Spirit Hunters of Maoshan Sect

Chapter 277

Chapter 277 Yin Blood Ganoderma

Sibao Monk answered honestly, “From the west. On the other end of the tomb, beneath the waterfall, there is a trapdoor; I entered from there. ”

Ye Shaoyang silently pondered. What this fellow claimed was exactly in line with Ye Shaoyang’s experience just now; this meant that Sibao Monk was not lying about these matters.

Sibao Monk had accidentally inhaled corpse Qi while opening the coffin, and he quickly formed a seal with his Buddhist beads to prevent the undead from harming him. He fainted as a result of inhaling the Qi. A rat demon entered the coffin and lured the undead in, but they could not inflict any damage on him as he was protected by the seal. Hence, he stayed safe, albeit unconscious.

By pure chance, the hole created by the rat demon had actually irrigated the corpse Qi away from the coffin, so he slowly woke up from his coma. As a result, Xie Yuqing heard his cough.

Ye Shaoyang pressed on, “I overheard you laughing just now. What were you laughing about?”

Sibao Monk awkwardly scratched his head, “I dreamt of winning a five million dollar lottery and getting myself a hot wife. However, my master came to me and told me that I had to choose one between the two.”

Ye Shaoyang was speechless.

“You said you were looking for something in the tomb. What were you looking for?” Ye Shaoyang asked.

Sibao Monk hesitated before answering, “Since we are of the same field, there is nothing to hide. I’m looking for a Yin blood Ganoderma to save someone’s life. ”

Yin blood Ganoderma?

Ye Shaoyang was startled. He had heard about different types of Ganoderma: wood Ganoderma, stone Ganoderma, and blood Ganoderma. Among these Ganoderma, the blood one was the best. It was rumored that if a person who kept blood Qi in their mouth died and were buried, and if the blood Qi from the mouth managed to pass through the coffin and enter the soil, a blood Ganoderma could finally be grown.

The Yin blood Ganoderma, on the other hand, was exactly like a blood Ganoderma, except that the Yin blood Ganoderma grew directly on a dead person’s body. This only happened if a dead person was contained in a tightly sealed coffin that trapped the blood Qi. The blood Ganoderma growing in this condition would not be exposed to any Yang Qi at all; hence, it was called the Yin blood Ganoderma.

To grow this kind of blood Ganoderma, the coffin must be tightly sealed, and it must not be contaminated by any Yang Qi, as even the tiniest amount of Yang Qi would be enough to spoil its growth.

Most people died without blood Qi. Even if with blood Qi present, the body might not be buried; even if the body was buried, it was very rare to have a condition where the coffin was completely sealed that allowed the preservation of the body. Even if all the conditions were fulfilled and Yin blood Ganoderma managed to grow, this Yin blood Ganoderma was extremely fragile. Any slight changes in the environment would cause it to witter.

Thus, it was an almost impossible task to find the Yin blood Ganoderma. Not many people had seen it before, so it was not even properly documented. Ye Shaoyang had only heard a thing or two about this Ganoderma, and he had no idea what function it served, so Ye Shaoyang curiously asked,

“What happened to that man? Why does he need Yin blood Ganoderma to save his life?

Sibao Monk slowly uttered, “This is a living person turning into Sha.”

Ye Shaoyang was taken aback, “What kind of Sha?”

“Bloody-scaled Sha. The skin on his whole body is turning into bloody-scales. He is turning into a monster.”

Ye Shaoyang was puzzled. There were many kinds of Sha, and they could appear in different kind of forms and shapes, but they could be categorized into four types: Draught Ghoul, Yin Kui, Earth Ghost, and Violet Undead.

Among these Sha’s, Violent Undead was the only one that could be transformed from a dead person. On the other hand, a living person could turn into any of the remaining three.

Ye Shaoyang had only read about this in a book. A living person turning into a Sha would lose their consciousness and turn into a deadly weapon. They would also be immune to most of a sorcerer’s weapons, so they would pose an extreme danger.

According to the book, there was once a recorded incident where a living person was turned into Sha for warfare. The Sha destroyed the entire enemy fleet in the blink of an eye.

“Where is that man… ?”

“He is at Mount Wutai under the control of my master. My master told me that only Yin blood Ganoderma can heal him. I have searched a number of Dragon Vein using the Golden Fengshui Locating Technique. This is one of them, so I came here to try my luck. At the same time…” He paused suddenly and waved his hand. “No no no, I came here only to look for the Yin blood Ganoderma. Hehehe.”

Looking at Sibao Monk’s light-minded attitude, Ye Shaoyang doubted the decision of Sibao monk’s master to send him for such an important task. Ye Shaoyang brushed off the dirt on his shirt and turned around, “Since there is no Yin blood Ganoderma, let's get out of here. “

On the way back, they passed by the two tightly shunted stone doors. Sibao monk tap on Ye Shaoyang’s shoulder and chuckled, “Little sorcerer, are you interested in a quick visit? ”

Ye Shaoyang frowned, “ Yet you claimed you are not a tomb raider! ”

“No, no. I’m just browsing. And taking some souvenirs.” Before he could finish his sentence, they suddenly heard a loud thump from the stone door, as if something was banging itself against the door.

The duo stared at each other.

“Let’s get out of here. There is most probably an undead.” Ye Shaoyang turned around as he attempted to leave.

Sibao Monk chased up to Ye Shaoyang, trying to convince the latter, “Don’t worry, I’m here. Even an undead king cannot harm us. Give me a hand here, please.”

“You appreciate money more than your life.”

“Pfft, you are just a coward. I told you, as long as I am here, there is nothing to be scared of. Let me show you what I am capable of.”

Ye Shaoyang did not even bother answering. As Ye Shaoyang crawled out to the surface, he took a deep breath as he turned around and asked Sibao Monk, who was following behind, “Do you want to get a cab back to town?”

Sibao Monk waved his hand, “No, no. I have unfinished business here. I’ll be staying in the Stone City for a while after this. Perhaps we will meet again.” he said as he entered the tomb again.

Ye Shaoyang sneered, I’ll take away the Five Element Formation and leave out the ancient Chinese coins. Those are worthless anyway, Old Guo has a bunch of them.

Ye Shaoyang quickly found Xie Yuqing. The duo walked down the hill as Ye Shaoyang recounted the story to her. He said, “Now that we have left, that bloody monk is going to ransack the tomb. You’d better send some men to chase him away or lock him up. We need to stop him from getting into the tomb again. There is an undead inside; it might hurt him.”

Xie Yuqing asked, confused by his intentions, “If you are that worried about his safety, why didn’t you kill the undead before you leave?”

“And then what? Let him ransack the tomb without even a hiccup?” Ye Shaoyang sneered.

“But… How about the undead? It might harm him.”

“We don’t necessarily need to use our bare hands to kill the undead.” Ye Shaoyang laid out a plan and instructed Xie Yuqing:

“Ask your men to prepare one hundred Jin of sulfur and one big bag of lime powder. Pour all of them outside the tomb. Drill a hole into the wall and light up the sulfur. Feed the smoke into the tomb. Undead are vulnerable to sulfurous smoke. Since it is trapped in the tomb, by the time the sulfur is completely burned, it will be dead. Then, throw in some lime powder into the tomb and seal the hole. Within a week, the corpse Qi would be all cleared up.”

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