The Black Card

Chapter 169

Chapter 169 – Another Encounter with the Damned Transvestite

Translator: Lav

Editor: Seliniaki Ilikia

Based on the first time Yu Banzhi met Shi Lei, he had never actually thought that the guy had an ordinary background because he’d wanted to buy a bracelet priced at over 20,000 yuan. But from the way he dressed, and especially the way he talked, Shi Lei’s background would only be, at most, slightly better than those of fairly well-off families. 

Wuwei Lounge’s prices weren’t that high. Someone who could afford a 20,000 yuan bracelet could definitely afford to eat there, but their entrance requirement was high. It really wasn’t a place where one could get into simply because they could afford it. The staff wouldn’t even necessarily serve them. 

When Shi Lei said that they were going there, Yu Banzhi thought that he had to reassess him. 

Seeing Yu Banzhi’s surprise, Shi Lei explained, “I made a new friend from an accident that occurred not long ago. She took me there and Manager Li gave me a membership card.” 

Yu Banzhi nodded, thinking that his explanation was reasonable, and didn’t ask who that friend was. 

When they were about to leave, a person came into the shop looking for Yu Banzhi. After a moment of consideration, he told Shi Lei and Wei Qing to go on ahead and would rush there after he was finished. 

“Don’t wait for me. Go ahead and eat if you arrive first. I’ll be there as soon as possible” 

Because Shi Lei had talked to Wei Qing quite a lot the other day, he knew about the other’s interests, although their interests weren’t exactly the same. If Shi Lei overlooked Wei Qing’s status as a fuerdai, his personality was rather similar to his own. Hence, on the way there, even though they were “strangers,” they could chat quite well together. Wei Qing started to believe more and more that he and Shi Lei were friends and had met before. 

“It’s strange. Why do I always feel like I’ve seen you somewhere? I get the impression that we’re not just casual acquaintances. Oh right, how did you meet Yu Banzhi? What’s with seeing him as your teacher?” 

Shi Lei briefly recounted the story and Wei Qing suddenly slapped his thigh while driving. “Do you give everyone this feeling of familiarity? Look, Yu Banzhi also said it was destiny. I’m telling you, that’s definitely a first in his circle. Even he said that it was fate. Looks like there’s also that same destiny between the two of us.” 

Shi Lei was speechless and thought: I really do want to tell you the truth, but I can’t. But it’s fine this way. If I can just be normal friends with you, that familiar feeling will wash away after a while. 

Seeing that Shi Lei was silent and his face was slightly distorted, Wei Qing added in a hurry, “Shi Lei, don't misunderstand me. I’m not interested in men. What I meant by ‘destiny’ was just friendship.” 

Shi Lei was even more dumbfounded and quickly waved his hands. “I didn’t, I didn’t!” 

Wei Qing was a very casual person. He thought that Shi Lei still misunderstood it slightly. “Fuck! You said you didn’t, but your expression says otherwise! Whatever. I can’t be bothered to explain more, but you are my friend now. If you have the chance to go to Shanghai, come and hang out with me.” 

They then exchanged phone numbers and WeChat contacts and soon arrived at Wuwei Lounge. 

Seeing that Shi Lei came with Wei Qing, Li Xiaoyu wasn’t too surprised. After all, Shi Lei could even make friends with someone like Wei Xingyue, and Wei Qing was many levels lower than her. 

“So it was Wei Shao. Shi Shao said that he was having dinner with a friend tonight, and I was wondering who it was!” Li Xiaoyu greeted them brightly. 

“Shi Shao, you said there was another friend. Is he not here yet?” 

Shi Lei waved his hands and said, “This is the extra friend. I originally made a dinner appointment with the friend who isn’t here yet, but something came up and he’ll come a bit later.” 

“Then you’ll still have Kuteng Laoshu? I’ll take you up there.” 

“Wait, we’ll wait for him here. Go ahead and do your own things. I’ll call you when he gets here.” 

Li Xiaoyu nodded and left while Shi Lei and Wei Qing sat down on the couch in the hall, waiting for Yu Banzhi to arrive. 

