The Black Card

Chapter 164

Chapter 164 - Mean and Shameless Black Card

Translator: Lav

Editor: Seliniaki Ilikia

On Monday, Shi Lei woke up early. He couldn’t stop thinking about the 10,000 yuan he’d “invested.”

First, he checked the results for the football lottery he’d participated in. As expected, although it was only a 2 yuan bet, it won more than 90,000 yuan, according to the ratio. Shi Lei calculated it briefly and discovered that once the twenty percent personal income tax was taken out, the prize was exactly 76,002 yuan. They even gave him back the 2 yuan used for the bet, and Shi Lei could only sigh to praise how great the Black Card was.   

Because it didn’t exceed 100,000 yuan, after the prize money was checked to be correct, the lottery center taxed it and transferred it to Shi Lei’s bank account. He checked, verifying that the money was indeed already there. 

“The football lottery center is quite productive,” Shi Lei smiled. He bound the bank card and chose to withdraw all the funds in the account. 

A few moments later, he received a message regarding transfer. 

Next, he decided to check the profits for the 10,000 yuan on the foreign website. 

Without knowing why, the hand that held the mouse was trembling slightly.  

410,000 yuan. And this type of website didn’t tax, so his net profit exceeded 400,000 yuan with merely a combined string. 

After this amount of money was within his grasp, Shi Lei would own more than 400,000 yuan of personal wealth. Adding the 76,002 yuan prize from the lottery, Shi Lei would have almost 500,000 yuan of personal assets! 

“Hahaha, here I come!” Shi Lei growled in a low voice as he opened the folder for starred websites. He found the website he’d marked the day before and clicked! 

The navigation bar gradually elongated, and the only thing he needed to do was enter the account number and password…

Huh? The internet connection didn’t seem to be very good, and the page still wasn’t displayed after a long time…

Shi Lei waited a while, but was eventually met by a 404 error, notifying him that the page was not found. 

What the hell?!

Shi Lei suddenly felt that something was wrong. His trembling hands shook even more. 

Please, don’t let anything go wrong―! Shi Lei thought silently and clicked “refresh.”

When the navigation bar reached the end, the page displayed “404 error: Page not found” again!

Hey, hey, hey! Please don’t be like this! What does this mean?!

Shi Lei panicked as he continuously clicked and refreshed the page. 

But it was the same thing every time. Only the cold words of the 404 error greeted him. 

Perhaps there was something wrong with his wifi? Shi Lei entered another website, and yet it opened successfully. 

He refreshed the page for lottery again only to find that it was still 404. 

Shi Lei’s heart froze all of a sudden, but he quickly thought of another possibility. Was the website blocked because it was a foreign website? Going along this train of thought, he downloaded a VPN, using a skill a student like him had to possess. 

Confirming that his VPN was working, Shi Lei opened the website again, but it was still 404. 

“Maybe this website had some sort of technical difficulty…” Shi Lei comforted himself and opted to refresh it later. After all, any website could have potential technical difficulties. Or perhaps their server had crashed. 

Time crawled by slowly, and after only ten minutes, Shi Lei felt as if a century had passed. 

He refreshed the page again—404!

Half an hour later, he refreshed the page—404!

An hour later…

Three hours later…

It was already dark…

That damned foreign betting website was still 404!

Shi Lei already realized that his 10,000 yuan was mostly likely gone with the huang he(1). Factory manager Huang, give me back my hard-earned money! You can’t just run away with your mistress like this!!!!

Shi Lei had refreshed the website for the whole day without eating, and he was feeling dizzy. Finally, he fell asleep on the table during the second half of the night. 

Shi Lei woke up suddenly in the morning and his first reaction was to refresh the page. However, the 404 error was like an evil person’s mocking expression, mercilessly scorning his dreams. 

Shi Lei was panicking when he saw a QQ(2) news article pop up on the bottom right corner of his screen. He was about to close it when he suddenly saw the words “solved a case,” “destroyed,” and “foreign betting.” Shi Lei’s heart skipped a beat and he couldn’t resist the urge to click open the article. 

The news opened in a search engine and Shi Lei quickly scanned through it. His vision dimmed and he fell back into his chair as he lost all the energy in his limbs. 

The name of the destroyed website was clearly stated in the news. Shi Lei finally understood why his website was displaying a 404 error all this time. 

It was said that the police cleverly tracked down a gambling website whose server was set overseas. In reality, it was controlled by a gambling company in the country. After an ingenious and courageous investigation, the police eventually arrested the members of the company and shut down the server. They seized more than a thousand million yuan. This company only had three members, and yet they’d managed to create something as big as this. The three people were a man, his wife, and his wife’s brother. 

Shi Lei knew that his 10,000 yuan, no, his 410,000 yuan, was definitely gone. But it was such a coincidence. Why couldn’t you destroy it two or three days later? Shi Lei believed that since the website was that big, they couldn’t possibly end just because of his prize of 410,000 yuan. If the police hadn’t been so extraordinary, Shi Lei should’ve be able to receive his prize. But because of how intelligent the police were, Shi Lei’s money was gone!

Luckily, the news didn’t mention that they would investigate the origins of these funds, and the police wouldn’t investigate the people who made the bets. 

But they didn’t say that they would return his bets either! 

Shi Lei felt like weeping, but he had no tears! 

This was his luck! Shi Lei definitely had extraordinary luck! First, he drew the reward twice and picked the same prize. Then, he finally found a way to “invest,” but lost his funds due to the police destroying the gambling company. Gambling company your ass! It was only three people, and a family to boot! How did you guys even make such a big betting website? And if you were already that rich and moved your server overseas, why didn’t you guys go overseas yourselves? Why would you stay here? Argh, I will cry if I continue! 

Shi Lei now understood. No wonder he was allowed to put his bet in through WeChat. He had been rather happy and thought that it saved him a lot of trouble. Otherwise, he was worried about having to bind his bank account to it. 

Shi Lei even began to suspect that everything was done by the Black Card. It was warning Shi Lei in this way to stop thinking about using the information it gave him to “invest.” The only outcome would be to lose everything! Although Shi Lei’s vision was blurry from starvation, he decided to ask the Scepter about this. 

He went to the self-service bank downstairs and inserted the Black Card. After the Scepter appeared, Shi Lei glowered at it furiously. 

“I only made you lose 10,000 yuan. This doesn’t even count as a warning! If you dare to do things the easy way, not only will you lose money, but punishments will be given accordingly!” The Scepter’s words effectively dampened Shi Lei’s anger. 

  1. Huang he: a type of bird and a direct quote from a poem. “Manager Huang” refers to the bird, since huang is the first character of the bird’s name

  2. QQ: Chinese social media app with multiple functions

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