The Beginning After The End (RSS)

Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Mature, Romance, School Life, Supernatural, Original, Reincarnation, English

Author: TurtleMe

Synopsis: Solitude is said to linger closely behind those with great power. Standing as a King with unrivaled strength, status, and fame… even more so.   I, who once fought to live, lay drowned in my shallow throne with no will or purpose. There were many who were jealous of me, but I would gladly say, “Take it all from me! It’ll be my gift!” One day, I finally got my gift- a new life.

With a second chance to right my wrongs and fulfill my regrets, allow me to show you what a (former) king can do!

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IMPORTANT:  The hiatus is over!  I will be uploading 1 chapter a week on Sundays for now. I have been asked when I will start taking sponsored chapters again.  To that, I am trying to accumulate some chapters so that I can start doing that ASAP.  Until then, thank you for remaining patient!

One chapter per week at the moment.

Sponsored chapters are posted anywhere from 0-6 times a week depending on the amount of times the goal is filled.

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