The Black Card

Chapter 167

Chapter 167 - Mysterious Sense of Feeling Touched vs. Mysterious Sense of Confidence 

Translator: Lav

Editor: Seliniaki Ilikia

Wei Xingyue pondered over Shi Lei’s reaction for a while and came to the conclusion that it was probably because he didn’t anticipate the dress to be too expensive. “This dress is a limited edition from Chanel. It’s a vintage model designed by Coco Chanel herself, worth 110,000 yuan!” she said harshly.

Shi Lei didn’t really care. If it was a week ago, he would have probably panicked, since he only had 100,000 yuan at the time and that wasn’t enough for the dress. But now, he didn’t have to worry about anything. Plus, he knew that presents for Wei Xingyue, especially when she asked for them herself, would definitely be accepted by the Black Card unless she went home and burned it. 

“Although it’s a bit expensive, if it’ll make you calm down, then I’ll buy it!” 

Wei Xingyue was struck with disbelief. “It’s 110,000 yuan. Are you sure?” she asked uncertainly.

“For the sake of your smile and your forgiveness, 110,000 yuan it is!” 

Wei Xingyue felt dizzy, but at the same time, she felt sweet inside. For the people who had known her since childhood, if they could win her favor by buying a simple 110,000 yuan dress, then they would do so without even batting an eye. Even if it was something ten times more expensive or supercars that were worth millions, those men wouldn’t hesitate at all. 

But for Shi Lei, although she knew that this guy had some sort of unknown secret, in the area of money, Wei Xingyue knew perfectly well that this brat had never spent 110,000 yuan on one purchase before. 

From her investigation, this guy had been living an ordinary life until two or three months ago, when he gained some unexpected wealth. Perhaps from that old friend of her father’s. However, that sum shouldn’t have been too big. Otherwise, this guy would be buying cars and houses, not renting an apartment and calling for taxis online. Whenever poor people suddenly had some money on their hands, they would aim straight for things like houses and cars, which could improve other people’s impressions of them. So in Wei Xingyue’s perspective, even if Shi Lei had some money, it wouldn’t surpass a hundred thousand, not to mention that he should’ve spent quite a lot in the past two months or so. 

But a poor guy like this easily agreed to gift her a 110,000 yuan dress just to make her less angry. Before, she had thought it was cute, and now she was slightly touched…

But if she knew that Shi Lei was happy that she had just helped him spend 110,000 yuan of his money, Wei Xingyue would probably throw a kick to his fragile crotch. 

Wei Xingyue now felt uneasy, since Shi Lei had agreed so readily. 

“Uh…Forget about it. It’s not easy for you to earn some money, so keep it for yourself. Just buy me any dress from Chanel, or a handbag.” 

That was what she said, but any dress or handbag from Chanel would also cost more than 10,000 yuan. The reason she said that was because she didn’t have the concept of a “small amount of money.” Otherwise, she wouldn’t even suggest anything. 

Shi Lei suddenly panicked. He glared at Wei Xingyue and said, “How can you be like this!? Is my sincerity only worth a handbag? You said limited edition, so it must be that and nothing else!” 

Wei Xingyue was on the verge of a breakdown and thought: Bro, I’m helping you saving money, alright?

“With your assets…” The moment those words escaped her lips, Wei Xingyue knew it was rather rude of her to mention something like that. After all, men were creatures who needed their pride. He was forcing himself to give you such an expensive gift and was already losing face when you rejected him, and yet you’re mocking his financial background. 

Wei Xingyue quickly changed her words and said, “I don’t mean to look down on you, but…” 

“No buts. You’ve lived all your life only for me to take your first kiss, so what’s wrong with me buying a dress for you?” 

Wei Xingyue’s face was filled with tears and completely moved by his words. Her gaze toward Shi Lei was unexpectedly traced with shyness. 

“Fine then. Since you are so sincere, I’ll accept your apology!” 

Shi Lei laughed and smacked the table. “That’s better!” 

Wei Xingyue was speechless and thought: Don’t tell me this guy fell for me because of the three kisses we had? Does he want to pursue me and is therefore willing to spend so much money on me? 

As a result, both of them ate while different thoughts occupied their minds. Shi Lei wanted to use 110,000 yuan in exchange for her forgiveness and to ease the tension between them because of his misunderstanding just then. Meanwhile, Wei Xingyue thought that if this lil’boy really wanted to pursue her, should she accept it, accept it, or accept it? But her family may have problems with it, since her father paid a lot of attention to Shi Lei, or at least feared that “old friend” of his behind Shi Lei. Perhaps, if Shi Lei could receive the support of that old friend, then her father would let it slip? 

With these thoughts in mind, they didn’t have much to talk about. The meal was finished in silence. After they finished drinking the wine, Shi Lei paid the bill and asked Wei Xingyue to leave her car at the Lounge while he called for a taxi and headed straight for Deji Plaza. 

In the car, Wei Xingyue couldn’t help but to ask, “Wouldn’t it be much better if you bought a car for yourself with the money that you’re spending on the dress? Even a cheap car would be better than nothing. At least this way, you wouldn’t have to call for cars everyday.” 

“When I have more money, I’ll get a car worth more than three million yuan. For things like cars, it’s quality over quantity!” 

Quality over quantity, huh? You really are quite ambitious. But do you know that three million is a number that is impossible for ordinary people to earn? 

Or perhaps it was the person behind him who gave him that mysterious sense of confidence and made him think that he could be successful in his future career?

For ordinary people to have this sudden confidence, unless it was just boasting with nothing to show for it, then her conclusion seemed to be the only explanation. Through Wei Xingyue’s interactions with Shi Lei, she’d never seen him boasting, so she would naturally believe that it was the “old friend” who gave him that confidence.

When they arrived at Deji, Shi Lei dragged Wei Xingyue straight to Chanel. As soon as he went in, he asked where the 110,000 yuan limited edition dress was, and even paid and asked them to bag it without letting Wei Xingyue try it on. 

Halfway through, Shi Lei suddenly turned around and asked, “Why don’t you wear it? You’ll definitely look nice.” 

Wei Xingyue was moved once again. In reality, Shi Lei was actually worried that Wei Xingyue was too rich and would forget to wear a 110,000 yuan dress after she got home. If she didn’t even wear it once in the remaining three weeks of the consumption period, then Shi Lei would be in big trouble. If she wore it now, then at least it would count as being used. As long as Wei Xingyue didn’t burn the dress after going home, then the Black Card shouldn’t be able to find anything wrong with the purchase. 

The employee’s face was filled with envy. Shi Lei was quite handsome in the first place and it was obvious that he was wearing brand name clothes. Wei Xingyue was even more gorgeous, so it was hard for anyone to ignore the existence of such a couple. Shi Lei was also willing to spend money lavishly, buying a limited edition dress for her. Even an employee who was used to serving wealthy people would think that Shi Lei was a high quality rich man. Someone else would definitely be reluctant to spend 110,000 yuan.  

“Your boyfriend treats you so well!” The employee guided Wei Xingyue to the fitting room and whispered with jealousy. Wei Xingyue was shocked when she heard it. She entered the fitting room and took the dress from the employee, then flashed a glance at Shi Lei, who was standing on the side. A smile suddenly appeared on her face. Closing the door, she muttered to herself, “Boyfriend? Haha, this guy’s not fit for the role!” Although that was what she said, she felt sweetly happy inside, and the dress seemed to be prettier than ever. 

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