The Black Card

Chapter 161

Chapter 161 – Martial Arts Master Possession Card

Translator: Lav

Editor: Seliniaki Ilikia

The third deal made Shi Lei gain a better understanding of Yu Banzhi’s character. This man really didn’t sell those things for a living and definitely wouldn’t bait him. The incense he sold to him was somewhat profitable, but the profit was basically negligible. However, the Black Card still gave him the difference according to the normal market price. 

Of course, merely four hundred yuan was nothing. Even if it was part of his own funds, it didn’t make too much of a difference. The only thing that could be said was that it was better than getting nothing. What Shi Lei valued was the chance to draw a prize. 

But he doubted that giving the Xingyue Puti to Wei Xingyue was connected to seeing her naked. Wei Xingyue didn’t take off her clothes for Shi Lei because he gave her a chain of Xingyue Puti. 

“I understand the barbeque and beer part. I treated her and she therefore went to my apartment and we kissed unknowingly. But the Xingyue Puti and her naked back shouldn’t have a direct relation. Not to mention that she took it after I saw her naked. I didn’t even give it to her. She snatched it.” 

“Stupid marmot! If you didn’t happen to buy that, did you really think that Wei Xingyue would’ve let you off that easily? That object helped you far more than you thought. If you didn’t have that with you, she would’ve at least broken your leg and according to my evaluation, with her personality, it was more likely for her to dig out your eyes.” 

Shi Lei was shocked. Holy shit, wasn’t that a bit too exaggerated? I saw her naked back for a moment and she would dig my eyes out? Is this a mafia movie? 

Fine, fine. If that was case, then he shouldn’t ask more. Shi Lei felt chills shooting up his spine. 

“Can I draw the prize now?” Shi Lei asked. In reality, from what he knew about the Scepter’s personality, it should’ve made the spinning wheel appear already, so Shi Lei thought that its inaction was strange. He hadn’t expected that when he mentioned it, the Scepter would become extremely irritated. 

“Stupid marmot, why are you in such a hurry? I already told you that I would give you one chance at it. Do you think I’d forget about that?” 

I was just asking, why are you so angry? Shi Lei thought. It had basically explained everything else, so the only thing left was drawing the prize. They were just doing things in the Scepter’s usual order, so why was it acting like this? Why did it seem like it had taken the wrong pills or Shi Lei had stepped on its tail? 

He didn’t dare to make a sound as he waited for the Scepter to display the wheel in front of him. 

He waited for a solid five minutes before the wheel which Shi Lei saw before appeared in front of him again. It was still divided into thirty-six fan-like shapes, and was about the same as last time. Shi Lei glanced at it and could understand the meaning of no more than five of the rewards.

This time, Shi Lei didn’t hesitate and pressed the button immediately. 

As soon as he pressed the button, the needle began to spin crazily. Shi Lei looked as hard as he could but couldn’t see any pattern in the needle’s spin. 

Without a choice, he tried his luck and pressed the button again. 

The needle slowed down and gradually, Shi Lei could see where it was going. 

A few seconds later, the needle eventually stopped in a grid at about ten o’clock. 

Shi Lei saw that it said “Ancient Times’ Martial Arts.” 

Of course, Shi Lei knew what these four characters meant, but not so much the meaning of the whole phrase. 

There were rumours about how strong martial arts were in ancient times, but it was gradually lost through generations. The study of martial arts now was definitely not as powerful as before, and a meditation and spiritual practice called “neigong” had even died out in some places. 

But if he drew this, then perhaps he could use this reward to learn it? 

This seemed of little importance and it was meaningless to learn. Although it would give him a greater ability to defend himself, Shi Lei thought that it would be more appropriate to hire a few bodyguards with guns as protection instead. After all, it didn’t matter how strong the human body was. It couldn’t be stronger than bullets. The movie scenes where people dodged bullets was an extreme that was impossible for actual humans to achieve. 

The point was that if anyone wanted to learn martial arts, they needed a large amount of time to learn and practice and Shi Lei definitely didn’t have the patience for it. 

And for the time being, he really didn’t need strong combat skills. When he reached the level at which people would go after his money, he could just hire bodyguards. 

“The prize of Ancient Times’ Martial Arts will generate an app in the level two employee’s phone. The level two employee can use this card twice per month. To use this, you only need to open the app and select any of the options, and you will be possessed by a martial arts master. After you are possessed, it will last for thirty minutes. 

Shi Lei blanked out for a second. Hearing this explanation, he thought that it wasn’t too bad anymore. First, he didn’t have to learn it. And second, its usage was to be possessed by a martial arts master, which meant that Shi Lei could use it twice for thirty minutes and change himself into a master. As for the ability and skills he would have, they shouldn’t be weaker than special force soldiers. Since they could be addressed as “master,” the strength of the human flesh would at the peak, as would be the skill. 

“How good is this master?” Shi Lei asked. 

“The perfect combination of strength and speed, and they possess at least one specific martial arts skill,” the Scepter replied.

“This explanation is too unclear. I want to know the specific fighting strength. For example, could these martial arts masters easily defeat boxing champions?” 

The Scepter considered for a while as if it was searching for data, and then replied, “If it is modern combat without restrictions or rules, then the martial arts master can face three of the boxing champions you mentioned at the same time without being at a disadvantage.” 

Although it was still rather unclear, Shi Lei had figured out the basics. 

Without restrictions or rules meant that he could use both feet and hands, and he could aim for any body part. He could also continue to fight after taking the opponent down. It was basically like MMA, but with less restrictions, or the same as MMA but without limitations on the hands and feet, and some of the rules would not apply. Under this kind of situation, it was rather scary to win a 1v3. 

But he could definitely be able to deal with the expected. As long as no one wanted to kill Shi Lei, he didn’t have to be scared of a sudden incidents. 

“You need to open the app on your phone every time you use it. This is too…” Shi Lei couldn’t help but to complain. For example, if he was threatened by a robber, he had to take out his phone, open the app, then click on an option while facing the knife of the robber. If it was really a dangerous situation, it would be useless. 

“You can control the application by voice. Even when the phone is locked, you can still activate it. As long as the level two employee commands the application with a clear voice, he can operate it.” 

That’s better. Even if it was stupid to shout a few words out, at least it was more convenient than taking out his phone and clicking. 

But why wasn’t it the intimacy card!? At the end of the day, this was still not as good as that. 

Shi Lei didn’t have many questions left and planned to eject the card and leave. 

But the Scepter suddenly said, “Level two employee, please draw the prize!” 

Huh? Draw again? Didn’t I only have one chance?!

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