The Black Card

Chapter 165

Chapter 165 - Who Should Contact Whom First

Translator: Lav

Editor: Seliniaki Ilikia

A week quickly passed and the loss of 10,000 yuan no longer lingered in Shi Lei’s heart. 

He calculated this week’s consumptions. Every single one of them was recorded clearly. It was more than 90,000 yuan altogether and Shi Lei hadn’t even spent the money from previous weeks. 

It was one million yuan! He had to spend an average of at least 30,000 yuan per day, but he’d only spent about 10,000 yuan per day. 

It was mainly because Shi Lei had been rather distracted. He took five days to heal the wound in his heart from the loss of 10,000 yuan―no, 410,000 yuan.

On Saturday, Zhang Meimei called and expressed that she wouldn’t be back with Zhang Liangliang until Sunday night and there was no need for him to go tutor her. 

Halfway through the conversation, Zhang Liangliang seized the phone and excitedly told Shi Lei what they did that week. The little girl couldn’t be more thrilled and it was probably her happiest experience over the past year or so. She wasn’t delighted as much by what she did, but by the fact that she had reconciled with her mother and could feel the warmth of a family again. 

Zhang Liangliang’s excitement somewhat influenced Shi Lei, and he lightened up. 

Thanks to that call, Shi Lei suddenly remembered that his mission was to consume the amount of money given by the Black Card and to maximize the use for his own funds to increase his real wealth instead of being stuck in regret and gloominess. It was only 10,000 yuan. I still have almost 80,000 yuan. With this money and the investment card, I can still be prosperous in the stock market. At the end of the day, the stock market was still a proper investment and the Black Card couldn’t play tricks on him again. 

After he hung up the call, Shi Lei pulled himself together and told Zhang Liangliang that when she returned on Sunday night, he would pick them up at the airport. The little girl was almost singing in joy after hearing this. 

The goal has been determined. Advance bravely! I am the man who will become the king of the pirates(1)! No, wait…the God of Investment! 

Shi Lei sprinted downstairs, called for a taxi, and headed straight for Wuwei Lounge. 

He decided that he would order a table of amazing vegetarian dishes, then open a 1982 Lafite and have a great meal! 

On the way there, Shi Lei suddenly remembered the crazy woman who took him to the lounge. That’s right. This crazy woman hadn’t contacted him for two weeks now. What was wrong with her? Does she not want to contact me anymore? 

Shi Lei checked his phone and realized that Wei Xingyue had posted in her WeChat Moments. It was a selfie. In the photo, Wei Xingyue seemed to be quiet and cool, as if a fairy descended from the realm above. But Shi Lei knew that under that delicate face, Wei Xingyue had the heart of an insane person. 

The words that corresponded to the photo were: “Cunt, I’ll settle things with you soon!”  

Shi Lei pondered for a long time and didn’t know whether or not this was for him. It seemed so, since it was almost interrogating him about why he didn’t contact her. But even if I don’t contact you, why can’t you call me? Before, I wasn’t the one who contact you first. You were the one who contacted me.

Now that he thought about it, Shi Lei was somewhat unsure. At least he was certain that Wei Xingyue kept his contact. If she had really decided to stop contacting him, she would delete him on WeChat. 

After a moment of hesitation, he was already at the foot of Qing Long Mountain and the Wuwei Lounge was up ahead. 

Eventually, Shi Lei dialed a number and after a few rings, Wei Xingyue’s irritated voice sounded. 

“You little cunt! You finally contacted me!” 

He was scolded, so Shi Lei didn’t know why he felt happy. 

What she said was similar to the WeChat post, which meant that she posted it intentionally for him. It was more than enough to prove that it wasn’t that Wei Xingyue didn’t want to contact Shi Lei, but that she was waiting for him to take the initiative. 

Although he couldn’t understand the reason behind it, Shi Lei smiled and said, “But you didn’t contact me either, did you?” “If I don’t contact you, why can’t you contact me first? You even took my first kiss away, you heartbreaker!” 

Shi Lei was sweating. The driver stopped and told him that they had arrived. 

He nodded toward the driver and pushed the door open. With the phone in his hand, he felt his mood lightening. 

“Don’t be so harsh with your words. I’m at the Wuwei Lounge right now. Do you want to eat here? I’ll treat you.” 

“Wait for me. I’ll be there in ten minutes. I’m at the top of the mountain right now!” 

“Holy crap, were you this troubled? If I didn’t call you, did you plan to jump down from the mountain? Looks like my call was just in the nick of time. What in the world is troubling you so much?” 

“Just you wait!” Wei Xingyue growled into the phone. “I’ll beat you black and blue!” Then she hung up. Shi Lei stood in front of the lounge with a slightly worried expression. With her combat level and that insane personality, would it be safer if I summon a martial arts master to possess me?

Li Xiaoyu had seen Shi Lei a while ago and when he put down his phone, she greeted him with a smile. 

“Shi Shao, long time no see!” “Manager Li. I was quite busy these few days,” Shi Lei replied politely. “Did Wei Xingyue come here during this time?” 

“No, I don’t think so. Shi Shao, are you by yourself today?” 

“No, Wei Xingyue will be here soon. Is her Xiaoqiao Liushui open?” 

“Yes, it’s open. I usually keep it like that just for Miss Xingyue. I’ll take you there right now.” 

Shi Lei waved his hand and said, “No need. Wait for her here. I can go there by myself.” 

Li Xiaoyu nodded without another word and returned to the main hall after walking Shi Lei to the elevator. 

Wei Xingyue really did use only ten minutes. Shi Lei hadn’t even organized the dishes when she rushed in like a tornado. 

“You actually know to call me?” Wei Xingyue frowned coldly, as if Shi Lei had killed her father. 

Shi Lei thought that everything was okay since she didn’t immediately use violence. Otherwise, with this crazy woman’s combat level and his ability to summon a martial arts master, they could demolish the room. 

With an apologetic smile, Shi Lei pulled the chair out for Wei Xingyue and said, “Sit down first. Let me explain this.” 

She sat down angrily, but her expression was still cold. 

The Wei Xingyue right now didn’t seem like an otherworldly fairy, but more like the female leader of a gang that kidnapped men. 

“Spit it out. Why didn’t you contact me?” 

Shi Lei sat down across from her and smiled. “But you didn’t contact me either, did you?” 

“I’m a woman after all! Do you want me to use violence?” 

“No, no! I didn’t know what was wrong with you, and how would I dare to contact you so nonchalantly? I was busy with some things this week and just saw your post from two days ago. That was when I knew you didn’t delete me from your friends list. The post seemed to be for me, so I plucked up my courage and contacted you. I thought you didn’t want to have anything to do with me before!” 

Wei Xingyue was dumbfounded by these words. “Why would I delete you for no reason?” She asked, frowning. “And why wouldn’t I have something to do with you? Did you do something and wrong me?” 

Shi Lei quickly waved his hands. “How would I ever dare to do that? It’s mainly because you left me a note that day,” he explained. “I didn’t see it and didn’t find it until later that night, after I returned. You said you wanted to eat with me but didn’t give me a call, so naturally, I thought you didn’t want to contact me.” 

  1. I am the man who will become the king of the pirates: reference to the anime One Piece

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