Spirit Hunters of Maoshan Sect

Chapter 276

Chapter 276 Sibao Monk

Ye Shaoyang was taken aback. Then, he suddenly realized something. He smiled, as he took off his sports shoes and put his hands into the shoes. Then, he scratched the soles inside the shoes before he threw them outward. Two black silhouettes dropped onto the ground, together with the shoes.

Ye Shaoyang took a closer look at the silhouettes. They were a pair of young boy and girl, not more than fourteen years in age. They were wearing ancient yellow shirts, their cheeks were drawn with red, and their foreheads were dotted with red ink in between their eyes. They kneeled down in gratitude before Ye Shaoyang.

Are they the companion children to accompany that dead one? Ye Shaoyang sighed as he released a stream of Gang Qi to scan through the pair of spirits. There was only Spirit Qi in them and no Evil Qi. This meant that this pair of spirits had never harmed anyone before. Their three Huns, and seven Pos were all in place too, so their souls had never been seized through evil means.

“Are you both companion children?” Ye Shaoyang asked.

“Yes, master.” The boy answered with a sad face as he started to choke on his words, “We were locked in this tomb alive, and we were starved to death. We have been here for four hundred and thirty years now.”

Ye Shaoyang sighed in sympathy, “Why didn’t you report to the Underworld?”

“There was a formation in the tomb that trapped us in there. That was why we had to hide under your shoes. We were hoping that you could bring us out of the tomb.” He sobbed, “Please master, help us.”

“Where is the tomb owner?” Ye Shaoyang asked.

“He built the formation himself, so his soul was not trapped by it. His soul left for the Underworld once he died. Pity us, we have been here for a few hundred years.” The two spirits burst into tears.

Before Ye Shaoyang could ask further, a spooky laughing noise sounded from the coffin. Ye Shaoyang was taken aback. Immediately, he took out a talisman paper and carefully hid the two spirits in the paper. He blew some Qi into the paper to keep them calm as he walked toward the coffin.

The coffin was placed on a higher ground. Although there was a candle in the corner, it was not enough to brighten up the whole place. Through the faint light, Ye Shaoyang could only manage to see a figure lying in the coffin, but he could not clearly see the figure’s appearance.

With one hand holding the Soul Quelling Stake, Ye Shaoyang approached the coffin and looked into it. To his surprise, it was a man in modern attire lying in the coffin. He looked no older than thirty. His face was calm, and he was breathing rhythmically at a slow pace. It was as if he was deeply asleep.

Ye Shaoyang sensed the man’s Qi by gently touching his skin. He only had human Qi, with no spirit Qi or corpse Qi at all. Ye Shaoyang was puzzled. Suddenly, the man’s mouth cracked open as he giggled a little, and a murmur followed, “Money… I want money and hot girls.…”

Although it was rare for the undead to be able to talk, it was not completely impossible provided that the undead had reached a high level of cultivation. But, an undead who was into money and girls? How could that be?

Damn! Ye Shaoyang suddenly realized something. He boldly walked up to the man; he wanted to slap him and wake him up. However, on second thought, Ye Shaoyang took out his spirit binding chain and smashed it onto the coffin cover. The coffin was metal, and the tomb was completely empty, so smashing it created an incredibly loud echo.

The ‘undead’ sprang up instantly as he looked around in shock. Finally, he laid his eyes on Ye Shaoyang’s face. He clumsily raised his hand for a hand seal as he said, “How dare you! A spirit with no manner! You’ll have to pay now.”

However, as he took a closer look, the man realized that Ye Shaoyang had a spirit binding chain in his hand. The man quickly changed his tone, “Oh, you must be a spirit commissioner. Long live Buddha’s wisdom. I’m Sibao Monk.”

Now, it was Ye Shaoyang’s turn to feel confused. Ye Shaoyang frowned as he thought to himself, This dude obviously knows Buddhist chants and hand seals. Could it be that this dude is not a tomb raider but a monk?

So, Ye Shaoyang decided to test him, “Tomb raider, the Northern or the Southern sect?”

Sibao Monk was taken aback. After he observed Ye Shaoyang, he exclaimed, “You are not a spirit commissioner! Why do you have a spirit binding chain?”

“Stop beating around the bush. Answer the question.” Ye Shaoyang insisted. However, he was secretly impressed. This dude could immediately recognize his spirit binding chain, so he was really something.

Sibao Monk smiled, “I told you I am a monk. Not a tomb raider. Mister, you have misunderstood.”

Ye Shaoyang sneered, “Why are you here if you are a monk?”

“I….” Sibao Monk scratched his head, “I’m here in search of something.”

“What is it?”

Hehe…. We have just met, so I don’t want to tell you this.”

Ye Shaoyang thought for a while. There was no point in pressing this matter any further. So, Ye Shaoyang asked another question instead, “Why were you sleeping in the coffin?”

“I… I was looking for something in the coffin. I didn’t expect a freaking old meat to be lying in the coffin. Phew, that old undead. I was caught unprepared, and he blew his corpse Qi into me, so I fainted. I have no idea what happened next. Tell me, how did you get in?”

Ye Shaoyang ignored his question, “Bullsh*t. If you fainted, how did you survive the undead’s attack?”

“I formed an ‘unbreakable body seal' using my precious ritual tool before I fainted. An awakened undead is not enough the break my seal,” before Ye Shaoyang could ask further, Sibao Monk removed a Buddha bead bracelet and handed it over to him.

Ye Shaoyang took it and observed. The Buddha bead was made from Bodhi seeds. Each bead was coated with ritual water and carved with a swirling symbol. He could clearly feel the spiritual power flowing within it; this was indeed a rare ritual tool.

Once again, Ye Shaoyang observed this mysterious man from head to toe under the faint candlelight. He was a large man with a pair of broad shoulders. His hair was kept at a short length, so it made him look neat. He wore a trendy sports attire. Gifted with thick eyebrows and big eyes, he would have been quite a handsome lad if not for the dirt on his face.

Was he really a Buddhist monk?

“Hey, why are you interrogating me? Who are you?” Sibao Monk scanned Ye Shaoyang with doubtful eyes, “And why are you carrying a spirit binding chain?”

Ye Shaoyang was reluctant to tell Sibao Monk his identity, but on second thought, it was a fair question. So, he answered with a bow, “Long live the boundless power of Sanching.”

Sibao Monk’s eyes fixated on Ye Shaoyang, “Are you a sorcerer? Which sect?”

“A Heavenly Master from the great Maoshan.”

“Oh! Wow! A Maoshan disciple! A pleasure to meet you!” Sibao Monk passionately bowed at Ye Shaoyang upon hearing this, “Which generation of the outer disciple are you from? I have friends in Maoshan; maybe you know each other!”

Ye Shaoyang was lost for words. With so many outer disciples going in and out of the mountain, it was almost an impossible task to get to know all of them.

Now, Sibao Monk’s attitude obviously changed for the better, and he politely bowed and declared his identity, “Hail the path to the great wisdom. I’m a Kulapati from Wutai Mountain, cultivating under the care of Master Lotus. I’m really not a tomb raider.”

Ye Shaoyang frowned. It seemed that this fellow was really a monk. However, this only raised more questions in his mind, “This tomb was sealed. How did you get in?”

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