Qing said he wanted to chat with Shi Lei for a little longer, he booked another place. However, it was still early, so the two of them continued with their exchange until around 9 PM.

Shi Lei didn’t give much thought to it. If he knew Wei Qing had arranged for them to go to a nightclub with a few models to accompany them, he probably wouldn’t have dared.

Downstairs, they naturally got into Wei Qing’s car. Shi Lei realized that Li Xiaoyu was a little hesitant when she was walking them out.

As soon as as Wei Qing opened his car door, a big Hummer almost the size of an armored vehicle pulled over beside them. A pair of pale legs was revealed when the door opened. They didn’t even have to look at the person’s face to know who she was. That damned androgynous transvestite was about the only person who would dress so scarcely in the cold weather.

“Huh. You two sure can talk, coming out so late. Ye has been waiting for you for so long. Where’s Yu Banzhi? He’s gone back home to sleep didn’t he? He was born an old man after all. Hey lil’boy, get in my car and I’ll take you flying!”

Flying your ass!

1: Jie means elder sister. Song Miaomiao and Shi Lei are not biologically related. She calls herself Jie or Jiejie as a way to try to get closer to him.

2. Meaning Yangtze River Delta

3: The nickname “Xiao Qingzi” given to Wei Qing by Song Miaomiao is mocking him. It’s a way to address eunuch in palace in the ancient times.

4: “Ye” is an overly self-confident and narcissistic way of saying “me” in Chinese (for male). Song Miaomiao addresses herself as “Ye.”


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