After a while, the door opened again. Li Xiaoyu poked her head outside and surprisingly, she didn’t greet the person, but turned around and ran away in a hurry. 

Shi Lei and Wei Qing were surprised. They turned and saw a woman come in with a buzz cut and a leather jacket, but her breasts were as plump as a fully bloomed flower. It was winter, yet she wore a pair of leather shorts, exposing her long and straight pale legs. 

“Holy shit, why is she here?” 

Wei Qing couldn’t help but to exclaim while Shi Lei silently mumbled the same thing. 

“Where is Li Xiaoyu? Hurry up and let me hug you! Hahaha, I haven’t been in Wu Dong for so long and haven’t been here for so long. Baby Xiaoyu, do you miss me?” With such an extraordinary sexual orientation and way of dressing, it could only be Song Miaomiao. Shi Lei suddenly understood why Li Xiaoyu ran at the sight of her, since even he wanted to escape. 

He just hoped that it had been too dark for Song Miaomiao to recognize him that night. 

But when her voice sounded in the hall, Li Xiaoyu was not the only one who pretended she was busy and ran away. Even the greeters at the door tried to avoid her. All of a sudden, only Shi Lei and Wei Qing were left sitting on the couch in the entrance hall. 

Song Miaomiao turned around and naturally caught sight of them. A freakish smile appeared on her face as she walked toward them. 

Wei Qing suddenly felt like he was having a massive headache and whispered, “If I knew she was going to be here, I wouldn’t have come even if you killed me. This person…Why is she coming this way?” Wei Qing seemed to be scared of Song Miaomiao as he scanned his surroundings, probably trying to think of an excuse to leave. 

When Shi Lei saw Song Miaomiao’s odd smile, he immediately knew that her goal wasn’t Wei Qing. Her eyes were glued on him. Shi Lei wasn’t someone who liked to flatter himself, but he could clearly tell that Song Miaomiao was headed for him. 

However, since Wei Qing misunderstood, Shi Lei didn’t want to point it out. It would be best if Wei Qing could stop Song Miaomiao, since Shi Lei didn’t want anything to do with this androgynous person. 

Seeing that Song Miaomiao was already in front of them, Wei Qing couldn’t pretend that he didn’t see her and could only force himself to stand up and lower his head. “Shui Ye, I didn’t expect to meet you here, haha…” His laugh was extremely dry and it was enough to prove that he didn’t want to talk to her at all. 

But she ignored him and looked at Shi Lei with a faint smile. “Lil’boy, we meet again. What a coincidence…” 

Shi Lei knew that he couldn’t escape. His mouth twitched in helplessness. He didn’t even look at her, instead staring straight ahead and saying, “I remember someone said that she would be walking around this area. I assume this place isn’t thirty kilometers away from that person’s house?” In reality, Shi Lei didn’t know where Wei Xingyue lived and didn’t know whether it was thirty kilometers away or not. But Wu Dong wasn’t a big city and this lounge was in the middle of it, so Shi Lei estimated that thirty kilometers was about right. 

Song Miaomiao giggled and said, “I, Shui Ye, never turn back on my words. Thirty kilometers is thirty kilometers. But she went to Beijing this morning. What, she didn’t tell you? Aiyo, lil’boy, don’t tell me she abandoned you? Don’t worry, older sister likes you. I can treat you well, too!” 

Shi Lei was speechless and thought that this woman was even more insane than Wei Xingyue. Within a sentence, she addressed herself as Shui Ye, then changed to calling herself older sister. 

The point was that Wei Xingyue went to Beijing. Shi Lei really didn’t know about that. He had dinner with her last night and she didn’t even mention it. 

He fell silent, since it was obvious that Song Miaomiao didn’t want to let him go. She walked around to the front and sat down opposite to him. 

Wei Qing, who was completely ignored, finally snapped back to reality. So Song Miaomiao wasn’t here to bully him, but to look for Shi Lei. And judging by what was going on, she seemed to be quite interested in him.

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