Spirit Hunters of Maoshan Sect

Chapter 280

Chapter 280       A Visit from Spirit Informant

“You can't do this!” Ye Shaoyang immediately shook his head. “Other people will definitely misunderstand if they see a girl staying at my place.”

Ms. Xie stared at him, “Do you have a girlfriend?”


“Since you don't have one, why are you afraid of what other people think?”

“It doesn’t work like that.” Ye Shaoyang laughed, “If some other chicks find out that you are living here, do you think they will want to approach me?”

Then, Ye Shaoyang took out some Tibetan Skywood Incense and burned it in an incense burner. He drew a talisman paper and stuck them onto the front door before he returned to his original position.

Ms. Xie was surprised, “What are you doing?”

“This is to prevent the spirit from eavesdropping. Although this is quite unlikely, it’s better to be safe than sorry.” Ye Shaoyang looked at her, “There is one idea. I’ll follow you home.”

Ms. Xie’s eyes brightened up instantly. She stood up to express her gratitude, but Ye Shaoyang stopped her, “Let me finish. I’ll follow you home. I’ll appear to be protecting you, but in fact, we are tricking the spirit. We will make it believe that we have run out of ideas, and there’s nothing I can do other than stay at your house to protect you. So, it will keep trying to find ways to destroy the protective item I gave you.

“Once the bloodstone is completely destroyed, it will definitely appear. I don’t know what it wants yet, but I’ll pretend to be in the dark. So, once you see it appear, inform me immediately, and I’ll catch it. What do you think about this plan?”

Ms. Xie frowned, “Do you mean that I’ll be the bait to lure it out? It will appear once it thinks we are out of solutions, and that’s when you will catch it?”

Ye Shaoyang nodded, “Exactly. I can’t think of a better idea.”

“This… is not a bad idea, but what if it kills me before you arrive?”

“That’s why I need to stay at your house. You’ll just need to yell, and I’ll be there. Besides, I don’t think it really intends to harm you.”

Ms. Xie hesitated for a while before she finally gave in, “So be it. When are you coming?”

“Today. I’ll pack up and run some errands first. Give me your address, I’ll be there before dark.” Ye Shaoyang smiled at her before he continued, “Ms. Xie, now that we are working together, don’t you think trust is important? I don’t even know what you look like yet….”

Ms. Xie immediately removed her mask. Ye Shaoyang looked at her face. Indeed, she was an extremely beautiful girl. She looked no older than eighteen, although she sounded a little more mature. Nobody would have guessed that she was such a young girl. Ye Shaoyang sighed, “Ms. Xie, you are really young. Can I know your full name?”

“Zhuang Yu Ning!”

Xiao Ma yelled out this name. He threw himself at her with passion as he held her hands in excitement, “You… You really are Zhuang Yu Ning, aren’t you?”

Zhuang Yu Ning smiled without answering.

Ye Shaoyang was shocked to see Xiao Ma’s reaction, “Do you two know each other? You don’t have to get this excited, do you?”

“She’s Zhuang Yu Ning, the girl on TV yesterday. She was the one singing and playing the piano. The number one young singer in Stone City!” Xiao Ma was so excited to meet his idol in person that he almost kneeled.

Ye Shaoyang was surprised. He did not expect her to be a star!

Zhuang Yu Ning awkwardly smiled at Ye Shaoyang, “I’m so sorry Mister Ye, I didn’t mean to hide my identity, but I’ve been constantly under the limelight lately. Seeking help from a sorcerer due to a paranormal encounter isn’t really a nice thing, so I would hope that the news doesn’t spread.”

“I understand. So, when you told me that you were Ms. Xie, that was a fake name, right?”

“My real surname is Xie. However, there is a singer with the name Xie Yu Xin, so I was worried that people might think I imitated her. So, I used my mother’s surname, Zhuang, instead.”

Ye Shaoyang nodded as he looked at her, “You are already such a successful icon at such a young age, really impressive.”

“I’m already in the senior year in college. I started singing since high school. Besides, there are people even younger than me in the industry, like the other three contestants….”

Xiao Ma interrupted her, “No need to explain this to him, he doesn’t understand anyway. He is from another planet. He doesn’t really know any singer who is below forty years old. Hehe…. Little Yu, please sign an autograph for me.”

Xiao Ma could not find a pen or paper, but he had another brilliant idea. He grabbed the red ink and the Chinese brush from Ye Shaoyang’s waist and passed them to Miss Xie.

“Is this appropriate?” Miss Xie was rather reluctant.

“Of course, it is. In fact, I would say that this is extraordinary.”

Miss Xie gave in. She glanced at Ye Shaoyang, “I’ll leave then. I’ll send my address to your phone. Would you like me to arrange the transportation?”

“No need, I’ll come over once I’m done with my work.”

Miss Xie worriedly asked again, “I’ll wait for you at home. You will come over tonight, won’t you?”

Ye Shaoyang awkwardly scratched his head, Why does this sound a little wrong?

Once Xiao Ma sent Miss Xie into her car, he ran back into the house and grabbed Ye Shaoyang’s hands as he begged, “Little Ye, please bring me along to her house tonight, I beg you!”

Ye Shaoyang glared at Xiao Ma in disgust, “Now that there’s Little Yu, you forgot all about Little Ping?”

“This… this is different. Little Yu is my goddess, my idol. I swear I have no bad intention toward her at all!”

“It doesn’t matter even if you do. Clearly, she doesn’t have her eyes on you.”

“Can you not make me look miserable?” Xiao Ma protested. Just as he wanted to add more, Ye Shaoyang suddenly felt a chilly breeze sweeping through the house. He looked up to the window. The Tibetan Skywood was already broken into two! Ye Shaoyang was taken aback. This must be the work of a powerful being!

Ye Shaoyang stood up straight as he cautioned Xiao Ma, “Beware, a spirit is here!”

“My god, seriously? How could there still be a spirit who dares to enter our house?” Xiao Ma was bewildered.

Ye Shaoyang’s ears tingled. He suddenly turned back and slapped a talisman paper into the air. A stream of green gas boiled, and a black shadow appeared. Ye Shaoyang did not stop there. He formed a hand seal and smacked the shadow.

The shadow quickly avoided Ye Shaoyang’s attack as it yelled, “Master Ye, have mercy! It’s me, Zhang.”

Ye Shaoyang froze his hand before he retracted it. He looked at the shadow: It was a figure of a thin and tall man in a neat black suit.

“Mister Zhang?” Ye Shaoyang asked, still a little surprise.

Indeed, it was none other than Mister Zhang, the spirit reporter.

Mister Zhang smiled politely, “Master Ye, it’s been a while. Let’s not greet each other with a fight.”

Ye Shaoyang sneered, “You shouldn’t have sneaked in like this; you wrecked my Tibetan Skywood.”

“Hehe. I’m a spirit, of course, I hate that smell. Master Ye, you went all in just now.”

“If you had spoken even a second later, you would have tasted it in full.” Ye Shaoyang replied.

“We haven’t met in a long time. Master Ye, please don’t be mean.”

“True, we haven’t met in a long time.” Ye Shaoyang started to smile, “Back then, I summoned you three times during my investigation into Madam Chee case. You did not appear at all. I thought you were promoted to a deity. Who could have guessed, here you are again?”

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