Spirit Hunters of Maoshan Sect

Chapter 279

Chapter 279 Disturbed by Evil Spirit 2


Ms. Xie started to tremble as she continued her story,

“I could sense its existence these past few days. Although I can't see it, I could feel it being near me. To make things worse, I could also feel that the distance between the spirit and me was growing shorter. She seemed to be able to come closer to me now. I… I'm petrified. I don't even dare to be alone. However, I could feel that it stopped following me as soon as I got near you. Mister Ye, please save me. I can't stand it any longer!”

Ye Shaoyang was taken aback, “How did the spirit look in your dream?”

“lt was a naked, five to six-year-old boy. It had pearl white skin with green eyes. It had no mouth. It looked very eerie.” Ms. Xie was terrified. She covered her face with her hands and breathed forcefully.

Ye Shaoyang sighed, “Show me the bloodstone I gave you for protection previously.”

Ms. Xie removed the bloodstone from her neck and handed it to Ye Shaoyang.

The bloodstone was tainted with her body heat and scent, so it was a little warm and smelled like her perfume.

Ye Shaoyang opened the lid of the locket that contained the bloodstone and took a close look. The bloodstone was cracked a little, and there were stains of black Qi in between the cracks. The black Qi oozed out of the stone as soon as it was revealed. Ye Shaoyang immediately understood that this was the source of the spirit Qi on Ms Xie’s body.

The spirit Qi must have been quite powerful to corrode the bloodstone till it reached such a condition. Ye Shaoyang was a little stunned. It looked like this spirit was another pain in the ass to deal with.

Ye Shaoyang pointed at the bloodstone as he told Ms. Xie, “The spirit did not lie. It had really been damaging the bloodstone with its spirit Qi. Now, there are already seven cracks in it. There is not much power left in the stone. Once it completely damaged the stone, it will be able to possess your body.”

Ms. Xie grew nervous upon hearing this, “Will it kill me then?”

Ye Shaoyang shook his head, “It has been disturbing you even before I gave you the bloodstone. It could have killed you then, but it did not. I guess it is disturbing you for a reason. It is trying to damage the bloodstone to break through its protection, but it is also doing it for me to witness its power.”

The eyes of Ms. Xie and Xiao Ma’s widened when they heard this. Xiao Ma asked, “Why is it doing this?”

“It wants to threaten me into backing off from this matter.” Ye Shaoyang said with a laugh, “That is its strategy.”

Xiao Ma smirked, “This creature is really something. How dare it tries to threaten you? Doesn’t it know that you are a Heavenly Master?”

Ye Shaoyang shook his head, “I’m sure it knows I’m powerful. Otherwise, it would have followed her here and tried to fight me. However, it has the ability to corrode my bloodstone with its spirit Qi, so we must not underestimate its power.”

Ye Shaoyang recalled Ms. Xie’s description of the spirit. He thought for a while before he continued, “In Maoshan sect, we have a saying: it is easier to deal with an old spirit than a small one. After a person dies, his spirit usually takes the form of his last appearance. So, a spirit can appear young or old, depending on their age when they died. The older a spirit appears to be, the greater the chance that it died of a natural cause. However, young spirits usually die unnatural deaths, so they are usually vengeful. They are tough to handle.”

Xiao Ma frowned, “It’s only a spirit anyway. No matter how deep its cultivation is, you are still stronger than it, right?”

“You said it like it is too easy for anyone to catch a spirit.” Ye Shaoyang glared at Xiao Ma. Since Ms. Xie was looking for his consultation and even paid for it, he felt compelled to explain this to her, ”First and foremost, a spirit can appear in any form. Once it reaches the cultivation level of supreme spirit, it can transform itself to even more shapes and each has their own unique abilities. It can even go into the path of Rakshasa, such as the Spirit Mother of Rakshasa.

“Secondly, this is not a video game. Even if it was a one-on-one fight, an intelligent spirit would know how to leverage all kinds of resources to its advantage. It might even use a Yin formation. You have been with me for such a long time. Haven’t you learn anything?”

Xiao Ma awkwardly scratched his head, “I was talking about your strength.”

“What strength? Let me give you an example. If we were to fight, you won’t be able to fight me with your bare hands. However, if you have a gun in your hand, you would be able to finish me off with just the click of a trigger. “ Ye Shaoyang smiled, “So when it comes to handling spirits, it is important to think ahead. First, we should find out how powerful it is. If it is not really powerful, we will start the fight and force it to retaliate; if it is more powerful than us, we should avoid direct battle and try to use other ways to defeat it. However, the conditions I faced are usually the former one, most supernatural beings are afraid of me.”

Xiao Ma pursed his lips, You are saying all of this just to blow your own trumpet.

Ms. Xie asked, “So, Mister Ye, what should we do now?”

Ye Shaoyang could not answer her question. He did not even know where the spirit was hiding. Neither did he know what it looked like, or where was it from. There was not much he could do at this point, so he could not come up with a good idea.

Ms. Xie noticed his silence, so she suggested, “Mister Ye, how about this? Perhaps you can be my temporary bodyguard and stay close to me. You can stay at my place for now, and we can think of the next move.”

“Stay at your place?” Ye Shaoyang’s eyes opened wide, “Be your bodyguard?”

Ms. Xie shyly looked the other way, “As long as Mister Ye agrees, I am willing to pay.”

Xiao Ma supported, “This is a good idea. If the spirit is targeting Ms. Xie, it won’t let her off so easily, so there’s no way we can leave her alone. Perhaps it is scared of you, so it is hiding from you. Let’s test its patience. Maybe it will run out of patience and fight you in desperation.”

Ye Shaoyang looked at Xiao Ma, “What if it doesn’t show up?”

“Then you should keep staying in her house.” Xiao Ma turned to Ms. Xie, “Ms. Xie, you are not married, are you? Do you have a boyfriend?”

“What?” Ye Shaoyang and Ms. Xie asked at the same time.

“No, no. Please don’t misunderstand this.” Xiao Ma explained, “What I meant was, if Ms. Xie is not married, then there is no problem with you staying at her house as long as you need without worrying about any misunderstanding.”

“You idiot, what a stupid idea this is!” Ye Shaoyang glared at Xiao Ma as he explained to Ms. Xie, “Of course, it will not be a problem for me to stay at your place, but this does not solve the problem. I can’t be there by your side all the time, even if I stay with you, right?”

Ms. Xie nodded as she frowned and came up with another idea, “How about this? Mister Ye, you can take your time to investigate, but give me more bloodstones since the spirit is afraid of these. I will replace the broken one with the new one every time the spirit destroys one. This way, we can buy us some time.”

Ye Shaoyang shook his head, “The spirit will absorb the power of the bloodstone once it manages to destroy it. The second bloodstone will not be able to protect you against it. This is similar to the concept of antimicrobial resistance.”

Ms. Xie was now desperate; she almost wept, “What should I do? The spirit will come after me the minute I step out of your house. I’m really terrified. I’ll just stay here until you come up with an idea.”

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