Spirit Hunters of Maoshan Sect

Chapter 61

Chapter 61           An Evil Intent

Ye Shaoyang tried to sense the evil Qi from him, but he failed.

"You don't have any power in this dream, so don't waste your energy," said the man in white.

" I can wake up at any time; you can’t run away from me this time," Ye Shaoyang laughed in defiance, as he prepared to bite the tip of his tongue. He knew he had the Qixing Dragon Sword beneath his pillow. It did not matter how high the specter’s cultivation level was, as Ye Shaoyang had confidence in holding him back. The man in white said, "You’d better see the tragedy that happened here on that year first, or I would’ve brought you here for nothing. You can battle with me after we leave; I don't want to fail Miss Rui’s trust.”

Ye  Shaoyang’s heart skipped a beat, and he asked, "Rui Lengyu? What's the relationship between you two?"

"Hey, relax, there’s nothing between us." The man in white laughed, "Well, I am not here to gossip, so don’t ask anything for now. I spent a great amount of cultivation to build up this dream. Next, you will see a reconstructed scene of that year. I will show you how Feng Xinyu became the monster she is now." The specter stood aside as a couple walked side by side toward him from the other end of the corridor. The guy was wearing a white suit, and his hair was side-parted in a fashion that was trendy in those days. He seemed very good-looking and well-mannered. While the lady…. 

"Isn't she Feng Xinyu?" Ye Shaoyang started.

The pair talked, as they walked. Xinyu looked slightly nervous. Ye Shaoyang stared at her face and shook his head. She looked cute and innocent, like a little girl. He could not imagine that she would become a scary undead soon after.   

As the pair approached, their conversation became audible, "Higashino Jun, I really don't feel like working here. Even though I previously stayed in Japan, they are invaders now, you know. Thinking of serving them, I…. "

"I understand." The guy she called Higashino Jun patted her shoulder and patiently coaxed her, "In truth, they don't want to become invaders. But they are soldiers, so they can't disobey the orders. They’re not like us. We are doctors, and doctors have no enemies. We really have insufficient doctors that know Japanese and can communicate with the victims. So, just take it as doing me a favor, please? I had promised before the colonel that I will bring him a good doctor today…. " Higashino Jun wrapped his arm around her shoulder and walked toward the other end of the corridor.

"Damn it, b*tch! I really feel like slapping him!" Xiao Ma looked at the fellow’s back and angrily scolded him.

When they arrived at the end of the corridor, Higashino Jun gently knocked on an office door.

"Come in!" said a loud and clear male voice from inside.

Higashino opened the door and entered the office together with Feng Xinyu. 

Ye Shaoyang, Xiao Ma, and the man in white caught up with them. After they opened the door, they saw a Japanese flag hung over the opposite wall; there was a map of China below it. A short, fat Japanese army officer had bent over the desk as he wrote things.

"Colonel, this is my friend, Feng Xinyu. She is my classmate, she is Chinese, but she has studied abroad in Japan. As such, she has very good medical skills and can speak Japanese very well."

Once he looked up from his desk, Feng Xinyu attracted the colonel’s gaze. There was an evil gleamed in his eyes, as he grinned and enthusiastically started a conversation with Feng Xinyu. Feng Xinyu seemed very nervous. She looked down and tried to avoid making eye contact, as she grasped her hands together and succinctly answered the colonel's questions.

"Eh? How come this Japanese can speak Mandarin so well?" asked Xiao Ma.

The man in white replied, "This is a dream that I created, so I can make them talk in any language without changing the meaning. You can just take it as the conversation being already translated." Then, the man in white waved his hand, and the scene immediately changed into a ward—Feng Xinyu was applying medicine to a Japanese patient's abdomen. Suddenly, the patient behaved inappropriately toward Feng Xinyu; she screamed and ran out with tears in her eyes.

"What the hell! This brat still harasses a girl, even when he is already heavily injured," scolded Xiao Ma.

The man in white smiled, "You worry too much; let's continue watching."

The three of them came to a staircase and witnessed Feng Xinyu fall upon Higashino Jun’s shoulders, as she loudly cried out, "I don't want to stay here anymore, Higashino. Let's leave here together and happily live our lives, please? Let’s not care about this place anymore, okay?"

Higashino Jun gently stroked her hair and said, "Please, give me one more month. I have already requested a transfer; if you leave now, everything will be for naught. This is the last month…. "

Ye Shaoyang sighed; he had never thought that Feng Xinyu was such an infatuated girl in those days.

"Since then, Feng Xinyu experienced a few more instances of sexual harassment, but Higashino continued to beg her to stay….  I will skip this, as the time is limited. Can you imagine how much she is suffering? A young girl, under these circumstances, stayed back because of her lover, and in the end…. "

Ye Shaoyang waved and said, "Don’t waste time, quickly show us the important scene."

The man in white smiled helplessly. Then, he waved his hand, and the scene changed to an empty ward. Feng Xinyu stood in the corner of the room and fear was evident in her eyes. The fat, short colonel stood before her, "Miss Feng, I just want to chat with you. I have no other intentions." The colonel smirked and looked at her.

"Please colonel, I beg you. I am Higashino’s girlfriend, so you can’t do this to me. Please let me go, Colonel," she pleaded with reddened eyes.

"What?! You are his girlfriend? How come I’ve never heard him mention this before! Sit down, and tell me the whole story!" Suddenly, the colonel became furious. He grabbed her by the collar and angrily shouted at her, "That bastard, Higashino! Tell me what’s going on between you two!"

Feng Xinyu screamed and pushed him away. She ran away and pulled open the door, as she tried to escape. But she crashed into a man. She looked up—it was Higashino Jun. She grabbed him and immediately cried, "Help me, Higashino. Please help me." Higashino Jun looked at her doubtfully. Then, he looked at the colonel in the room. Immediately, he understood what was happening. He hesitated, "Colonel, she is my… fr… iend."

"Higashino, is she your girlfriend? Is your girlfriend my niece or her? Without Lizi, would you be able to have your current achievements? Bastard! Do you know what the consequences are if you cheat on my niece?!" said Colonel with a sneer.


The colonel slightly lowered his head and imperially looked at him, "Close the door and get out now. I can act as if nothing had happened. You only have one chance, Higashino," the colonel dictated. A look of struggle appeared on Higashino Jun’s face. Feng Xinyu looked up at him, as though she had forgotten her current plight. Tears flooded her eyes, as she muttered to him, "Are his words true? You have a girlfriend in Japan?"

Higashino Jun did not dare to look at her. He took a deep breath, and a decisive expression flickered through his eyes. Then, he whispered to her, "Xinyu, I am sorry…. " He shoved her to the ground and closed the door.

Higashino Jun pushed his head against the door, as he clenched his fists. Tears fell to the ground, drop by drop. "Xinyu, I have no other choice. Don’t blame me. If there is a next life… I will repay you." After those words, he took a deep breath, as if he had found a way to comfort himself. Then, he turned around and finally left the place.


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