Spirit Hunters of Maoshan Sect

Chapter 264

Chapter 264 The Decisive Battle with Madam Chee 3

“Buddha will enlighten us with his limitless wisdom; detach yourself from all ideas and reflect your mind….”

He opened his palms and swung his arms, sending the Buddha beads flying above Madam Chee. The beads formed a giant ‘卐’ character and dropped directly on her head, encasing her neck. A golden aura flashed, and the beads tightened up.

“Hmph!” Madam Chee grunted as she grasped the beads with both her hands; she wanted to tear them apart. Teng Yongqing sprung forward and struck Madam Chee’s forehead with his right palm. His palm emitted a golden aura.

When the palm was about to hit her, Madam Chee opened her mouth and thrust out her sharp tongue, which elongated in a split second. Fizz! The tongue stabbed through the back of Teng Yongqing’s palm and advanced toward his face.

“No!” Ye Shaoyang groaned inwardly. Everything happened in the blink of an eye. It was too late for him to rescue Teng Yongqing, so he could only pray that the latter would survive. If not, there would be no chance to live once the tongue pierced through Teng Yongqing’s head.

Madam Chee’s move left Teng Yongqing dumbstruck. He instinctively bent his body backwardly, but a force pushed him toward Madam Chee. When he saw the sharp tongue piercing toward his eye, Teng Yongqing closed his eyes in despair. To his great surprise, the tongue stopped, and he felt a sudden crushing pain on his chest. At the same time, he was thrown out of the formation.

“Granny, you….”

Teng Yongqing stood up and looked over at Madam Chee in shock. She had removed the beads on her neck, as she urged her Demon Qi forward and broke the eighth sub-formation, moving toward Ye Shaoyang at a steady pace.

Old Guo and Teng Yongqing were both severely injured. Ye Shaoyang knew that he was the only one left to deal with her. Before Madam Chee entered the last sub-formation, he looked back at Xiao Ma and asked worriedly, “Where is Xiaohui?”

Xiao Ma shrugged, “I don’t know. I haven’t seen her since she left.”

Ye Shaoyang felt relieved; Xiao Ma’s answer indicated that Xiaohui should be fine. After all, with Madam Chee’s power, he knew that she could not easily kill Tan Xiaohui. But, where did she go at such a critical moment?

Madam Chee did not enter the last sub-formation. She stood in front of the entrance and stared at Ye Shaoyang. Her eyes were filled with hatred, as she coldly pronounced, “I swore I would kill you and the day has come!”

Ye Shaoyang blew the hair on his forehead and acted cool, “Same words. Stop talking nonsense and fight!”

Madam Chee took a step forward and entered the last sub-formation.

Finally! Ye Shaoyang swung his arm and ignited a talisman paper at the center of the formation. A strong mental power spread along the red damasks.

Successively, a total of two hundred and forty-eight Talisman Papers ignited. The ritual tools in the previous sub-formations flew up and gathered around the last sub-formation, launching attacks at Madam Chee.

“You….You hid most of the power here?!” Madam Chee sounded incredulous as she persistently released her Demon Qi to fight against the strong force from the formation.

“What do you think I was doing? Sitting here and watching the fun?” Indeed, Ye Shaoyang could not leave his place because he was manipulating the formation, but he did not activate all ritual tools when he realized Madam Chee had brought spirits from the Yin-grown Blood Pagoda Tree for aid. He knew she would pass the sixth sub-formation without difficulty. Since he knew that Madam Chee would inevitably enter the last sub-formation, Ye Shaoyang decided to keep the best for the final battle.

Madam Chee waved her long sleeves, setting all the spirits that had died unjustly out to resist the attack. She roared and strong demon wind blew, while a few Sakura trees nearby shook vigorously. More and more human silhouettes flew into the sub-formation and blocked the ritual tools.

“Sakura Tree Demons?” Madam Chee’s move was outside of Ye Shaoyang’s expectation. However, Ye Shaoyang had not revealed his ultimate move. Seizing the opportunity where Madam Chee was delayed, Ye Shaoyang inserted five flags of five elements around her and set up the Five Elements Formation as fast as he could. Then, he jumped into the Five Elements Formation, pulled out his Qixing Dragon Sword, and attacked her.

The activated Five Elements Formation formed the internal formation of the ninth sub-formation, separating the tree demons from it. When they saw that the tree demons could neither enter the internal formation nor escape the ninth sub-formation, Xie Yuqing and Xiao Ma quickly shot them with the cinnabar guns and broke their souls.

Facing the attack from hundreds of talisman papers and red niter strings, Madam Chee showed no fear. Her body surrounded with Demon Qi kept all the ritual tools three feet away from her, as she started fighting with Ye Shaoyang.

However, the multiple attacks had distracted her and slowed her down. With the swift and fierce attacks from the Qixing Dragon Sword, Ye Shaoyang finally stuck three Heavenly Fiery Talisman Papers on her body and quickly retreated, as he recited an incantation, “O’ The Three Pure Ones and the four Great Emperors, beseech me the mighty power from Heaven and Earth to burn evil into ashes!”

The golden ink on the Heavenly Fiery Talisman Papers immediately shone with golden rays. Boom! Blue flames ignited along with the Demon Qi that surrounded Madam Chee.

“Arrgh!” Madam Chee struggled in the fire. Her robes burned into ashes, and her skin split with crackling sounds. Black Demon Qi continuously rushed out from her body; the flame roared as if the Demon Qi acted as its fuel.

The others stood aghast at the unexpected outcome: they could not accept the plot twist immediately. The Madam Chee that rolled and shouted in pain stood in stark contrast to her overweeningly arrogant attitude just half of a minute ago.

Ye Shaoyang did not show any surprise. He knew she would end up in this way, as he had planned and rehearsed this moment in his mind multiple times. He had spent a lot of effort to prepare the materials and ritual tools and set up the formation. Concealing his strength and striking a critical hit was the outcome he wanted. Of course, he had expected this result too.

“Let’s end this.” Ye Shaoyang spoke to Madam Chee, who was struggling in the flames. He raised his Qixing Dragon Sword with both hands, as he recited an incantation and chopped down with all his strength. Suddenly, a pair of hands grabbed him from behind, which shocked Ye Shaoyang. He looked over his shoulders and saw Teng Yongqing.

“Heavenly Master Ye, you promised to let me bring her back to Luo Jia Sect.”

Ye Shaoyang shouted angrily, “Since when did I promise you that? I said I would try my best, but in this situation, I have no way to transcend her. Once the effects of the Heavenly Fiery Talisman Papers wear off, she will fight back!”

“No…. this is impossible,” said Teng Yongqing hesitantly, “She did not kill me, indicating that she still had some kind thoughts in her--”

“That is because you are her successor. We aren’t. You know what will happen if she gets loose. Let me go and let me finish her now!”

Ye Shaoyang could easily free himself at normal times. However, he was grasping the Qixing Dragon Sword with both hands, which meant he had to let go of the sword in order to free himself. But, he had finished reciting the incantation and he had instilled his Gang Qi into the sword. Once the sword detached from his hands, the Gang Qi would vanish, and he had to do it all over again. That would waste so much crucial time.

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